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  1. I use them all. As for the RAM issues after loading KSP with all the mods (minus the buggy file) it might be it. Or that file conflict. I'll check and post the results. Are You suggesting I might have a few to many mods? Well, I know how to fix this! MOAR BOOSTERS & STRUTS!!!
  2. I'll do that. Maybe that'll do it? EDIT: Nope
  3. Try advertising for this survey on other sub-forums. Those results could actually be more important than just a curiosity. I'm surprised the Devs didn't use that tool before. Way better then sifting through hundreds of posts every day. Thank for setting it up.
  4. I have something similar, but with OverlayMgr.dll. It loads all the files fine, then starts loading the save and crashes. I took it out of the folder and now it's all fine but I get nothing. No city lights, no clouds. Planets in map view look better tho, but not sure it's this mod that does it. Just in case it matters here's the list of my mods: B9_Aerospace BoulderCo DistantObject CustomAsteroids CrewManifest DockingPortAlignment InfernalRobotics KerbalAlarmClock Kethane MechJeb2 NovaPunch2 Toolbar ModuleManager ISAMapsat4 EditorExtentions ProceduralFairings TextureReplacer TACFuelBalancer Fusebox EnhancedNavBall TacLifeSupport RasterPropMonitor HullCameraVDS RomfarerRoboticArmsPack PreFlightChecklist SpeedUnitChanger VTSNazariTAC RadialSampleBin KAS TweakScale DistantObject Better Atmospheres Innsewerants Space Agency JSI Keramzit KittopiaSpace MagicSmokeIndustries ModStatistics MP_Nazari NavyFish Romfarer ThunderAerospace TinkerGnomeToys TriggerTech ModuleManager.2.2.1 and obviously EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements KSP in version 0.24.2. Any possibility to fix this? I really need those clouds before I get to Duna :/
  5. Wait, there's a launcher for KSP? EDIT: Scrach that, I just read 5thHorseman post.
  6. All of those statements in bold are wrong. Currently the game even allows You to execute the entire landing from IVA, especially with radar altimeter. Don't go for the easy way out with mods like everyone is telling You. First try to land by yourself using the pointers from MBobrik.
  7. No we can't, but probes IRL theoretically could store digital data, if not samples. OPs argument is for realism, not game mechanic - at least that's how I see it. And I support it. One thing for balance sake: 1) probe bodies CAN'T store actual physical samples, only digital ones like instrument readings; 2) they CAN'T analyze the samples (and data) like the mobile lab does (this is so that there is a valid reason for sending manned missions); 3) and last they CAN'T "take in" experiments - automated craft have to either transmit experiments, or physically return it to Kerbin.
  8. Yes, all the space that those parts take up in my RAM is really inconvenient but on the other hand, whenever I launch KSP I can just leaveit loading and make some tea. If it would start up immediately, that would rob me of that precious moment! So my position on this issue is "meh"...
  9. Ha! Thanks FEichinger. I didn't even know about that mod. I'll check it out
  10. Yes, incorporating MechJeb to tech-tree was spot-on and I do think it's for the best. As for making everybody happy - why not MechJeb as free but official DLC to KSP? That way it's both stock (of sorts, or maybe not "stock" but at least "official") and optional. After all, there really isn't a mod that has become so universally recognized as part of KSP lore like the MechJeb! (it even made it into the comics ) That said, IMO it's a problem for the far future when we get version 1.0
  11. I haven't really noticed this until I installed Kerbal alarm clock, but the way KSP counts time seems way of. For example a Kerbin day is only 6h long*. However the MET timer doesn't reflect that at all - You can go ahead and check that, just start a mission without leaving launchpad, and time warp. You'll see 4 sun rises before the timer shows a day has passed. Now, it isn't a huge problem - obviously we've played for so long and no-one mentioned it. But it does seem odd enough. So dear SQUAD would You mind changing that if You've got some spare time? (also the Kerbin Year is not 365/6 days so that should be changed too - I've made an experiment myself** and it seems that 1 Kerbin year ~= 164/6 Kerbin days but that's just an approximation by eye). * Used this as reference: http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Calendar ** Basically launched a mission that stayed on launchpad, switched to the map mode, centered on Kerbol, marked where Kerbin was***, time warp until it was roughly back in the same spot. *** Still have few smudges on my monitor from that marker. Ps. It just occurred to me that there might be a logical reason why it was done that way, like engine limitations, or something. If so, I'd love to know them.
