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  1. Thank you for this awesome mod. I hope something like this will be vanilla in KSP2. After conquoring Kerbin, Mun and Minmus i have worked out a lot of what Kerbalism has to offer. Probes, rovers and some kerballed landings. Now i am off to Duna. I have done some tests in sandbox mode, and i seem to die to radiation each time. After 360 days in space they reach 50% radiation. I took 4 kerbals up into a sun orbit. Bill in the "Asylum storm shelter" which advertises beying able to protect against solar flares. I added max shielding to this one. Valentina in a hitch hiker which advertises itself as being able to cure radiation. RDU is turned ON, but not actively curing Val. Bob in a deep space laboratory Jeb in a cuppola. Of those Valentina is the lowest at 43% and bob is at 45%. Overall i attribute none of the differences between them to the modules they are in, but rather some randomness (but i could be wrong?) I got hit by quite a few solar flares during my test, it didn't seem to have any impact on the ship or crew. What effect should i expect? Bob, Jeb and Val outside the shelter took just as much (if any) damage as Bill in the shelter. I parked the ship so all 4 got nuked (according to the info hover message) Then i sent up the same ship, with shielding maximised for all modules, and voila they only got 10ish% after 360 days. Maybe i am reading too much into the descriptions of the modules, or maybe there's a mod conflict? I just don't quite know what to expect gameplay wise with the radiation mechanic.
  2. Hi, awesome mod. Having a spacestation now actually requires you to do something other than build 1: Are there any contract packs that go well with the mod? "fix this part that is broken", "crew is stressed, rotate them around" etc. 2: How can i identify which part is broken? My station has a lot of parts and atleast one is broken. I am not sure where to send my engineer 3: I have a mission underway to Duna, which has lost it's signal. Kerbin and Duna are not blocked by the sun. I have advanced electrics and a Communitron 8 on the vessel. Tooltip says it covers the entire solar system. What could be wrong?
  3. I see that the radiation feature mentions i can add shielding, but that it comes at a great cost in mass. How do i add shielding? Is it a mod or a tweak to excisting modules? When does it make sense to use shielding? Jebediah seemed fine after a 2 day trip around Mun.
  4. I love this mod so much. Especially the historic missions are so fun and educational. I hope you will do more in the future While not strictly "historic"; have you concidered adding an ISS mission arc? It's probably going to be hard storybuilding all the restructuring (especially in the early missions), but the main modules being sent up would be awesome. 40 missions is probably a bit of an overkill, but some of the missions could be merged. Delivering a spare gyroscope is probably not that interresting a KSP mission. (the thread is 121 pages, i am sorry if this was suggested before)
  5. How does it work? Do you calculate an arrival time to the coordinate and just change the location of the craft after that amount of time? What happens if i go back to the rover before the time has passed, will it be a fraction of the way there? Sounds like an awesome mod
  6. I botched an EVE landing today because of that stupid "cannot do X while stowed" bug. The lander was in a Mk4 cargobay, when the lander exited at Eve it couldn't deploy chutes because it was "stowed". After it crashed into the Sea of Explodium (the irony is not lost on me) i went back to my ship and prepared to depart. Only now i couldn't extend one of the radiators (they deploy from within the cargohold). because it was stowed. It's radial buddy deployed jsut fine. I realize this "stowed" restriction is there to prevent us from extending solar panels or start engines inside cargobays or fairings, but can someone create me a patch that disables this annoying feature? There is no clipping involved, not even while the bay is closed. The same was true for the lander. http://i.imgur.com/fUKRAiS.jpg
  7. I often see people assembling habitat rings or do multiple claw "anchors" to asteroids. However i have a really hard time getting the game to accept multiple hooks. As soon the crafts are joined the ports stop magnetizing or clawing. Is there a trick or a mod that can help me?
  8. With a Mk4 cockpit, bay and tank i managed to shield my engines and keep everything else inside the bay (including a lander). Solar panels are actually pretty well shielded in themselves (i use the ones i can restow). Documented the craft here: https://plus.google.com/+MichaelFriis/posts/HsTaU1Lm1Rp Aerobreaking works like a charm and i have taken several trips to Duna/Ike (different landers) aswell as a trip to Jool (with some "lucky" aerobreaking you should be able to sling into a bop or pol and bring a lander for those).
  9. for interplanetary flights i hvae had a lot of success by using the mk4 cockpit. It has a heatshield, you can store things inside the bay and there's plenty of room at the back to fit engines.
  10. Hi all, I have been trying to do a "three pronged" grab on an asteroid, but failed miserably. My best so far was been 2 out of three. The claws were attached to 3 docking ports which i was planning to use an anchor for a base structure. However i seem to have the same problem there. Are there any mods where docking ports and claws don't stop trying to attach after the entities are merged? Something that would enable make a ring of docking ports without relying on perfect coordination and luck.
