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  1. Take care of that tooth ASAP, before situation become worse and any non critical medial threatment become forbiden due to quarantine. Things are exacating quickly here and what you can consider as granted right now, tomorrow may be unreachable luxury.
  2. No. Both, IR Next and stock BG robotic parts should work fine.
  3. Looks like it is time to create Kerbal version of babushka doll .
  4. Exactly that. Whole crisis would be handled much easier if people were less ignorant and more disciplined. Take care and stay safe.
  5. Download link for log gives error 404. Could be permission issue or something. Second question, is it that craft created in KSP 1.8.x and tried to use in KSP 1.9.x ? Asking, because I was have similar issue long time ago when KSP is upgraded. My crafts from older KSP release were not behave properly in new KSP version. However, that was already noticable in SPH and workaround was simple, to deattach wings and attach them again. Can you try to create new craft file to see if issue still happens ? To, be clear, I don't maintain this mod, but I use it for a long time, so I'm trying to narrow down to root of issue as much as possible to help developer, you and other users if come across with similar issue.
  6. Read about same issue and possible solution fixes just one page back. Most recent solution until it is merged to main mod repository is on this post:
  7. Help developers to be able to help you. Provide some more info, like log files, screenshots or short video that describe issue in better way. Craft file with minimum mods used can help too, to reproduce bug on developer machine and make debuging easier. All that can help developers to solve issue faster in their limited personal free time. You can find more info how to get log files in this thread:
  8. Sorry, I thought that those files were already published. I don't know exact reason why they were not. It is not any big secret, but it is not on me to give it in public instead of original author. I have send you PM.
  9. There is new bug in KSP introduced with 1.9.x. Discovered and discussed in Tweakscale thread. Quoting just relevant part: It is very likely that you are using some mod that alter craft resources and too add on top of that, you were using savegame from previous KSP releases that was edited outside of KSP to make it work at all. Quite a lot is possible to go wrong way, it is hard to even a guess what.
  10. Files should be "MM_IR_rotationalScales.cfg, MM_IR_translationalScales.cfg and MM_IR_utilityScales.cfg". I helped a tiny bit to @ZodiusInfuser while it was created. My current install is a bit of mess between official release and custom/beta patches. Some of patches might nov even be released to public yet. It is being worked on them like 9-10 months ago, don't recall exac date. I think that those are already published, but can't tell for sure. Let me know in PM if you can't find those.
  11. Check out in TS thread. There is new dependency plugin for latest TS. For users that don't want to use tweakscale at all, there is built in patch in IR that offer all parts in various sizes, so you don't need to use TS at all.
  12. For IR parts, truss and similar parts were placed in Construction line of tech tree nodes (sorry don't know exact noce names from top of my head). So, those truss parts from SOC mod should be fine to put there too. Some may be put earler, some later on tech tree, but in general, that line of tech tree should suit better for those parts than SpaceExploration node. Fuselage, wings, landing gears seems to be OK along Arodynamics/Aviation/Landing lines. Maybe picture from OP as reminder can help:
  13. kOS integration with IR next was created in period when IR next was in heavy development. So, yes, IR API have some changes and while basic kOS support was done at that time, it was experimental and AFAIK it is not finished yet. kOS could still search for old IR plugin instead of IR Next, while script support was probaqbly created. That is my best guess. I would like to see better kOS/IR next integration that would allow even better stuff than it is possible trough stock controler.
  14. 100% means that engine have enough air for operation. Lower than that, engine will start to loose thrust. IIRC, somwhere around 10%, engine will flame out, or shut off. Above 100% means that your craft have more than enough oxygen from air intakes for normal operation.
  15. Jet engines need Liquid fuel and air with oxygen for combustion. "Air Req Met" tells how much air is provided trough air intakes for jet engines to operate properly. It depends on altitude and mach numbers. Some inlets are more efficient than others and some jet engines operate better in subsonic than supersonic and oposite. That info comes handy when you try to optimize your craft to use least amount of inlets and those that weight less than others for certain craft purposes.