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  1. Are there any plans for larger base parts? I love the way USI parts look, and while the Stanford Torus mod is amazing, it does look kind of out of place when surrounded by my amazing yet relatively small MKS outposts. Just imagine the glory of a USI base the size of Gilly!
  2. Just the kind of missil- small rockets I've always wanted!
  3. Thanks for the replies! I've actually managed to force anti aliasing on using the Catalyst control center, but unfortunately the fgrlx proprietary drivers seem to freeze my entire system upon loading a craft in ksp. The open source driver on the other hand doesn't seem to have the option to force on anti aliasing, as far as I can tell anyway. At any rate, I'm trying to figure out what exactly is going on with that proprietary driver now, and if that doesn't work I might just re-install ubuntu entirely to see if that fixes it, since it hasn't been long since I got it in the first place. Any similar issues I've been able to find were typically solved by reinstalling pretty much everything, so I might as well make sure there's nothing lingering around and ruining my day, considering I'll only have a handful of things to re-install afterwards.
  4. Yeah, the proprietary driver didn't seem to run any better than the open source one and seemed to cause some stability issues while at it. Now I wish I had chosen that Nvidia card instead back when I built this computer a few years ago I suppose I'll have to wait for that update and see how that turns out. Thanks for the link!
  5. I decided to give the ubuntu version of ksp a try, but it turns out anti-aliasing doesn't seem to be working. I did some googling, and the general consensus seems to be that it flat out isn't supported on AMD cards. Is there a workaround, or will I just have to get used to jagged edges or stick to the windows version? I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit with Radeon HD 7850 and 64-bit ksp. Here's a quick screenshot - the jagged edges are particularly visible on the buildings: http://imgur.com/a/gEAny
  6. The biggest problem for me are the camera controls, there doesn't seem to be any way to turn the camera towards the inside of the ring. Makes attaching anything in a sensible place a bit difficult. ..I wonder how hard it would be to make a quick mod to do replace the editor camera controls?
  7. Try this @PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[BahaTurret]]{ MODULE { name = TweakScale type = free } } Copy it into a text editor of your choice, save it as WhateverYouChoose.cfg and put it somewhere in your GameData folder. It should make all the guns tweakable, though I can't actually test it since I'm on my laptop at the moment, and will stay that way for most of the weekend. You could also do something similar for the missiles (replace BahaTurret with MissileLauncher), or any of the parts on case by case basis with @PART[part name from the config file] { MODULE { name=TweakScale type=free } } No guarantees though, like I said I can't test it myself If you want to tweak things around a bit more, try looking at the example config files on tweakscale and module manager threads.
  8. BDArmory comes with an ingame menu (opens with ALT+B, I think?) that can adjust it on the fly - it's just a matter of typing in the new value and clicking the button. You can always change things around depending on what you need at the moment
  9. Oh, right, I misunderstood that. I thought he meant to trigger the explosion when the shell a certain distance from the target. If it's just the distance from the gun, something as simple as a timer should do the trick. Spawn the shell as usual, start the timer, have the shell explode when timer runs out. That's literally one two lines of code ..Why would the shell explode before anything gets within firing range though? Seems counter productive, considering there's always a chance it's going to hit something later on if it doesn't do that.
  10. Probably not too difficult, the tricky part would be making the gun itself. Models and animations are scary. Of course, there are some potential issues since the cannon shells are moving so fast, but if the explosion radius is relatively large, a simple sphere collider should do the trick. I think.
  11. A fair point, but you can't really blame that on the physics range - it's up to you how many things you put in close proximity of each other. Long range battles work just fine, assuming you've made sure there's no random clutter killing the performance. Besides, weren't we talking about intercepting cargo ships in space a while ago, how did we suddenly get down to KSC?
  12. Nope, as I mentioned, you can manipulate the physics distance with the right mods. Does 100km sound more reasonable to you? You really should read the whole post, not just half a sentence. To summ it up: *Physics range can be adjusted. 100km is working just fine for me. *BDArmory can be set up to automatically shoot anything tagged as an enemy if it gets too close. *Auto pilot mods can be used to control those ships, in other words you only have to activate them once you get within the physics range of your choice, and the mods will do the rest.
  13. BDArmory works too - I've been messing around with tweak scaled toruses, and apart from minor kraken attacks every now and then it seems to work just fine.
