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  1. Nice to hear it's probably gonna eventually get addressed. Thanks for Everything you do for KSP @linuxgurugamer.
  2. The contract button no longer works at all when Contract Window+ is installed. I'm using a handful of mods including Kerbalism.
  3. I found this mod amazing. I see it's no longer working in game. Will this be brought up to date at some time? Thanks.
  4. Exactly what I was hoping for! Strange, not a single person can/will do this mod. This really should be in the vanilla game now that it has a proper comm system.
  5. I know this is a very old topic but I am surprised that nobody has made a folder/tab like mod to sort out the many many ships. Wishlisted!!
  6. Yes it is a "critical failure"(and my first failure). I do have kas and kis installed so I can just replace it I hope. Thanks for the quick reply.
  7. I feel like a total noob. I can't figure out how to fix a failed part on my station in orbit. I have an engineer on board. I've eva'd him and tried to interact with the relay dish. I've attempted to interact with the broken relay dish from inside the craft. Nothing seems to give me an option to fix or repair. What am I missing? Any help is much appreciated.
  8. One of my new favorite mods. Replaced my other Life support mod as well as remote tech and a few others. This mod is just all around AWESOME! Thank you very, very much.
  9. Sorry in advance if this has been requested before. Is it possible to have an option, just like the "Threshold" option but, for transmitted science? ie: I want to transmit all of the collected science but AutomatedScience keeps running even though the transmitted value is 0. I really hope this is a possible option and easy to implement. Thank you for this wonderful mod.
  10. Anyone else having this randomly not work? Everything works fine one minute, then without notice the "Alt click" no longer works. A restart of KSP fixes temporarily. Eventually it happens again. Of course I have many, many, many mods installed. I am only posting in hopes of finding a work around someone may have found(assuming it's not just me w/this problem). Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Can't wait!! I bought four or five copies of KSP way before the cutoff date. My friends and I will enjoy this for no additional cost. Thank you for that opportunity. Edit: Just wanted to say that this is, by far, my all time favorite game ever made. Thank you for KSP. :))
  12. I Like the idea of this but I must say: It's nearly impossible to play. This is because communication(antenna) are not in the first many nodes. Most likely this mod because it's the only one of 50 or so I always use, that I've changed(added).
  13. This is a mod that allows you to change the size of existing parts in ksp: https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/344/TweakScale%20-%20Rescale%20Everything%21
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