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  1. For quite a lot of other people English is not native language, but don't hestiate to write on english, it is official forum language and more you use it, more you will learn. It is very positive side-effect to improve other foreign language skills. More you use it, less you would need to use translators.
  2. That could be culprit. IIRC, FAR already do the same thing, it stops movement of control surfaces in vacuum. So, you wil not need that one along with FAR. Another issue may be that FAR rename control surface modules, so if that mod is created for stock only then it is very highly chance that it would do nothing when FAR is installed. Although, GUI related exceptions is something that I didn't ever noticed with FAR, it may be something totaly new issue.
  3. Don't bother with older versions of KSP. Anyone that use KSP 1.7.x also use latest available 1.7.3. Previous versions of KJRn work just fine where is no need for DLC support. It is nice support backward compatibility, but it will burden your limited free time and it would bloat the code with obsolete stuff for latest KSP version. It will be more confusing when you need to revise code after several months of hiatus.
  4. Then you most probably don't have latest version of Kerbal Foundries. Latest one is available to download only manualy from github because it is marked as pre-release and CKAN skip pre-release versions of any mod.
  5. Have you checked date of that post ? It is way obsolete even if you are able to download it.
  6. Gooogle is your best friend here. There is Keptin's old but still good thread about creating planes in KSP. It apply to FAR usage too. Spoiler act as air break when turned on. It deflect upwards and deflect airflow up, while flaps deflect downwards and can be set for 3 different angles. For initial climbing while craft does not have enough velocity yet, for taking off or landing.
  7. He did, but ended up inside your qoute. Happens often when people use smartphones in forum.
  8. It is hard to see from picture, but I think that you have forgot to wait for couple of seconds on runway before taking off.
  9. No need for that. Everyone makes silly mistake trough any kind of work. Realising and admiting own mistake is one of most positive personal qualities. And it is good to know for kOS developers that nothing is buged in that area. Although not perfect, kOS steering manager works way much better than stock SAS.
  10. I can tell only as much as I can recall from convefrsations in the past when @hvacengi talked about new (at that time) steering manager PID behaviour. It use some method (I can't recall exact name of method) to autocalculate Kp, Ki and Kd by meassuring ocilation period and settling time. PID also reset's itself after some amount of time (can be set trough kOS PID suffixes). So, while steering manager works quite well in most situations, it is quite possible that it does not work properly in some specific cases. At first, you got more-less steady and almost linear desired planed profile and disturbances in PID loop system from outside forces (mostly aerodynamic). Steering manager have calculated Kp, Ki and Kd values for those conditions. Then at some point you got rapid changes in PID loop from outside forces in both, time of duration of outside forces and magnitude and direction of outside forces. At that point, steering manager using Kp, Ki and Kd values that simply does not react properly (fast enough) to new situation. This is kind of "normal" behaviour when comes to PID controlers. From wikipedia PID page loop tuning paragraph: In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with kOS and steering manager. There is bunch of things you can do to improve steering manager if it does not behave as desired in some situations. Some are described in kOS documentation page: https://pgoddkos.readthedocs.io/en/latest/commands/flight/cooked.html Most simple thing you can do is to call STEERINGMANAGER:RESETPIDS() function just before you expect new flight regime. And as shown on posts above it works reasonable well.
  11. Hmmm, just thinking loud, maybe there is a chance to overrride how stock KAL works ? To inject new pieces of code in KAL that can take in account part acceleration ? Meaning, KAL GUI would remain the same as stock (with minor changes only if necessary) , but would behave differently under the hood.
  12. You can find some info about it in SETI thread, it was created with ARR licence, so only guidance how to fix config files are given there. After some time Spinkakron have re-invented SETI mod, or better said, he created Unkerbaled start mod, rewriting all config files but following basic SETI principles. SETI contract packs was not mentioned much there, but IIRC I come across from some warning messages coming from SETI, while I was inspecting log files. Not much anything too wrong is noticable within game. I was not having patience to chase down all of culprit lines, so I just stoped using it and rally only on few contract packs that does not throw error messages in log files.
  13. And you most probably not have any direct benefit from this mod. It is more intended for mod developers as dependency/supportive mod for other mod parts. Part developer use this mod to have ability to change some part 3D visual mesh apearance, different texture, fuel tank or other resource configuration etc. All that available just from one part in SPH/VAB part menu. Once suchj part is attached to craft, you don't need to deattach it from craft, just choose from PAW what configuration you want/need from certain part on your craft. Part developers who use it, probably have this mod packed with their archive, or in case of CKAN install, it will automatically install if it is required.
  14. Create a backup of savegame file first. Under cheat menu (ALT+F12) there should be option about contracts to clear them out/cancel, like you didn't do any of them. If that does not help, you may want uninstall only mods that brings contracts. And then try to add them back one by one. There some contract packs that have buged MM patches partly due to KSP changes, partly due to changes in MM. Most likely you would want to edit config files for SETI contracts, those are most likely culprit due to obsolete MM commands that no longer work properly.
  15. It means works with KSP 1.7.2 and KSP 1.7.3 and with very high probability to work with any future KSP version that is not released yet. It should work fine with any new KSP version greater than 1.7.3 as long as SQUAD don't make some really significant changes in API (the way how game allows moders to change parts and other behaviour of KSP game itself).