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  1. Testing now! Thanks Ok, They work for sure, the only thing is there four high and hold two, the stock parts are holding 3 and are half the size. I think I will modify them a bit, will repost the new ones, going to try for a two high and four high 3 and 6 slot. Will see how that works, will have there weight compared to stock sizes...
  2. I made a new part and have the config as follows. Going to load now will report back in this post under the code. // Universal Storage 2 by Paul Kingtiger, Daishi and DMagic. // See packaged file for license information // This file is best viewed with notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ // Using the KSP Module Manager language file included in the mod. // name = USESLWedge { // Shared by all parts in the mod // Module, Author, Manufacturer, Subcategory // These values should never change and are common to all parts. /+ module = Part author = Daishi, DMagic, and Paul Kingtiger, MrWizerd manufacturer = #autoLOC_US_Manufacturer //New Horizons & Nox Industrial subcategory = 0 /- // .- -- .- --.. .. -. --. --. ..- -.-- ... // Common fields // Every part has these core variables /+ // Base attributes title = #autoLOC_US_US_KASWedge_Title //Universal Storage: Equiptment Storage System category = Payload tags = #autoLOC_US_US_KASWedge_Tags //Universal Storage Kerbal Equiptment Locker Attachment description = #autoLOC_US_US_KASWedge_Description //A cargo storage wedge, accessible via EVA. Three size variants are available. cost = 210 mass = 0.039 maxTemp = 2000 fuelCrossFeed = False bulkheadProfiles = wedge crashTolerance = 6 // Tech Tree TechRequired = spaceExploration entryCost = 3600 /- // .- -- .- --.. .. -. --. --. ..- -.-- ... // Special // Contains any special functionality for this part /+ MODULE { name = ModuleInventoryPart InventorySlots = 2 } MODULE { name = ModuleInventoryPart InventorySlots = 6 } MODULE { name = USModuleSwitch SwitchID = 0 TargetModule = ModuleInventoryPart TargetFields = maxVolume|slotsY TargetValues = 6;9;12|2;3;4 } /- // .- -- .- --.. .. -. --. --. ..- -.-- ... // Don't edit anything below this line. Here be dragons! // Drag, Model call, US*Switch // Changing these values breaks the part, so don't do that! /+ name = USESLWedge rescaleFactor = 1 attachRules = 1,0,1,1,0 // Drag angularDrag = 1 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 minimum_drag = 0.2 DRAG_CUBE { cube = A0, 0.3728,0.9311,0.3472, 0.3705,0.9279,0.5354, 0.208,0.952,0.2921, 0.1964,0.9695,0.77, 0.2679,0.8903,0.4183, 0.2678,0.89,0.3715, 0.03621,0.006237,0, 0.4759,0.7672,0.546 cube = A1, 0.7393,0.8775,0.4664, 0.7395,0.9131,0.4804, 0.3049,0.883,0.8821, 0.302,0.876,0.9317, 0.5782,0.9162,0.5992, 0.575,0.9157,0.5959, 0.04838,-0.1969,0, 0.5164,1.206,0.6396 cube = A2, 0.9657,0.8918,0.2612, 0.9661,0.91,0.4883, 0.3029,0.8865,1.325, 0.3,0.8839,1.297, 0.7838,0.9141,0.5997, 0.7942,0.9068,0.5964, 0.04465,-0.3977,0.0002207, 0.5239,1.607,0.6402 } // Model call MODEL { model = UniversalStorage2/Parts/Utility/KASWedge scale = 1, 1, 1 } // Variant switch MODULE { name = USSwitchControl SwitchID = 0 ButtonName = #autoLOC_US_Height //Height ModuleDisplayName = #autoLOC_US_Height //Height variants CurrentVariantTitle = #autoLOC_US_Height ShowPreviousButton = False //ObjectNames = #autoLOC_US_DoubleHeight;#autoLOC_US_TripleHeight;#autoLOC_US_QuadHeight // Disabled size switch due to bug when reverting to VBA ObjectNames = #autoLOC_US_DoubleHeight FuelSwitchModeOne = True //VariantColors = #537a3d,#999999;#3a562a,#999999;#2e4321,#999999 // Disabled size switch due to bug when reverting to VBA VariantColors = #537a3d,#999999 } MODULE { name = USMeshSwitch SwitchID = 0 MeshTransforms = KAS2;KAS3;KAS4 AffectColliders = True DeleteUnused = True } MODULE { name = USDragSwitch SwitchID = 0 DragCubes = A0;A1;A2 } MODULE { name = USCostSwitch SwitchID = 0 DisplayCurrentModeCost = True AddedCost = 0;210;420 } MODULE { name = USMassSwitch SwitchID = 0 DisplayCurrentModeMass = True AddedMass = 0.000;0.039;0.078 } // Wedge attach node definitions NODE { name = attach transform = attach size = 0 method = HINGE_JOINT } /- // .- -- .- --.. .. -. --. --. ..- -.-- ... } // Module Manager // Contains @PART code for Module Manager, things that cannot be placed in within PART{} /+ /- // .- -- .- --.. .. -. --. --. ..- -.-- ... Total failure. . . no part.