  12. I agree with regex. I personally use started using MechJeb back around 0.18 because those "standard" elements of nearly every mission just stopped being fun, and became tedious (after 1K launches, 1K1 just gets boring...) but I still don't think KSP should feature its own "AI". If You did that the main fun of the game for new users - the learning of orbital mechanics - goes out the window :/ Even if You limit it somehow like in Your example, that still means that ppl stop learning. What's 3 landings on Mun? Or 10 for that matter? I probably was well above 100 landings and still had fails and crashes 5 times out of 10. So let's not introduce auto-pilot, and let the players take on the challenges themselves (tedious as they might be) and once they get the technique to master level, they can choose if they want to cut out the boring parts (I have huge respect for ppl like Scott Manly - I wouldn't have the patience after playing the game for so long).
  13. Yes! I've been waiting for soo long for that! Whats the practical point of space planes without it!?
  14. Or just include NovaPunch2 pack as stock. Soo much less work, so much content...
  15. Ah, I thought there was another re-scaling. But I wasn't aware that rocket parts and plane parts had different diameters. I mean - they look similar, but I never checked it :/ Are You sure? And also how do You know SQUAD will re-scale those parts?
  16. Agreed! I'd also like the ion engine and xenon tanks to go to propulsion (yes, I know ion engine isn't technically an engine, but it does propel stuff).
  17. WHAAA?!?! There was a re-scaling? Sorry, I didn't noticed anything - I just updated to 0.23 straight from 0.21 (or 0.20?) cause i had to go and do stuff with my life and had no time to play for months
  18. Why bigger? Compare its size on launch pad with the size of a Kerbonaut. It can be done. Well, maybe 5 crew. But still!
  19. I'd add yet another possibility from my experience - lag. I sometimes have my Kerbals fail to grab the mobility enhancers (don't know what You mean by "ladders" since there are none in KSP) when I'm working on bigger ships, or have lag (yellow timer) for any other reason. Makes steering them hard too.
  20. Or to modify action groups at any time. That would be good enough for me.
  21. I support this with one change - no Vehicle storage building - they get stored in space hangar (because you keep planes in hangars), and VAB (just like IRL). Instead the new building to make blueprints would be Engineering or maybe in current R&D building? Once the vessel is built it's added to storage list (with possibility of giving a unique name to it). Once You click on SPH/VAB You can choose SPECIFIC vessel, set crew, fuel levels, ect. After vessel is retrieved You could click "retrofit" next to its name on that list, and it would put all parts that are missing from the mission back on, at a cost obviously
  22. Master_Evar - now You MUST explain to us how KSP universe scale factor (1:10) has ANYTHING to do with thrust of ANY engine
  23. Why? Trial and error is the point of KSP. And as You say, the numbers You give are arbitrary - but so would be any numbers given by SQUAD. Difficulty of the mission is really set by this community on grassroots level*. No number can describe anything here. Plus, it's a very subjective matter - for example I find going to Moho much harder then taking of from Eve, but I'm in moderate minority. How do You account for that with a number? TBH being able to display a ribbon in my signature here on the forum is worth more to me than any prize in-game... EDIT*: 1 newbie group)-Guys, after 3000 tries I've landed on Duna! :DDDD -lol congratzzzz! 2 old guys)-Guys I've just flown a SSTO plane in suns atmosphere and returned - Bah! I did that in 0.6! In my days.... Subjective, see?
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