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  1. I should correct myself, you get NaNs in flight if there is no other parts involved that have proper lift/drag calculations. But, without proper data you would definetly get wrong calculation of lift and drag, though not always noticable as it become totaly broken with NaNs.
  2. No worries, community will have to wait. Personal health is much higher priority than waiting for couple of more days for update. Wish you fast recovery and much better luck for remaining of following year.
  3. kcs123

    UnKerballed Start Mod Discussion

    Yep, thermometer and barometer were at starting point in UBM or very close to start, can't recall from top of my head right now. That, and most simple rover wheels to be able to run around KSC and grind few science points if you are stuck with something is one of reasons too. Maybe to create MM patch for early probes to have sligtly more electricity and built in antenna, just for close range 100-500 km or so. That would solve issues in early hard career mode with limiting amount of parts on crafts. First few flight should not mean to be sucess, but rather to be able to grind science points in upper atmosphere with thermometer/barometer, transmit that info on KSC before craft is smashed on the ground. That should give you some few points to unlock next nodes and with those to actualy achieve first milestone goals. IIRc, similar conversation with Yemo is buried somewhere in SETI/UBM thread.
  4. kcs123

    UnKerballed Start Mod Discussion

    That might work. Tier 2 is not way too from start. But, yes, I have liked being able to create simple aircraft early in career for ability to grind few science points and money if stuck for some reason and not being able to put rocket in space and/or orbit trough first few milestones. UBM was created with GAP in mind too. Might be good to hear opinion from @inigma on that topic.
  5. There is a lot of interest, I would like to do it too, but unfortunately real life commitments does not give me enough free time lately. That is reason to hesitate doing it, I can't tell how much time I would have to create it and let alone maintain it later on. Sharing ideas and pieces of pseudo code from time to time is best that I can offer for community at moment. Lurking those forums and sharing info to help other in best way I currently can.
  6. No worries, I have not much free time for KSP recently, so no rush with this. I almost exclusively use wings from B9PW for aircrafts. For rockets, stock wings and fins suffice for me on first rocket stage. Other users who use more wings from APP would benefit more from your configs. Thanks anyway for this. Might be good idea to send PR with those configs on APP github when you get time. @dkavolis, yes I know about that blender/wing info that need to be created for FAR. However, have no idea why cockpits and fuselage a-like parts from this mod cause issue. Tried to compare configs from APP parts with similar parts from other mods, but that ways not give me any clue what kind of info is missing for APP parts. That leaded me to speculation that something with coliders is different, but again have no idea if coliders can be handled trough config files or need to be handled in blender and exported for unity usage. Thanks for opening issue, once we know what cause this, it will be easier to create proper config files or MM patches later on. EDIT: I see that you try to handle ground effect in FAR. IIRC Ferram was not handling this because it would not be accurate when you are near sloped surface, like taking turns very close to mountains, for example. Or if you are on some angle of attack instead of perfectly normal with wings against ground/surface. So, I was thinking if it can be handled in similar way as shadows are casted/rendered. Not exactly shadow, but whole code should be similar. I will try to explain in semi pseudo code. Set a fake light source above plain, distance should depend on wingspan do raycasting only on each frame downwards to detect if you are near ground, so ground effect calculation does not need to be calculated at all. Raycasting is pretty cheap on CPU usage, so that alone would not cause performance issue. Have no idea what would be proper height when ground effect calculation should start, more info about it is needed, but my guess is that is same as wingspan length or half of wingspan length. instead of calculating ground effect from wings geometry, use projected image on surface, or fake shadow from that mentioned "light source". Probably not most accurate, but should be much closer to real thing when comes to mentioned issues near mountain or sloped ground for more simple calculation and being easier on CPU load, you can assume that whatever raycasting result gives you, that area below aircraft is perfectly flat for that frame of calculation. Area for calculation on surface where "shadow" is projected should be simple square of wingspan X aircraft lenght. Probably not the best way to do this, but in games you need to fake a lot of things. Of course that "shadow" is not need to be rendered on screen at all, but calculation is very similar. I was thinking about it as watching aircraft shadow at noon while aircraft si on the ground. Shadow from wings is biggest when aircraft is close to the ground, same as ground effect lift force (assuming that aircraft is moving with enough speed). As aircraft climbs up, shadow becomes smaller and smaller same as ground effect too. I hope that I was able to describe my thoughts properly, becasue english is not my native language.
