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  1. I think that you no need to worry much about shiny/metalic textures. It may be a bit off in comparison to current stock parts, but that may be changed on next KSP release. At least Stayputnik is changed to be more shiny in future: Despite being a bit too shiny(that also depend on someone personal taste), new textures looks very nice to me.
  2. Instruction how to change config files to fix errors due to MM changes are given in december. Everyone can adjust files for himself and use it, but distributing changed files are forbiden due to ARR licence. Violating ARR licence, no matter how stupid it sounds would do more harm than good on the long run. Until Yemo resond on forum or patreon page, only thing possible to do is provide "how to" instructions to made adjustments and install extended config files on top of that.
  3. Stock SAS have changed a lot since those patches was actual. Claw is no longer around and I don't know if anyone taken over some of those fixes and maintain it under different name. I doubt that using latest available would give you any good on newer version of KSP. Anyhow, I would suggest that you rather fix oscilation problem on craft in different way. Adjusting min/max gimbal angle on engines, deflection angle on control surfaces and different position of control surfaces on craft. You can also try with all moving control surfaces vs fixed wing+control surface or build in control surface. You didn't say if you have issues with rocket or plane. I assume that you have issues with plane.
  4. Yep, that application catched my attention too, but I postponed buying licence until I can afford it and have more texturing tasks to do. From data available to see capabilities, it seems to be easy to use application, especialy for people who don't like/have skill for standard PS based texturing work but need to do small changes on 3D model (create variations of same model and similar). Another good tool that catched my attention is Character Creator 3D. Have to grind some money for that one too. It makes modeling job much faster and easier even for those who are familiar with maya, 3DMax and similar applications. Considering the average price of 3D character models, it should be pay off quickly. Sorry for being offtopic for a bit.
  5. Having same or slightly better ISP than NERVs, but with additional need of extra power charge ? So wor very long burns you also need either, extra batteries or reactor on board. Some kind of futuristic engine that is fussion of NERV and EMV drive. It is probably not much in-line with real life science, but we are speaking of SCI-FI engine, so in gamebalance terms it should cover some gap between existing stock parts and parts from other mods. Just idea.
  6. Is it complain that there is not much to complain about ? No worries, with 1.5 coming soon, there will be a lot "Are we there yet ?" questions, at least
  7. I'm on Windows 10 and Firefox 64-bit too, so it have to be something else in the middle Anyhow, nice pics, thanks for re-upload.
  8. I suppose above should be picture ? Neither it looks like link for something or some kind of data in hex format, too many latters for hex, that one use only up to "F" Forum do funny stuff sometimes.
  9. kcs123

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Yes, I know that there was some small drama about it, but don't know all of details. Thanks for clarificatrion, @linuxgurugamer. As said, I was not unsure what piece of code was merged and what not. My best guess is that is main issue is lack of free time for further development, issue could be on either, IR plugin code or KJR piece of code, have to be patient about it and wait for response. Can't blaim anyone for it, heck, I don't even have enough time to play game properly. Attempting to lurk forums, regardless, to help where I can, in hope that my own free time will be improved once again too.
  10. kcs123

    [1.4.5] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    You are more probably set engines in a wrong way, so it could not change properly thrust. Check out alistas videos, I'm pretty sure that at least one explains meaning and usage of additional TCA engine thrust options. As for PIDs, it is thing used quite a lot in automatization. If you are not much for reading documentation of it, here is short video that explain it in easy way: And here is link for wikipedia too, if you sometime find it interesting to read and learn more about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller For some people there is more than half of fun to learn new stuff along with playing this game, including scripts, real life math behind ti etc. But, yes not all folks around is for it, some just play the game and learn by trial and error. Everyone has it's own representation of fun, it is understandable if you just want "all in one" solution where you just click and everything "just work".
  11. kcs123

    [1.4.5] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Some tips regarding VTOLs: - in atmosphere, limit vertical speed up to 10 m/s. Even 10 m/s of vertical velocity can be too high on some crafts, aerodynamic forces can easy tip over your craft, engine thrust balancing may not be enough to keep your craft stable - consider using kOS or similar autopilot. Simple script that use PIDs to control is more/less easy to create and you can learn a lot and have fun with those when creating your crafts. You may use it along with TCA, not necessary without TCA.
  12. Have you tried to attach control surfaces only on one wing without symmetry ? After finishing positioning control surface, reattach whole wing in symmetry turned on. Not exactly bug solver, but similar thing helped me in other craft designs in the past.
  13. Yep, that driffting bug is quite annoying. For that reason, I never create "perfect" satelite network, rather good enough for certain period of time. At begin of new career, I try to launch around 6 satellites around equator, more/less equaly distributed around 120-140 km. Note that I play without additional ground stations. Two additional satelite in polar orbit, with difference around 90 degree between those two polar satellies. Later on, I put at least one sattelite in geostacionary orbit just above KSC. And few additonal trough contracts that are geostat/geosync orbit, where I also put some good antenna on it, so it is not only for contract, it serve purpose later on for the rest of the game. At that middle stage game I also, put two additional satellite in polar orbit with high Ap, almost near Mun, that usualy cover all comunication needs. Also at that stage, I'm able to put some satellite around Mun and Minimus too. By that time, first 6 sattelite in orbit are driffted quite a lot, but no longer matter, com network is by then properly covered even without those. I only babysit that one satellite abve KSC in geostacionary orbit if it drift too much. Using precise node to set desired maneuver and kOS script to execute maneuver. I plan to develop script for setting maneuver nodes too, but too lazy for that and too litle time for playing lately too. If you want to make "perfect" network, it is possible to create some kOS script that will reposition drifted satellite, but you will need to "visit" such satellite and execute such script from time to time. For example, lower Pe for some amout to get exact wanted time difference, depending how much satellite drifted, wait couple of orbits for time difference between SOI rotation and satellite orbit take effect and then raise Pe again at previous altitude. It all depends how "perfect" it has to be for you.
  14. I'm so sad to hear that bad things happening to good people. Personal health and family should always be priority no#1, moding can alwas wait. I hope that you will find some joy while working on it at least, might even help you to forget about health condition for short while. Anyhow, thanks for taking over maintenance of this mod, I wish you to get better as soon as possible.
  15. kcs123

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    I didn't looked into linuxgamer code, so take following with a grain of salt. Linuxgamer have forked KJR code from ferram (first author of KJR mod) and seems that forked version does not contain new code provided by Rudolf, or at least not all of it. In case of old KJR code, it is possible that you need to edit XML config file, to put IR next module in it, so KJR know what parts need to ignore. Forked version from Rudolf contains additional code that allow IR plugin to comunicate with KJR and allow or forbid KJR to put autostruts on IR or other parts. Even with latest one, though there is still some bug involved that prohibit movement of IR parts on some crafts. Unfortunately, due to licencing issues, debug version of KJR that allow to visualize autostruts is no longer available, so it is hard to say what exactly is going on. It is known issue and it is being worked on, just be patient about it, moders work on this on their limited free time.