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  1. Hi, I'm a new player to this mod (not to kerbalism and other mods though, just to the Skyhawk mods) and it seems a fantastic setup. Especially the tech tree layout. I'm playing on JNSQ and as I've seen mentioned before, the early battery powered probes don't have enough power to fulfil their missions. Vanguard I is fine because solar panels but Vanguard II and III die quite quickly. I had to stick some solar panels on Vanguard II & III and Explorer I to get any usable life out of them. Pioneer IV has nowhere near enough power to reach the moon (especially because probes can't hibernate when using kerbalism) and although it has a photograph experiment built in, it has no storage space for a film sample and can't transmit the photo anyway. WIll these early probes be getting a balance pass soon (assuming the BDB part specs are affected by this mod)? Or does anyone have any updated configs that they're using in the meantime? Thanks.
  2. I've tested on JNSQ and it mostly seems fine, apart from this issue when Kerbin eclipses the Mun.
  3. Has anyone got any transfer window planning resources that work well with Principia? I've noticed that many of the standard KSP transfer window planners suffer from increasing inaccuracy the further from the epoch you are because of the discrepancy between the patched conics approximation and the RL body positions. I figured that some RL resources might help but it seems like many only work from the year 2000 onwards. For an RSS/RO game that starts in 1950 this is no good. This site (http://clowder.net/hop/railroad/sched.html) and spreadsheet suffers from the same problem (http://clowder.net/hop/railroad/Hohmann.xls). The ephemerides information clearly exists (https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/?planet_eph_export) but I don't know enough to make that information usable. Edit: I've also been trying to learn to use GMAT but it's starting to feel like learning theoretical physics to be able to throw a ball. Great tool but super complex.
  4. That is true. Missions which rely on spin stablised probes holding orientation (for solar panel orientation like Pioneer V, or to remain aligned for capture burns like Pioneer I) are pretty much impossible with Principia. I bug reported it on Github and it's a known issue. https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/issues/1639
  5. Hi, thanks for the work on getting [X]Science working. Us Realism Overhaul players can't move to 1.4 though because RO has only just been updated for 1.3.1. Our only options are a 1.3.1 fixed version, or do without. That's probably why everyone's pestering you.
  6. I cross referenced the vessel ID in PR with the ID for the craft in the save file. What I think happened was somehow while trying to document a bug with another mod, the act of repeatedly quicksaving and reverting led to something going wrong with the plugindata (the incremental plugindata configs were all gone apart from two new ones that had been created after the error occurred). I pulled the plugindata files from a backup I had and this fixed the majority of them but obviously not any vessels launched after the backup date. I tried copying the vessel momentum/direction information from a probe that was spinning correctly into the ones that weren't and had 0,0,0 values but it didn't help. None of these vessels have SAS enabled or any form of attitude correction. They're spin stablised during launch and just carry on spinning. It's not a massive issue if they can't be manually spun up by editing the configs. It's mainly a visual thing but I've just gotten used to seeing them spinning away forever so it feels wrong now they're not. Thanks for making the mod btw, it's one of those mods that you had no idea was missing until you had it and then can't live without.
  7. Can anyone help me understand the information in the plugindata for persistent rotation? I've got a few spin stablised probes that don't have attitude control (RSS/RO) that due to a glitch are no longer spinning. I'm not really fussy about the specific orientation they're spinning at but having them stationary really bothers me. I've tried copying momentum/direction information from spinning probes, to the non-spinning probes and relaunching ksp but it doesn't seem to have an effect. What am I missing?
  8. Where did you get the copy of v320 from? I'm trying to get hold of a copy. The v320b version on spacedock gives v320b as intended, but the v320 version gives you v315 when viewed on the in game window title. If your v320 version actually says 0.0320 when viewed in game I could really do with a copy.
  9. Has anyone at all got a copy of Scatterer 0.0320? The spacedock download for 0.0320, while being labelled as 0.0320 is actually 0.0315 when you open it in game.
  10. Hi, when installing scatterer using the 0.0320 version from spacedock (0.0320 for compatibility with RSSVE), the in game window shows 0.0315. The 0.0320b version shows 0.0320b as it should but isn't compatible with RSSVE. Has the wrong version been uploaded to spacedock as 0.0320 or does 0.0320 show an incorrect no version when in game but is actually correct?
  11. Just out of curiosity, did you install 0.0320 from here?: https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer/download/0.0320 Because I did the same but in game on the scatterer window it says it's 0.0315. If you install the 0.0320b version from here: https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer/download/0.0320b it gives you 0.0320b. So where's 0.0320?
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