  3. Hello, I just started playing again after being gone a while, and I was trying to build a lander with a US2 trunk, and noticed the lack of a module to hold the new surface experiments. I tried to remove the KAS tags from the KAS wedge and add the following MODULE { name = ModuleInventoryPart InventorySlots = 6 } and then also attempted MODULE { name = USModuleSwitch SwitchID = 0 TargetModule = ModuleInventoryPart TargetFields = maxVolume|slotsY TargetValues = 6;9;12|2;3;4 } I wasn't sure that this would work, but hoped at least i could get six inventory slots on the new part named USESLWedge BUT the cfg's for these are FAR more complicated than I am used to from when I made some of my own parts. Could someone steer me in the correct direction, or has someone already built a config for this and i am just missing it?
  4. I am having a problem and it may be that I am stupid. I setup a station with pivitrons from the part rework. In the VAB I can control them, setup there stop points and everything is kosher. However, when I went to launch they are just litterally swinging in the wind. I can not control them, they wont go to stop points they just spin freely 360 degrees around there axis over and over again. They say they are consuming 0 EC, I have 4 large solar panels connected to each of the two arms, and serious battery power on the station but the arms wont lock and work. Did I do something stupid? or did I miss a step, or is there some IR for dummies. I have not played since release and before the parts just worked... I had to sometimes control them manually but they worked as they should all the time, and I don't know what I did wrong, is there a control module I need or? I am stumped. They say uncontrolled, and when I go back to the station from the vab they start spinning like no mans business.... in the VAB the IR parts have no controller listed in there group.... maybe .... I am stumped... MEH I think I figured it out....
  5. Hey IgorZ thanks for the quick reply, I do apologize, I have not played in a long while. The "A_Mechanic_is_Jeb.cfg" was an old cfg for KAS that gave the ability to grab and store other small parts like small struts and pipes and solar panels and the like to items not included in KAS. I have to admit, I am unsure as to the relation of KIS/KAS nor what handles exactly what function as I have not been playing for a while. But it seems that I am a bit dim, and just didn't know what I was doing I believe I have it all sussed out now. Again thanks for the quick reply.... and the PDF file I found.
  6. Hi, I am having a problem and I am not sure if it is KAS or KIS but for some reason I can not put anything into any KAS container. I can put things under the seats in the command modules, in the boxes for KIS, etc. Also, I have the old A mechanic is jeb cfg file, that uses the old KASModuleGrab command to make smaller parts usable with KAS but it seems to also not work. Is this my problem? or is there a mod that causes this that I may have installed? Thanks for the help in advance.
  7. I have previously made small parts that were counterweights, just small objects that had different masses so that I could counterweight things. This solves the problem, If you need I can go looking for them just let me know. Otherwise, just choose a part that you like the looks of copy its cfg file, pull out most of its data and just give it a weight, poof counterweight.
