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  1. It looks like CKAN is a bit confused with the versions - it still thinks v0.9 is the newest one, though being a complete ckan metadata noob I couldn't immediately tell why that is. Still, it might be a good idea to fix that, especially with that config file typo preventing the game from loading when using it.
  2. I must say, I love the smaller "x now does y" type of commits you're making on GitHub instead of just doing one commit per release, makes it a lot easier to keep track of what changed and where.
  3. MAX_GUARD_VISUAL_RANGE controls how far away the AI will detect targets without radars etc, and once it detects a target, it should fly to it. The value is in meters, 3500 by default if I recall correctly, so 10000 should work fine. Alternatively you could put radar receivers on your planes have a large radar detection dish giving the AI targets from somewhere nearby.
  4. *facepalm* No wonder it worked so easily. I didn't actually test if my planes would chase far away targets on an unmodified .dll On the bright side, there's already MAX_GUARD_VISUAL_RANGE that can be configured via the settings.cfg file, though it's missing from it by default.
  5. Ask and you shall receive. I made a quick little fix that makes the pilot AI's extend range config file configurable instead of using a hard coded value of 4km. I sent BahamutoD a pull request, but until it makes it to the official version, here's a custom dll for you. Replace BDArmory/Plugins/BahaTurret.dll with the one I linked, and add MAX_PILOT_EXTEND_RANGE to BDArmory/settings.cfg and you should be good to go. ..Now that I think about it, I probably should've made it a tweakable value on the pilot itself.. EDIT: Made it a tweakable on the pilot AI part instead. Updated version here. EDIT2: Nevermind, I'm an idiot. Add MAX_GUARD_VISUAL_RANGE to BDArmory/settings.cfg instead.
  6. In a word, yes. The easiest way would probably be a small kOS script, it already has support for infernal robotics parts, so pointing something at a target with them shouldn't be too difficult.
  7. HEKVs are giving null reference exceptions with the latest version, the culprit seems to be the legacyTargetVessel in DoRCS(). Just firing a HEKV should reproduce it, manually or with guard mode, with or without legacy targeting. I'll see if I have the time to look into it at some point, but I figured it best to report it in the meanwhile. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at BahaTurret.MissileLauncher.DoRCS () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at BahaTurret.MissileLauncher.OnFixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Part.ModulesOnFixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Part.FixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 It also appears there's a copy-paste error in HEKV's config file, homingType gets set twice. MODULE { name = MissileLauncher thrust = 10 //KN thrust during boost phase cruiseThrust = 0 //thrust during cruise phase dropTime = 0.1 //how many seconds after release until engine ignites boostTime = 3.8 //seconds of boost phase cruiseTime = 25 //seconds of cruise phase guidanceActive = true //missile has guidanceActive blastRadius = 25 //meters blastPower = 16 maxTurnRateDPS = 17 //degrees per second hasRCS = true audioClipPath = BDArmory/Sounds/rocketLoop [B] homingType = RCS[/B] missileType = missile [B] homingType = aam[/B] targetingType = radar activeRadarRange = 6000 maxOffBoresight = 50 lockedSensorFOV = 5 radarLOAL = true }
  8. I'm not too fond of the way the AI chooses weapons at the moment either. It might work well with small vessels with only one or two weapon types, but what about larger ships with half a dozen different weapons? I'd rather be firing every weapon that's within range than try to pick just one like the AI currently does. Bonus points for having every individual turret acting independently - there's no need to focus every weapon on that incoming missile when you could spend that extra fire power blowing up something else. I can see why the weapon manager works the way it does, considering it's made primarily for small planes, but it's not how I'd do things. I'm kind of tempted to just make my own custom guard mode, though at the rate the AI is being updated I'm not sure if I want to be trying to keep my own version up to date.
  9. Since someone asked about the temporary place holder HE-KV fix I made a few versions ago, I recompiled it with the newest version of BDArmory. Basically, this fixes the AI not using HE-KVs by making the AI treat them as ordinary air to air missiles, thus actually choosing and firing them. Here's the fix, simply replace the BDArmory/Plugins/BahaTurret.dll with mine and the AI should use the HE-KVs. Note that I didn't actually test the newer version, so let me know if there are any issues with it.
  10. Looks like there is, though only for air to air missiles. Try adding proxyDetonate = true to your missile's config file (though it should be true by default) and messing with the blastRadius value. Let me know if it works.
  11. As it turns out, he's one of my favorite authors at the moment. I just read On the Steel Breeze a couple of days ago You're right of course, but I find that even slightly modified BDArmory weapons have some difficulties hitting targets at 20km+ ranges, so I don't think you'd need particularly aggressive maneuvers to dodge, at least until we get some higher tech missiles and what not. At the moment we're stuck with relatively low tech battles as far as space is concerned.
  12. To add to that, there's also the fact that Space Scumbag is using his own custom Star Wars physics gained through black magic and possibly Kraken worship, and that completely changes how space battles work. Any realistic space battle is likely to happen at extreme ranges, so a very simple AI would probably boil down to trying to keep at whatever range was deemed optimal for that particular ship, while doing small RCS maneuvers to avoid some of the incoming fire, and that would look nothing like a Star Wars battle. Likewise, a more Star Wars-y space AI would be completely useless under normal physics. If anything, I'd recommend kOS for Space Scumbag's next video, that way the AI would actually work in close range soup-space battles.