  14. That's not true - any engine you activate will remain active as long as it's within physics range, as do any auto pilot systems you might have at your disposal. If I wanted to, I could have two ships following around me with burn together, one trying to dock with me using mech jeb, and a few kOS guided probes trying to sneak behind each other. I could release burning solid rocket boosters and watch them vanish into the distance, not to mention all the missiles from the handful of weapon mods we have. There are dozens of ways I can have more than one ship flying around, so long as they are sort of nearby, which thanks to BDArmory's physics range manipulation can mean anything from a couple of kilometers to a hundred of them. Then there's also DMP, the multi player mod.
  15. Please, read the thread before posting. I'm not asking about wheels breaking, the issue I have is with the motors that rotate the wheels not doing anything in space. More over, what I'm looking for is solutions, not being repeatedly linked to giant hamster wheels. I appreciate the effort, but this is not what what I was asking for. So, I think we can conclude that there probably isn't anyone that can help me here. Truth be told I had a feeling it wouldn't be so easy, but I thought it best to ask anyway, just in case. Still, the bottom line seems to be that if I want the crawlers to crawl, I'll have to get rid of the wheels and make my own movement system.
  16. Not sure about radar altitude, but you can get the magnitude of a vector by taking sqrt(x^2 + y^2 + z^2). In kOS terms it would probably look something like this: SQRT(VEL:X*VEL:X + VEL:Y*VEL:Y + VEL:Z*VEL:Z), where VEL is your velocity vector.
  17. The critter already pulls itself towards whatever surface it happens to be walking on. The problem is that the motors on the wheels do not work in orbit. As you can see in the video I posted earlier, wheels do not start rotating in orbit when you attempt to move forward. I also demonstrated how the critter pulls itself to the ship and sticks to it, but is unable to move due to the wheels. It has nothing to do with the way wheels work in real life; the problem I'm trying to solve is the way wheels are coded in the game. The ksp implementation of wheels was never meant to be used away from the surface, and as such it flat out does not work. Because it's the stock game that's the problem, not a mod, there's nothing I can do to modify it to work myself. What I'm trying to ask is if anyone knows of a way to work around this limitation of ksp's engine, or a mod that already does wheels that do not have the same limitations that I could use instead of the stock wheels.
  18. It seems I wasn't clear enough in my OP, so I made a quick video demonstration. Goal: Make the crawlers walk while in orbit. Problem: The crawler moves using wheels. Wheels don't work in orbit. What I'm looking for: a way to make those wheels move in orbit, or some other way to implement orbit crawling without doing it all from scratch. He seems to be moving using RCS though, isn't he? At any rate, simply sticking to geostationary orbits isn't the kind of solution I'm looking for.
  19. https://www.kerbalstuff.com/mod/90/BahamutoD%27s%20Armory Click the yellow "Changelog" button and you'll get a list with all the older versions and a download link for each.
  20. I was trying to give BahamutoD's amazing critter crawlers the ability to walk on ships instead of just ground, and everything worked just fine so long as the ship was landed on the surface. However, after I moved my little experiment to orbit, namely a 1500km orbit around kerbin, my crawlers refused to move another inch. The way the crawlers work is that they use four invisible wheels for movement, and upon further investigation I found out that wheels in general firmly believe their efforts are not needed in space. Does anyone have any idea how to work around this? I tried firespitter wheels and they refused to spin as well, and I can't think of any other stock wheel alternatives of the top of my head. I'd rather not reinvent the wheel, but it's starting to look like that's exactly what I'll have to do, unless I opt for a different movement system, or forget about crawling in space entirely.
  21. So, the way the critter crawler works is that there are four invisible wheels that move the whole thing. As it turns out, wheels flat out stop working in KSP once you get to orbit. I guess I'll test if the firespitter wheels do the same EDIT: Nope, they have failed me as well. Seems like I'll either have to get rid of wheels completely and do the movement from scratch myself, or stick to planets. Does anyone have any grand ideas that would make my wheels spin after all?
  22. To do that I would probably have to fork KAS as well. Unfortunately one of the big selling points of KAS is that it gives some purpose to EVA, so I doubt they'd accept my pull requests* for non EVA KAS functionality. Unlike Baha's mods, the license isn't very permissive, so I couldn't give you the dll, only the source code, even if I managed to make it work. So probably no repair droids for a while, but you might get ship-skittering droids at some point, if all goes well ..That being said, no guarantees. I think this might work, but don't get your hopes up until it's actually done *pull request is a fancy word for a request to take my code and combine it with theirs
  23. So, I managed to get my crawlers to walk on landed vehicles. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on flying ships due to the way it relies on surface speed for a number of things, so I guess it'll take a bit more work before I'm done here. I want these skittering around my ships!
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