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  1. I'm curious how new VAB will work in game with multiple crafts created at the same workspace.
  2. I'm not sure. Few posts above: And from behaviour in game and my recall of previous converstations, WS just lowers gravity acceleration for a few sec after loading scene for landed crafts. Perhaps it could be possible to alter check if craft is landed to something like landed or in orbit. It might influnece orbit path on loading, but should not be that much.
  3. Have you tried WorldStabilizer mod ? Highly recommended.
  4. Could you used some boolean flag variable on first loading stage, to mark if you have renamed any dll on loading ? And after everything else is loaded (properly or not) show message on main menu or when starting/loading game. Don't know how much KSP API would allow, though.
  5. Tweakscale by itself only support stock + DLC parts. Everything else is moved to separate mod: Try to install companion and then see if something missing. If there is no support for some of your favorite mods yet, then write pull request on companion github. It is separated for a reason, to easy identify and solve badly written patches. Easier to maintain both in that way and MM patches for some mod can be published after proper testing without fear that something else will become broken.
  6. It is possible. Search trough this thread to find examples. Posted by me and other community members. There is not too many pages to find good example. Disclaimer: It is possible that you might need to serach thread from previous maintainer, I can't recall properly and writting this in a rush, so can't check exact links right now.
  7. Yep. Part will be placed either, within stock tech tree node or in CTT tech tree node (if it is supported in mod that you want to install). Like I said in previous post, mod that is not covered by UKS will work, only thing that might happen is that you may got some parts earlier or later in science tree. That might make game a bit unbalanced, but does not mean that your career game would be unplayable.
  8. You can use even mod not listed inh OP. Most most are already compatible with stock and CTT science tree, so parts from mods will be available trough science tree. Worst thing that could happen if you use some less popular mod or newer mod than UKS, is that some parts might become available earlier than intended or too far in science tree. But those are rare cases, more exception than a rule. If you find such parts from some mod that are "missplaced", report it here, so it might become available in future update. Welcome to forum, btw.
  9. What are you using for hinges ? Stock robotic parts or Infernal robotics. Stock parts does not work with FAR, it is known issue, while IR properly call triger to update FAR aerodynamics when necessary (after moving robotic parts).
  10. Can't be sure, but on first sight it seems that is new mod interaction issue with TweakScale. IIRC something similar happened recently with some other mods. It might be related or not, but @Lisiasshould be able to tell more about it.
  11. Thats't it. I didn't make any changes in my account settings for years. When I looked into this it was set to "Take me to the begining". I don't know what was messed up in my account while I was absent from forum. Anyhow, thanks for info, issue solved.
  12. I was offline for a month. After I come back and opened "Acitity->My Activity Streams-> Threads I follow" I got list of unreaded posts. And there comes issue. Before, after clicking on unreaded post, I have opened exact unreaded post. Now when I click on link I always open first post in thread instead of unreaded post. Is it just me and my browser borked, or it is general issue on forum after update or something ?
  13. I know about that one too, but I was speaking of drone that crashed in Zagreb that it can be confirmed to have red star painted on it.
  14. Second picture in gallery published on this web site: https://www.index.hr/vijesti/clanak/pogledajte-fotografije-i-snimke-srusene-letjelice-izbliza/2346724.aspx I was certain that I saw picture of red star on that drone somewhere in media, it took a while to backtrack source. Unfortunately, our minister of defense is not reliable source of information. He does not always tell gibberish, only when he talks. Not that president or prime minister is any better. So, better to check everything from multiple sources. Not that linked page is most trustworthy source either, but taken photos looks legit. Sorry for not having english written artickle, but pictures speeks for themselfs.
  15. That is question for @Lisias to answer. I think it is being asked and answered recently in this thread, but that info may already be obsolete.
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