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  1. That is good to know. I no longer recall original author of that patch (it was posted somewhere on forums long time ago) and I didn't encountered such issue, so I didn't noticed.
  2. Do you get stock arrow lift indicator on craft when you put culprit part on craft ? If you have those instead of just blue ball, then that is indication that such part does not have proper MM patches for it. Usually all of stock parts are covered by FAR config files, but it is possible that squad have changed some part or module names in latest release. I didn't yet downloaded last KSP release and played it yet, so, can't help you more about it. There is MM patch on previous page that can help you to identify problematic parts, if it is same case.
  3. Integral parameter of PID controller: More info and methods how to tune it can be found on wikipedia and on various other web sites.
  4. That kind of issue is best to bring on CKAN thread. I have to admit that I lost track what exact PW fork is supported by CKAN and what not. Best to call @HebaruSanor someone from CKAN staff to investigate this.
  5. This piece from log just before CTD suggest that some mod that alters stock GUI in some way started to spamm log quickly and game crashed becaouse of it. [LOG 14:49:55.275] SurfAntenna added to ship - part count: 14 [LOG 14:49:59.968] Input field is focused, disabling keys It seems that spamm started after you have placed antenna and selected some edit box on GUI (place where you can write numbers and stuff trough keyboard). That is probably some leftover from debugging in some mod that is not removed prior release. Probably such mod was/have issues with editor and mod author put some a
  6. One of reasons why you should not use mods on steam instance of KSP. You should rather keep steam install stock and make another copy/instance elsewhere on HDD for moded game. One reason is that some mods can overwrite stock files (any mod should avoid that, but it is possible), so steam may "think" that those files are corrupted. Second reason is that when KSP updates, it may take a while until mods are properly updated/supported. In both ways your saved games may become corrupted. You should create backup of your saved games before validating on steam. Then you should create a clean ste
  7. You are welcome. Stock robotics and propelers are discussed earlier in this thread why it can't be supported by FAR. In short (and very rough) explanation, stock robotics and props use mesh transformation instead animations (if I recall terms correctly). Which means, there is no way to create code that will hook up on events when transformations start and stops. So FAR or any other mod that have need to intercept those events and do some custom calculations can't do that properly. On the other hand, Infernal robotics mod made long time before stock robotics is making animation start/stop call
  8. Reason why you got stock PAW is that FAR didn't recognise part from mod you are using and removed stock data. Like in following example for stock part: @PART[AdvancedCanard]:FOR[FerramAerospaceResearch] { @module = Part @maximum_drag = 0 @minimum_drag = 0 @angularDrag = 0 @dragCoeff = 0 @deflectionLiftCoeff = 0 @ctrlSurfaceRange = 0 @ctrlSurfaceArea = 0 !MODULE[ModuleControlSurface] { } MODULE { name = FARControllableSurface MAC = 0.93122 MidChordSweep = 37.044 maxdeflect = 20 b_2 = 1.7904 TaperRatio = 0.139074 transformName = ctrlSrf rootMidChordOffsetFr
  9. It is very hard to guess what is going on without log, but, can you check out that you have properly installed Firespitter plugin and resource config file ? I can only guess that above function is failed to execute due to missing resource info. And KAX electricProp use some kind of unique resource "FSCoolant" that is "scooped" from air and there is no special fuel tanks for it. Engine itself contain that resource and is automaticaly replensihed in flight. But without proper firespitter plugin and resource confgig file that engine can't work in KSP. That is just a guess, ful log fi
  10. Well, you have learned in a hard and unfortunate way why is always advised to make a backup. And why you should have separate copy of KSP for moded game from main steam install (if you use steam). Can't blame modders on this, they can't predict what can be broken in next KSP update. How much API is changed, or it depends on unity game engine changes (in some of KSP upgrades). You should always make a backup whenever you do some updete. Even if you only update some mods, they can have changes that may break your saved games. I can only suggest to start using S.A.V.E. mod, so you don't bother to
  11. Should be link for those in this thread too. Burried between other posts. Don't knbow if there is more up to date configs or not, though. Bur at least you have something for more detailed search.
  12. Yep, those are from this mod. Active struts, that you were able to enable/disable in flight as you desire. I no longer know exact KSP version, but I think it is somewhere between 1.1.x and 1.3.x when plugin for those stoped to work and it was never recompiled/repaired to work with new KSP versions.
  13. Answer on this question is in OP and in several posts on first few pages of this thread. @Lisiashave already answered in other thread in detailed manner. @Rudolf Meieris not so active here, so it may take a while until you got "official" answer from author. I don't know if there is anything more to add on this topic that is not already answered: There is even more details in other posts, but you should search them for yourself, it is not that there is too much pages in this thread.
  14. As much as I can recall from conversations in old ferram FAR thread, FAR does not calculate aerofoil. Instead, assumption is made that wings would be thin and most of flight be at transonic or supersonic or higher speed. At supersonic velocities aerofoil shape has very low influence on lift in comparison to AoA, so it was not calculated at all. My advice: put some 2-4 degree AoA angle on main wings and you will get desired effect, or at least close to it.
  15. Check videos from OP for more detailed description. This is quote from OP:
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