  13. Can't blame you, considering how many awesome things you're working on. I know for a fact I forgot to specifically mention it should be added when I made the changes, and it was the only thing I had on my plate at the time. While you're at it, could you add tanAngle (current default 0.0001) to ABL's config file and torqueRampUp (default 30) to missiles, just so those who wish to mess with them know those variables exist. Then there's also MAX_GUARD_VISUAL_RANGE (default 3500) missing from settings.cfg, though I'm not sure if you actually wanted to add it, or if it kind of just slipped in with other changes. It's probably best if you also put a little comment above tanAngle explaining that it controls how quickly the damage scales down. I'm starting to think I made a mistake when naming that one - it might've been a better idea to call it laserScaleFactor or something, with a comment explaining its origins instead of the other way around.
  14. I've already fixed this, it's just that the variable is missing from the config file, so it's using the default of 5 km. Try adding MAX_BULLET_RANGE to BDArmory's settings.cfg, that's the one that controls how far bullets and cannon shells can go. MaxEffectiveRange is used by the AI when choosing a weapon, while MaxTargetingRange has something to do with raycasting and sighting, whatever that means. It's an unfortunate side effect of only the actual dll source code being on the github where I can modify it, if anything else needs to be changed, I just have to ask BahamutoD and hope he notices it, which isn't always guaranteed with the amount of awesome things he's doing, and that's assuming I remember to ask in the first place. The damage won't drop to zero, but it will get weaker until you won't even notice it. You can tweak how quickly the damage scales down via the laser's config file (BDArmory/Parts/ABL/ABL.cfg), as well as control at what range the AI will start using it. laserDamage controls the default damage at point blank range. tanAngle control's how quickly it scales down, though it's missing from the config file, so you'll need to add it yourself - the default value is 0.0001 at the moment, and the higher it is, the faster the damage will drop. Finally, maxEffectiveRange is the range at which the AI will start using the lasers. In case you are interested in the actual damage formula, it's p.temperature += laserDamage/(1+Mathf.PI*Mathf.Pow(tanAngle*distance,2))*TimeWarp.fixedDeltaTime; Or to make it a bit more obvious to non programmers, Damage (1 second) = laserDamage/(1+PI*(tanAngle*distance)^2)
  15. You're welcome. All you really need to do for ksp mods is to go to Project -> Edit References -> .NET Assembly -> navigate to a ksp install -> KSP_Data -> Managed, and choose Assembly-CSharp.dll and UnityEngine.dll. Click add and ok, and you're done. Build -> Build All or F8 should give you a shiny new dll, or an error message if there's still some oddity you have to take care of first.
  16. Don't let the fancy words scare you. Compiling something really boils down to downloading Monodevelop, making sure it knows where to find a few dlls found under KSP_Data, and pressing F8. It's a lot easier than you think - I just didn't have monodevelop installed on my laptop. Now that I had the time, I did a quick patch for anyone interested. So, here's the unofficial AI-will-use-HEKVs version. Simply replace BDArmory/Plugins/BahaTurret.dll with the one I linked. It's very much a temporary fix, but if you want space battles, it'll do until BahamutoD has the time to update HEKVs to work properly in the newer versions.
  17. Actually, I'm fairly sure the AI will never use HEKV missiles even with the config file additions, it's an RCS missile and the weapon selection algorithm doesn't include them, or didn't when I last checked. My temporary fix was to add HEKVs to SwitchToAirMissile(), but it never made it to the official version. Missiles use radar by default, so you could probably fire them manually without changing the config file, but the AI won't use them unless you recompile the dll with the fixes. I'd love to just point you at a fixed dll, but I'm having some issues logging into my desktop at the moment. Ubuntu somehow broke and left me with an infinite login loop, and I've always had an issue where I can't actually see anything when using the terminal only mode to fix things, so I'm typing in commands blindly and hoping it works. If you feel like compiling the fix yourself, you'll find the code on my fork. If not, you can either wait for Baha's official fix or me to either fix my Ubuntu or decide to do it on my laptop instead.
  18. ..How have I not noticed that? I've tweaked those deviation numbers several times, knowing full well you don't add the f to floats in config files, only to casually wonder why turning 0.01f to 0.0000001f didn't seem to change anything. I ended up adding a ridiculous number of guns for my space battles just so I could spam enough bullets in the general direction of the enemy that at least some of them would hit
  19. Really? I would have thought it would work. If it really doesn't work for some reason, you could always use kOS or some other auto pilot mod to fly the initial missile, basically turning it into an auto pilot controlled little ship that heads straight for your target. It's a little less handy, but at least you won't need to fly it manually.
  20. I already replied to your message, but basically, so long as you control something within the physics range (~2.5km by default, I think, ~100km or more with BDArmory - just don't make it too high) it will work. You can't have your ship do the burn from Kerbin to Mun while you control something on the Mun, but the landing bit could be doable.
  21. Do what I do - change it yourself, shove your one line fix at Baha via github and proceed to feel good about your great contribution ..I never actually asked if that's the prefered way to do things, but hey, if nothing else you get to run your custom dll while waiting for the official patch. EDIT: Actually, I did it for you. How does this look? Let me know if it does what you were looking for and I'll send it over to BahamutoD.
  22. Can't you do it with MechJeb as is? Just stay within the physics range and it should work as far as I know. Definitely works with kOS. In case you find the default range too short, BDArmory can extend the physics range, though pushing it too high can summon the Kraken.
  23. That fixed it. I'm still not sure whether you are a genius or a wizard.
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