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Describe your KSP experience in an image!

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Awesome trains, mythbuster, they look like a real labor of love. How much time to build one?

And since this is a picture thread, another picture:


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My KSP milestones:

Bought the game:


First successful launch:


Test of rocket-only landing


Unfortunately, Dildred had no chute...


First spaceplane attempt:


Screwing around while waiting for the next update:


When the update comes out:


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So very much this. :D

Also, this (may be too Canadian a reference):

If the women don't find ya handsome, that should at least find ya handy.
"there ain't a car I can't customize"

"just use the handyman's secret weapon, duct tape"

"now if that's good enough for an f-16 or f-18, then its good enough for an f-o-r-d"

"now you see this adapter, it makes a 16 volts into 8 volts, so if I flip it around and use it the other way, then these thing should be compatible !"

"tips on making on aeroplane, tip 1 : don't"

-- Red Green,

come to think of it, his last name is pretty apropriate for this forum.... :P

The ULTIMATE KSP IRL thingy. Not only is it hilarious (like KSP) it describes nearly all of our early-day rockets: Mostly duct tape.

Also, how many other people have seen this show?

(I'm not Canadian, btw.)

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I saw that movie! Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to have to watch it again.



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