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  1. With all my saves I average between 80 and 120 mods! It takes roughly 8 minutes to load into the game.
  2. (what is pointland?) What if you where transfered to an alternative universe where the kerbol system was real?
  3. [quote name='CatastrophicFailure']Hi, threw this on on a lark and something's very wrong. If I click the VAB in the space center scene, nothing happens. Doing so locks out all the other facilities & buttons too. I POE'd it down to the \texturereplacer and \KSPRC folders. If I remove them, it remove the problem. Running 1.0.5 on Win, is this a known thing by chance? Logs & stuff available on request.[/QUOTE] I've had that problem before and I've narrowed it down to an old .dll file. So i just replaced the .dll file with the newer one and it worked
  4. When is the update coming for 1.0.5? I cant click any KSC Buildings
  5. Community 64 bit workaround! Works great other than the ram usage!~ 8 gb for me
  6. Hi, I recently found a bug where most of the rings are out way too far http://imgur.com/a/Mwvyl
  7. nope, i did not get any request, just an increase in visitors

  8. anope, i did not get any request, just an increase in visitors

  9. there is this weird bug that makes it so all the opm clouds have green in them: http://imgur.com/a/zGnvZ
  10. I'm having this weird problem that everything orbits around the sun http://imgur.com/a/i3zOC
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