  11. ore is converted 1-1 with fuel and weighs the same. There shouldn't be any difference in where you have your refinery in regards to moving it around. Having your fuel storage in space allows much bigger and bulkier ships to dock and refuel than if they had to land. I will relocate to minmus and work on a bigger mining vessel
  12. Minmus might be a better idea. landing and taking off from Mun is easily atleast ~1000dv With a 300 ore tank and , 400 units of fuel LF+O and a LV909 i get about 2000 dV out of it. So with two very economical runs i can create 600 fuel, i spent 400 and net about 200 into storage. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/34119782387171411/14C9AD40EE6B3BDC539B18899E255D24A54CD8DB/ In reality i doubt i can do it with 1000dv pr trip. Station isn't hanging at 14km (more like 30km). I'm guessing in reality it's closer to 1300 or 1400 dV pr trip, but i really havn't paid too close attention. (i havn't factored in that the ore tank is filled on the way bank. In the VAB the dV capabilities are halved when the ore tank is filled)
  13. Contract Pack Kerbin Space Station: Contract Configurator: I am been using the pack for quite a number of hours now. Some of the missions don't seem to be popping up: Space Station Crew Rotation - This one i get quite often, i have done many rotations now These ones i have never seen. Repair a faulty Power Module Replace a faulty Power Module Evacuate your station Life Support Resupply Missions (supports TAC LS, USI LS, IFI LS) - open to support others on request. Do science on your station Might i suggest the initial "core" be split up into a few seperate missions? Core Module - at least 2 kerbals, simple powerplant and at least 1 docking port Science Module - add a science lab Cuppola - attach a cuppola to your station. optional hitchhiker container Power plant - Add a new module that extends the power generation of your station. Charge must increase by xx Fuel tank - Add an orange tank to your station for refueling purposes. Optional: empty tank Refuel station - Add 1000 LF+O to your station Refinery - attach a refinery to your station. If you added a simple part, "civilian science box" you could have another mission that simply asked you to ferry this experiement to the station, wait X hours and bring it back safely. I really wan't to build awesome space stations, but the current career mode isn't very fixated around it. Building stations nets very little science and apart from the initial mission rarely makes you any money what so ever. I hope this contract pack can help bring that aspect into KSP Thank you for your hard work
  14. àhave begun dabbling with mining a bit. There is currently a refinery station in orbit around Mun. I have experimented with a few different mining ship but i am struggling with the balance between ore storage, power and dV enough to get down and up again. My crafts are bringing back less ore than they use on the trip. Anyone here who can give a little advice? I am not looking for ready made .craft just some advice on some simple stuff like how much ore you are bringing back for each drill run to make it profit
  15. Are shuttles easier or more difficult to make after 1.0? I kinda gave up the last time i tried when it was the old aero soup
  16. 30T full tank: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/34119152245942968/30694957F68D8A74D9E21C531EACBC7609C90D96/ 15t quater tank: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/34119152245953175/D37253C5D04985A704CE5ADDED9B64E456784CBB/ Docking port, 2 drogues, 2 chutes, fuel, shield and a puddle. Low TWR Total weight 30t If i lower the fuel in the tank to about 900m/s dV it has 1,73 TWR and 15t, not that bad. I took it to about 1000km and straight down through the atmosphere without any problems. Seems to work. Val was very happy to be in the cockpit with the other 3 orangies.
  17. Hi, Looking at the stats for the Mk3 cockpit and the Mk1-2 Command Pod, i couldn't help but think that the cockpit would make an excellent Command pod. Same mass, lower drag, higher capacity, more torque, more power, more mono It's losing out on temperature (by 400) and cost (by a lot). But a heatshield and recovery near the center should cancel that out. Is it feasable as a replacement?
  18. Science Lab can be a requirement, despite it not being researched yet. Cuppoloa is not optional, despite it saying so. (I have a station around Kerbin with all greens except the cuppola). Completing it through the debug panel doesn't seem to "mark it" for further expansion. I immediately get another "launch the kerbin space station".
  19. I still have the old reciept: Kerbal Space Program 14.99 EUR Date confirmed: Tue Jun 24 04:50:28 2014 Based on the timestamp i'm guessing i was up late, likely drunk and on my way to bed. Best "spur of the moment" purchase ever! So far i have clocked 333 hours according to steam
  20. Or more likely, someone has a different playing style and uses a shortcut now and then when the game pushes you towards some contracts that you simply don't find fun. Missing 100 science for the LVN and a trip to Duna? It might just be more fun to cheat those 100 instead of doing yet another biome on mun Different people, different goals and different play styles.
  21. I accidently removed the squad and nasa "mods" when pruning for 1.0. Steam restored the squad one, but NASA not. Is NASA a part of Squad now or can i download it elsewhere?
  22. If you wan't to cheat the station contracts, you can keep a 20 kerbal capable station around the various planets. Then all you have to do is launch a new craft and dock. Station contracts are (IMHO) broken and useless right now. I have 10+ useless (and unused) stations floating around the sun. none has ever had a Kerbal set foot on them.
  23. It would just be a lot cooler if the game was more about extending stations and outposts, rather than just building them. I just did 2 almost identical "solar orbit orbital station" missions. It would make more sense and be more interresting if they asked for an extension to it. Something simple like "add a new powerplant to XXX station", "add a new lab", "extend by 5 crew capacity", "station should store 1000 fuel" or something similiar. That would be awesome
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