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  1. I can't tell straightforward answer, but IIRC, @NathanKell was experimenting with craft mass and FAR long time ago, based on real life Cesna data and similar craft created in KSP and FAR. Maybe NathanKell can tell more about it and I apologize if I'm wrong on that and pinging for nothing, it was long time ago and my memory have blured since.
  2. If you installed this mod in the middle of career save, then yes, previously unlocked parts shows trough multiple tech tree nodes, it is well known drawback. Best gaming experience with any tech tree is if you start new game after installing new tech tree, being that CTT, PCB UKS or something else. So, it is not too much of issue and nothing can be done to fix it from moder side.
  3. I was always assumed that they will complete all necessary orbital burns and unfold everything after that. It seems that it is not a case. It will be fully deployed ~17 days before final burn.
  4. There is another community fix for same issue. You might want to try that one if KSP Community fixes does not solve issue.
  5. Dome contracts have requirement to launch new craft, others require to have on craft specific parts, or craft must be exact one of type: probe, maned craft, station, rover, etc. Often when docking/undocking crafts, ship type changes from maned craft to probe and station and back. After undocking from station your craft may change type than it was on launch. You should double check exact requirement for your contract, it is not alwayas obvious that you have missed something. It is always possible that some contacts are buged for one reason or another, but that is hard to claim without more data about it.
  6. IIRC, zero AVC mod also deals with duplicate plugin dlls. You may want to check out that one and maybe eve recommend as dependency mod for tweakscale.
  7. Thanks, but I can't take credit for that. @dkavolisis current maintainerafter ferram stopped development. I'm just regular long time user, so I help others when possible and within my humble knowledge.
  8. That kind of error suggest that you may not properly closed previous KSP session. You may want to check task manager if you encounter this kind of error next time. On the side note, you should avoid to install mods directly over steam folder. It can srew your game for multiple reasons when you least expected. You should rather keep steam install as stock only files and copy whole KSP elsewhere for moding purposes. It will take some additional HDD storage, but it pays of on the long run.
  9. There is a lot reports lately that some mod become a victim of previously not properly installed and loaded plugin. When it happens, all other plugins fail to load properly after that one. It can be your case too, but can only guess without full logs. @Lisiashave dealed a lot of those lately trough TS support, he can tell more detail about it than I'm able to tell.
  10. So, main difference between #2 and #3 (beside different part mesh) is that #2 require EVA to deattach hook and attachment is on impact. Both interact with solid parts. Assuming that it is easier and faster to code and deliver, I suppose that people could live without magnet for a bit longer time. So, maybe to ship KAS with functional harpoon and grappling hook first and create magnet later on when there is more time for it. Unless, mentioned core changes to make functional magnet could break harpoon and grappling hook later on. In that case might be worthwile to wait a bit longer for all things to be available. Gameplay wise, each part have it's own purpose to be in game. Long, long time ago, when I was learning docking maneuver, KAS with magnet was essential to me. Because it allowed me to get close enough with another ship in orbit, fire a magnet and attach two ships and get them closer to each other without actually docking two ships. Today, with multiple KSP and KAS versions later, when I got more efficient with docking (and creating personal kOS scripts for it), I no longer need magnet that much, but it still have some purpose when creating cranes and similar auxiliary crafts. To summarise, while it would be nice to have functional magnet, I could live without it a bit longer if that means that harpoon and grappling hook can be recreated much sooner. Still, take your time with it when you can.
  11. Well, you need to exclude helicopter rotors from patching limited reaction wheel. Because those engines use "magical" torque wheels to mimic blade pitching in desired direction when you want to control helicopter. That is kind of necessary to workaround of game engine limitations. So, you will need to write additional MM pacth with AFTER command on limited reaction wheel mod. And to revert back original values from those engines. You will also need to pay attention to apply those patches only on necessary APP engines. Sorry, I don't have latest KSP and APP installed on machine, so I can't help you more with it, with exact MM patches. But, now you know what are you looking for and should be easier to write such MM patch.
  12. Yes, WRN might be harmless, but lately I saw similar of those warning in other people logs when it happened after some plugins (assemblies) failed to load properly. So, check if you have some of those errors, most often within 1/3 from begining of log file.
  13. Have you checked read/write permissions on ../GameData/DockRotate/ folder ? Assuming that it is your personal computer, it should be safe to put 777 mod on that folder. Otherwise, it might be issue with DLL not being loaded properly and to confirm that you should provide full log to see what is going on. Some plugins fail to load properly if some other plugin from other mod failed to load before DockRotate and following mods.
  14. I will try to explain as other user of DRE, in hope that it clear things up slightly. It's not exactly easy to answer that question with exact percent of comparison. DRE behave different in comparison to stock. Once you get used to differences and pay attention to them trough gameplay, overall difficulty does not become much harder than in stock. You need to pay attention on re-entry profile, how you craft is turned trough re-enty and not to forget heat shields on craft. Once you pay attention to those details, there is no significant difference in terms of difficulty (at least to me). It is rather different behaviour and different gameplay experience, if that make any sense.
  15. Knowing that is not exactly easy to get those items back, I didn't wanted to pest about it. I didn't used harpoon that much, but I miss magnet, though (those use similar base code, I assume ?). Take your own time and priority, no pressure from users side, no matter how much would all like to have those parts back.
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