  7. @dkavolis, does you know what things breaks FAR when you use parts from Airplane Plus mod ? I know that wing parts and control surfaces need extra piece of code in config files, for FAR to properly calculate lift. But, strange things is that even if you use only cockpit and fuselage parts it also breaks FAR somehow. Anyhow, that was issue few KSP versions ago, haven't tried yet if same things happen with your forked version of FAR and latest KSP. First sign that something is wrong when you use those parts is that in SPH/VAB editor you get stock balls for lift with arrow. You should see jsut blue ball without arrow with FAR. Another issue is that while you still can fly crafts with those parts, drag is not properly calculated, you got NaNs in FAR data window while in flight scene. Nothing is catched in log files regarding this, so would be necessary to add some debug messages in code to be able to catch this when something breaks FAR calculation.
  8. You should backup your modified files in some folder outside of installed main KSP folders, so you can copy that over your new install when KSP updates. Also, it is wise to keep main KSP install files unmodified. Just copy whole KSP folder elsewhere, outside of steam folder if you use it. Then install mods over that copied instance of KSP. That way, nothing will be overwritten when KSP updates and your mods would work properly for that copied KSP version. Considering ARR licence, that is only option left, to modify and use files by yourself for personal usage, without any distribution on internet. We can only discuss what need to be changed to make this to work, info about it already exist in this thread, just search for it. And on top of that you can use UBM extended config files.
  9. Yep, CKAN saves a lot of time that can be used for playing a game, instead of following various install instructions. But, while it is designed to "fool proof" as much as possible, you have to be aware of CKAN limitations. Meaning, when you often re-install some mods, if some mod create config file or some other file after install, when you run game for a first time, CKAN would not remove mod folder with additional files in it. Due to MM and how it recognize by folder names if some mod is installed or not, it can lead to unproper settings in game database that MM alter. 99% of time CKAN does job quite well, you just have to be aware of mentioned limitations. Even when you get into some issues, most of time you can easy repair things by yourself by using list of favorite mods. Just create list of favorite mods, uninstall everything, check gamedata folder if there is any leftover folders that are not part of stock game, delete those by yourself and install everything again trough CKAN, using mentioned list. CKAN is smart enough to re-use previously downloaded mod files, so you don't need to redownload them again, just re-install again. Of course, there is also some unproper installs from time to time, when mod author or someone else that maintain CKAN metadata files make some typo or create something that does not install files as intended. But, that kind of things can happen even if you use manual install, if you copy some older version of mod that is in dependency list or similar. And it is spoted by community and solved quite fast, mostly you have to just wait for couple of hours and re-install mod again trough CKAN.
  10. Welcome to KSP forums. What KSP version you are using ? Links from this trhead are way outdated by now. You could have more luck with this: Though, like I said in previous page to someone else, you need first to attach wing on craft, then hower mouse over placed wing to "highlight" it and then you can press "J" key for B9 menu to pop up. There also might be issue with screen resolution, for menu to pop up outside of visible desktop area. Just wild guess as those are most common mistakes.
  11. B9PW licence allows changes and forked version, as for FAR there is new fork FAR version and thread with removed ARR stuff, so you are good to go wit that, no need to worry about licence for FAR. And people can choose to use FAR or not along with PW.
  12. Game breaking changings are never pleasant, but it is necessary at some point of development if you want to improve existing features and add new ones. Considering pros/cons, it would pay off to bite a bullet and start new game when gamebreaking version of mod drops. I start new game with each major KSP update or continue playing older version of KSP and mods, so no huge damage on my side.
  13. From the OP of BDArmoury mod: Vessel mover comes along with BDA. Don't know how it work as standalone, would it cause issue or not. I'm not sure if Physics Rabge Extender is dependency of vessel mover or not, though.
  14. @dkavolis, I agree with above. Even if that be a short period of time before ferram respond about future updates, it be much less of confusion regarding bug reports, does it belong to original or forked version of FAR. I assume that it will be easier for ferram to distinct questions that are related to original FAR mod vs forked one. With replaced ARR content, there is no longer licence restriction too. Just made it clear in thread title and in OP post of new thread that it is forked version. Once that is done, folks that maintain CKAN, like @politas, @HebaruSan or @linuxgurugamer could help you how to publish it trough CKAN. Ferram seems to be very busy, it might pass several months and new KSP verion hits sooner than we got any response. Otherwise, I would always advice to a bit longer for proper permission of original mod creator.
  15. You have given me a good laugh . Very first thing after windows install for me is to enable showing file extension as well as hidden folders on machine. Almost forget about it when I need to work on someone else machine. And I can only add that is not only one useless "feature" in windows. List goes on and on. Each time I encounter on something similar I keep wondering if they using drugs or something when they deceided to made things works like it is. One of worst things is that they change location of system critical programs after each update, like "run" shortcut or access to control panel for example.