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  1. You log says that you are using 1.3.1-2, which is totally outdated. Also, something causes Kopernicus to spam your log with exceptions (probably your configs being incompatible with an old version). Please update to 1.3.1-8 and try it again. Same here, could you retry it with 1.3.1-8? Your log shows nothing serious though, everything seems to work fine. From your logs: [LOG 10:08:24]: Exception Was Recorded: Out of memory
  2. Kopernicus 1.4.3-1 is released on Github! Changelog: - Removed the sun occlusion code again, it will be rereleased in KopernicusExpansion - Fixed the NullReferenceException spam with terrain scatters - Updated ModularFlightIntegrator - Fixed the rings rendering over EVE clouds - Bodies that are orbiting the main menu body are no longer shown in the main menu - Updated to KSP 1.4.3 I have also started to do backports of Kopernicus again, this time for KSP 1.3.1. Kopernicus 1.3.1-8 is basically just 1.4.3-1 compiled for 1.3.1. Link to 1.4.3-1: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/tag/release-1.4.3-1 Link to 1.3.1-8: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus-Backport/releases/tag/backport-1.3.1-8
  3. InnerRadiusMultiplier { key = <angle (degrees)> <multiplier> <in-tangent (optional)> <out-tangent (optional)> // add as many key values as you need } Same applies for OuterRadiusMultiplier
  4. I think it should be compatible. AFAIK sarbian just never bothered to make another release because it kept working in 1.3 and 1.4.
  5. The original dll works just fine, and I would rather use sarbians builds instead of unofficial recompiles. Thanks for the link though, didn't know that that existed.
  6. As it seems, MFI isn't marked as compatible with 1.4 on CKAN yet. Kopernicus depends on MFI, so the installation fails
  7. Because CKAN doesn't update instantly. It needs some time to index new versions.
  8. Well, other mods can still use the PQSMods (including KSP), but Kopernicus won't try to parse them from a config anymore. Juding from the tag and the name of the mod, thats KSP in combination with MH producing those messages, not Kopernicus
  9. You actually posted like 1 minute after I hit the button. ^^ Kopernicus 1.4.2-1 has been released! Changelog: - Updated for KSP 1.4.2 - Added a way to deform rings, you can add two curves called InnerRadiusMultiplier and OuterRadiusMultiplier to the ring config (the keys are degrees) - Fixed a bug that prevented editing an AtmosphereFromGround on cbNameLater bodies - Changed starlight so it is affected by bodies that block the star in flight mode - Fixed the clipping orbit lines differently than last time - Removed the broken and unuseable PQSCity loaders.
  10. In fact I just didn't have enough time and motivation to work on Kopernicus until my holidays started. The changes that were needed for Kopernicus were actually pretty minor ones.
  11. I would prefer if you would not distribute this. If you do, please change the version number in CompatibilityChecker.cs to something that clearly marks this as unofficial so people can choose to not support this build.
  12. I deleted that "mod", and kept a copy of it, in case it could be useful. (I legally got the DLC before.) I also have screenshots of the important parts of the modlisting and the uploaders profile. @Squad/T2 if anything of this is useful for you (i.e. for planning further legal steps) just send me a message. I am not going to share these files otherwise.
  13. Not without the explicit approval from the content owners that decided against putting that approval into their license.
  14. Sorry for the delay, but I am not going to release a Kopernicus for 1.4.0, due to time reasons, and because I don't like that the first patch gets announced together with the release (if 1.4.1 comes anyway I don't see why I should spend time trying to update to a codebase that might just break everything again). If you want planets, please stay on 1.3.1 until 1.4.1 comes out and I will have the time to update.
  15. I released Kopernicus 1.3.1-7, it should fix the biome map issue, the issue with scatter materials and the issue of orbit lines fading out incorrectly. Sadly, for the last fix I had to revert the code I wrote to remove the flickering orbit lines, so that issue is back now.