  8. They are really good stuff, there is sixth book, and it was REALLY great. I looked at my audiobook collection the other day and realized I am pushing 200 titles almost. I was shocked. Yeah having github helps to push and pull different stuff to combine them into a single entity. I had to pickup a bunch of the stuff I did and kept that I either didn't give to you or was different from what you had done (like extra colors and such) I was so pissed, what happened was I had a hard drive drop off my raid array and went to rebuild it and while that was going on it dropped again (total failure) and I wasn't paying full attention as my son was bugging me and I told it to pull in the data drive instead of realizing that the drive was offline and POOOF all of everything was gone. So I lost everything I had not backed up elsewhere which wasn't a TON of stuff but enough to be frustrating.
  9. First off HEY LACK, long time no talk, Actually the problem with the numbers is actually that the consumption of the different resources was changed so that the consumption/weight/volume was more inline with reality. I had talked with TaranisElsu and he told me he was rolling out new properties Anyway this was back in like June of last year back when I was working pretty heavily on this project and before the hard drive crash that nuked my whole setup. (Partially Hardware failure, partially a mental misfire) Anyways, the numbers that are being used for the 2x1 Lifesupport module were more inline with the old resource consumption. That said the 2x1 if I recall holds 1471 Liters, and if he has infact altered density and consumption to 1L = 1 Kerbin Day then the numbers should be worked from there. I am making a few assumptions that I have not fully looked into but if a 2x1 life support unit is holding 2560L of food, and his consumption have been altered that would be some 10 years (based on a 256d year.... I am not sure what the kerbin year is i have not checked) of food being held in that 2x1 container along with the other stuff, and that is an awful lot IMHO.
  10. Oh, thank god, I had been beating my head against it for like an hour trying to figure out my error. Thanks for letting me know. I am actually happy to have the vast majority of the buttons clear again. And now that I know how to form these I can go in and exclude some of the textures that are so badly distorted that they are almost unidentifiable.
  11. So I went through the trouble to create CFG files for all the plugins I used that have icons for toolbars or assets. I have almost all of them functioning properly accept for RealChute, KerbalKonstructs, and SmokeScreen. For whatever reason they are refusing to stop compressing the textures for those buttons. I am linking all the CFG files so that they can be used, I have copied the edited CFGs from activetexturemanagemnt\activetexturemanagerconfigs\ so if you want to use ones that are in that folder you will need to delete them from that folder and leave my copies in there folder or rename my copies by removing the _fix at the end and then coping them to the activetexturemanagerconfigs folder so that you don't have duplicates. I probably could have used the :final but I dont like using it when I am not the developer of the main items I am finalizing. Anyways here they are and if anyone has any ideas why those three plugins are alwayts being compressed please let me know. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7rdn581x3ywn3h6/Toolbar_Fixes.zip?dl=0 Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention that I used the files that Naten had posted to build these files, and his are included. I make no ownership claims to any of the code, I just put it together for other plugins.
  12. Does anyone know if this is fixed somewhere or if kethane is dying of atrophy?
  13. I have not messed with the tug tbh I will have to test them. The new requirement to have a licence for everything is a little bit of a pain to easily share simple files like that, they have to be zipped now. However, I will get with lack to findout how he would like to distribute them. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9m8hhmcdkjk4wtc/LLL_MMConfigs.zip?dl=0 This is licensed under share and share alike 4 similar to LLL for now. I will leave it here till I discuss this with Lack.
  14. Ok guys I have the files with the added HTM file for creative commons 4, which is what Lack stated he wanted to upgrade too. He is busy so he will have to update the OP with 100% correct files, but this is what I had archived. OP Updated, links redundant... thanks for looking at this post!
  15. Hey does anyone know how the FSfuelswitch gets along with modularfuels, it seems to work but when I launch the tanks switch back to there default and I am not exactly sure whats causing it so I thought I would ask if they typically get along ok together?
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