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  1. You can watch reported issues and PR on github under right branch to estimate by yourself how much things need to be solved prior official release.
  2. You will have more luck asking in new thread:
  3. You have landing legs quite close to washer. You can't remove autostrut from landing legs and it is possible that autostrut lines goes trough strut part making it hard to spot. You got landing leg -> structural part -> washer. Try with one more part between, like this: landing leg -> structural part -> second structural part ->washer You can try it on launchpad with same crfaft, but instead of landing leg use structural parts that simulate legs. I'm 99% sure that landing legs cause issue. EDIT: On picture on the ground, it does not show landing legs, but engines are touching grounds and joints on washer might be too weak to support weight of whole craft. Try to use launching clamps or structural parts instead of landing legs to raise craft above ground. With some clearance from ground washer should work as intended, but joints on washer might be too weak. That is why KJR is recommended, but you should make sure that you use latest KJR that is known to work.
  4. Video is set to private, can't tell anything without watching, but most of time it was autostrut issue somewhere.
  5. No, it is not requirement, but it is much easier to create complex craft with many IR parts when you use KJR. If you don't want to use KJR or it is in not updated yet properly for current KSP release, you can use "manual" stock autostrut feature on some parts. Meaning, you need to turn on advanced tweakables in stock game and use autostruts on right click part menu in flight to make craft wooble less. You can also create custom MM patch, to make IR joint more riggid. All that kind of things KJR do in background for you, so you don't need to worry about it.
  6. Very similar issue like happened to IR users. Stock wheel autostrut to either, heaviest part or grandparent part. If heaviest part is too far away or wheels are already attached to heaviest part, stock wheel autostrut to grandparent part. Knowing this, you can use it as exploit to prevent/workaround bug. Put some other structural part between wheels and KAS whinch part.
  7. Links for both, thread and download link is in OP. Here is download link. This thread should hold more recent news regarding development of both procedural wing types.
  8. attach wing on craft as any other stock wing put mouse cursor over procedural wing to highlight it (that mouseover mean) while wing is attached press "j" to open additional menu in case of B9 procedural wings in case of older procedural wing type, press and hold keys to strech out/srink wing ("B","T","G") and move mouse while keeping coresponding key pressed. Once you try it in game it will be much understandable than anyone can describe in words.
  9. Follow steps provided in this post:
  10. It is hard to tell proper answer unless someone try it. Backup your game folders and install official version of KJR and give it a try. Knowing how ferram work, any fixes for IR should be included in official release, but I didn't tried it in game yet.
  11. I think there is few threads in challanges forum that were dedicated for kOS users. Unfortunately my free time is very limited, it prevents me to join in for some of those chalanges.
  12. Yep, i think that TweakScale is rrequired for those parts to work properly. Workaround is to either, edit original part config file or create custom MM patch like you did, if you don't want to use TweakScale for whatever reason.
  13. Coding require a lot of patience and can be frustrating when you run out of it, but it is also rewarding when you accomplish something with it at the end.
  14. Welcome to forums. There is some tutorials provided by Wanderfound, you have to search for his threads. Also, I have tried to point out some of design choices in my thread. Link is in my signature.
  15. Yep. KF have nice set of new available wheels. It is always nice to have more choices, but even more important is new plugin that KF provide.