  16. Well, there is a bug, Kopernicus fades out orbit lines too early. And @woeller actually was the first person to submit screenshots showing the bug, so that helped me a lot tracking it down. He just assumed my bug is also the cause for your bug
  17. Sure. The current code is basically just guessing and hoping nothing breaks.
  18. In light of the recent activity on this thread, I think it is a good idea to point out this github issue, dealing with the project of rewriting the software SpaceDock uses: https://github.com/KSP-SpaceDock/SpaceDock-Backend/issues/5 The plan is to have a backend API that just gives out JSON responses, and a frontend that uses JavaScript to query and display the data. This also opens the door to clustering SpaceDock (having multiple API nodes and one cheap webspace that serves the frontend) If you have experience with HTML, JS and partially PHP, and you want to help with SpaceDock, you can always get in touch with us in #spacedock on espernet. While I agree that we have to fix critical bugs in the current software, I think that finishing the new system would be the better long-term solution (since the current code is a terrible mess). I simply think that python isn't able to handle the amount of requests a site like SpaceDock gets efficiently, thats why I wrote the new backend in Go. @HebaruSan I set the default branch of the Github Repository to master, since thats what is closest to the code running on VITAS host. However, I am unsure how extensively the code that is running was modified without pushing the changes (I recall VITAS doing something to it).
  19. I released 1.3.1-6 on Github, this fixes the issues Minmus had in the previous two versions. I seriously hope that this is the last hotfix release for 1.3.1-4... And yes I know that the ModuleManager version Kopernicus ships is outdated. I might want to automate that.
  20. Thanks for the apology but you (and @Galileo ) are wrong. I tried it in just stock + Kopernicus and it failed like you described. Already found the cause too. @everybody Guess that means 1.3.1-5 then Edit: 1.3.1-5 is on Github
  21. Hello everybody, I released Kopernicus 1.3.1-4 1.3.1-5 on Github. It is mainly a bugfix release, but there are also some new features and caveats Changelog Fixed RAM usage while generating ScaledSpace meshes Fixed the PhysicsMaterial Loader Fixed PQSCity Deletion Standardized the Loading System in preparation for having the Kittopia Logic entirely in Kopernicus Added the generic Noise Parser from KopernicusExpansion Added the ability to load other noises than RidgedMultifractal in VertexPlanet. To keep the previous behaviour, rename the Noise node in SharpnessNoise to Noise:RidgedMultifractal and change octaveCount to octaves Fixed issues in MeshScatter, VertexHeightNoiseHeightMap and VertexPlanet Fixed the bug that causes orbit lines to flicker at a certain angle / distance Made the ring and scatter systems modular, so third parties can add their own components to them. While rings don't have built-in components at the moment, the Scatter colliders and experiments were moved into components. To keep the old behaviour, change collides = true to Components { ScatterColliders { } } and move the contents of the Experiment node to Components { ScatterExperiment { } } Unload Scaled Space textures on scene change Fixed the yellow-stripes bug that occured when trying to load textures from PluginData in OpenGL environments Added an experimental OnDemand setting, that manages memory manually and only stores the channels of the texture that are neccessary instead of the whole texture. (useManualMemoryManagement = true in the Kopernicus node) Added proper OnDemand load management for Biome maps The scatter and landClass nodes from LandControl are now named Scatter and LandClass. The old values still work, but they are deprecated. A Scatterer update fixed compatibility between ScaledSpace OnDemand Loading and Scatterer itself. The planets should no longer stay completely white. This updates introduces quite significant code changes, so mods that depend on Kopernicus may stop working (Sigmas Mods, KopernicusExpansion etc.). Please be patient and wait for an update. Link: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/tag/release-1.3.1-5
  22. Seems to be deleted by a forum bug, and I want to wait until I have time to release the next big update for it before redoing it. Might be quite soon though, depending on my schedule and 1.4
  23. PD uses concepts from stellarator, but it isn't suited for generating new planets. It's goal is to take planets that are already unique on their own and change them on a per-savegame basis, so every save ends up with a slightly different planetary system. And it has to generate everything at runtime, which isn't the best idea if you have a procedural galaxy generator (GN with all installed planet packs took me 3 hours with multiple crashes due to being out of RAM). If you apply PD to a TBG system, you would end up with different planets, but they would still look and feel like Kerbin or Duna for example, just with a slightly different terrain. And an external program allows for optimisations that aren't possible inside of KSP (the PQS is a hellhole, especially in combination with Unitys memory management). And pregenerating everything doesn't slow down your game loading significantly. @seanth The problem with the starlight occurs, because your IntensityCurves are wrong. They worked in previous versions of Kopernicus because the system was broken. In 1.3.1-3 this was fixed, so your IntensityCurve and IVAIntensity curve need to be in localspace distance (meters) while your ScaledIntensityCurve (which should be kept since it was the only one working previously) remains in scaledspace distance (meters / 6000).
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