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  1. Based on provided picture, culprit part is MK3S1 Tail Connector B. AFAIK, FAR use part 3D mesh and/or mesh colliders for voxel calculations. There was some changes in code when FAR use mesh and when it use coliider, as much as I can recall, but I no longer know details about it. For some reason, most probably because the how culprit part is created in blender or similar editor, FAR voxel algorithm fail and throw exception.
  2. Someone more like to write "&", others prefers more "," sign when writting patch. Meaning is same, but all of included patches are not created by same person, therefore are differences in writtngs. You can found more about that syntax on MM wiki page. To be more specific, this piece from that page: As explained, MM was not created by one person either, and for certain not at once. Therefore multiple operators were supported for same thing as there was already a lot of patches created in one way. Excluding support for older operator would break a lot mods that use legacy syntax.
  3. Good catch. I missed that version numbers in folder names. In my defence I can only say that it was late in night and I was tired when I wrote that post . However, my guess was right that something is wrong with install, as it it most common mistake. And your linked thread explains in great detail how mods works in KSP, what can go wrong when you install mods and how to prevent mistakes. So, it is easier to put link on that thread than explain everything what could possibly go wrong on mod install. You are welcome. I'm glad that you are able to solve your issues, despite the fact that
  4. It is hard to tell from picture only, but it seems OK. Only from log files should be possible to tell. Does not hurt to read this thread, though, to check if you done everything to avoid install mistakes and to understand better how mods works in KSP: In this thread you can find info how to search for log files: With slight disclaimer, though. In that thread is mentioned how to find unity game engine log files, some moder developers still prefer "KSP.log" file located in same folder as KSP executable. In gamedata folder you can also find useful file: "ModuleManager.ConfigCache" tha
  5. Hmmm. How about doing oposite ? Allow to parts be stackable only if their resources are completely empty. That way all of allowed stackable parts will be identical and no need to worry about resource costs. Also no need to track down each part exact properties. Only one set of properties would be required, that could improve performace for a bit too.
  6. It does use TS if it is installed. It does have additional configs for upsaled/downscaled parts if you don't have TS installed. That being said, I didn't checked if those additional config files were published or not (I have cooperated with Zodiusinfuser when he worked on it).
  7. That is possible. If some parts are renamed or got "upgrade" variants it is possible that upgraded part does not have proper FAR config. However, IIRC, parts without proper configs were not causing NREs before, just not providing expected lift/drag. I can only guess for now that something else is culprit.
  8. Another interesting thing is that it is landed diagonally on runway. Fighting with side wind that is also changed direction few times trough landing (check red flags in bottom left corner). It is not too obvious due to camera angle, though. It i salso noticable "flaping" of tail controls in few frames. By looking on flag it does not seems to be high wind, though, but significant enough to cause issues.
  9. There some threads in challanges forum regarding BDArmoury and various setups (WW2 era crafts, generation 5 fighter crafts etc.). IIRC, in those there was detailed description how to setup AI vs AI combats for validate challange. It should worth to look in some of those threads.
  10. Ah, sorry, I have missinterprated your question. I don't know about other mods, I use kOS scripts for such purposes. I prefer to write my own autopilot scripts over "all in one" solutions offered by other mods. It was not most advanced things that can be found on internet, but it does job reasonable good enough, to automate a lot of tedious things and I always learn something new when upgrading/updating my own scripts.
  11. I haven't played with RT for a while, but I keep tracking this mod and I did not notice anything in change log regarding behaviour, how it is used. But, it was never requirement to phyisically rotate whole craft(antenna) toward certain SOI or other craft, for communication. It would be impossible to maintain rotation of all crafts in game, because most of them are not even loaded in memory(crafts on other SOI, for example). You just need to select on antenna where it is "pointed" to establish communication and mod will do "magic" calculation in background if it is possible to establish co
  12. Spink Akron's idea behind it (discussed in old UKS thread) is to use few smaller engines first, before going with single 1.5m engine. Making History DLC offer engine plates parts that can help you building rocket. You can also use small cube or octagonal truss to help you with engine placement. I have ended creating scaled down 1-2,1-3 and 1-4 adapters. Might still have MM patch for this somewhere. It is not needed for users that have Making History DLC.
  13. I'm not sure if itis meaningful or not to report bug on KSP bug tracker. Very few reported bugs are solved and on each update there is high chance to something else become broken.
  14. It have effect on vanilla orbital rescue missions too. Even worse, if you are using mods that have cockpits without exit door. You can only rescue those kerbals if you are having discovered claw or similar part from mods that allow you to "dock" with stranded kerbal. Randevous maneuver need to be quick too. Somethnig to put in consideration when you are about to accept rescue missions.
  15. You can find info about log files and required info in this post: KSP.log file can be found in the same folder where you have installed KSP and where KSP_x64.exe is nested too.
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