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  1. Any chance you could add config files for USI resources (I see Karborundum in the configs, however the ones from MKS and USI life support aren't there)?
  2. Using ksp v1.2.2 this mod doesn't work, I've installed it with CKAN, and it says it's using the latest version (which is the 1.3 one), I'm not sure, but the 1.3 version might not work with ksp 1.2.2, I think you can change CKAN compatibility settings to that it doesn't use the 1.3 version for ksp 1.2.2?
  3. I'm having a problem where I can't install one specific type of mod: Any mod that edits planets, I can't even install Kopernicus. (The apply button is greyed out) I tried creating another instance of KSP that has no mods, and I still have the same problem. I could install the mods manually, but I still find this a bit strange.
  4. I have a stupid question: What does "nu-FAR" mean? Is it a joke because of the mun? New > noo > nu? Just wondering. Anyway, I thought landing gear and crap were already effecting my aerodynamics and whatnot? I've been perfectly fine tuning my crafts based around what I thought FAR had LOL.
  5. I did everything the manual said, tested all the mods together before installing BA... When I dragged everything into the Gamedata folder, I replaced all of the folders, not sure if that was the right thing to do, but the game didn't load any of the enhancements, did CTRL Z a few times to revert what I did... now trying to pick the files out of the zip folder and replace one by one. Not sure if I'm doing anything right, I've never gotten any of these visual enhancement packs to work before, they're so complicated to install.
  6. If it doesn't already work, Realfuels (and any engine configs used with it) should be supported.
  7. Heh, cool, I just started playing War Thunder too .
  8. Hello, not sure if this is a problem with ATM or Module Manager, when I load up my game, it all goes fine until around the midpoint, where it skips back a bit and simply says "Module Manager" (No Path before it), it keeps displaying loading hints but the loading stops, when I take out Module manager it all works fine.
  9. A question, and a suggestion. The question: Does this already work in 0.90 or are there Behind the Scenes changes that derped up this mod there? The suggestion: Railguns, you know what these are, but as a suggestion: Make it so they shoot high velocity shots that have small explosions, also try too find some way too make them "Piercing" (They dig holes in crafts), have 2 variants, one that is very large and heavy, also making it more "Heavy-Duty" as well as a smaller, lighter, but less powerful variant.
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