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  1. Does anyone have some good tips for jool 5 challange? I am goong for a lv 3 completion.
  2. Unfortunately, DMP is not compatible with Kerbal EDU in my experience. It is still in alpha build, and I doubt that compatibility will come to KerbalEDU because of the time it would take the developer to make two versions of the mod. I'm pretty sure it is possible for a mod to be created for EDU, try having your school's CompSci class build a mod for you guys. Maybe you can convince @GodArkLight to give you the source code of DMP to work off of.
  3. I am looking to buy an nice telescope that wont break my wallet too much, but not one of those cheap ones. Anyone have some advice on where to look, what kind of specs im looking at, all that stuff. Asking all of you cuz we're all bloody rocket scientists edit: Anybody know if there is a "special term" for the telescopes that can connect to your computer and have the image on the screen?
  4. I want to use some of the KSP assets, mostly the models for a few rocket parts and fairings, as well as the a model of the kerbals. Are these assets compatible for use in these animation suites? (also, will Squad let me use the assets, this particular animation isn't going to be monetized or earn money in any way)
  5. I use my disk scrubber to repair all those disks
  6. A few? Looks like the whole population of Kerbin tagged along. Considering there are no cities.
  7. Does having a station in mid-orbit around dres accompanied by a on-planet base for drilling ore and refueling, as well as having it all be remote tech count as big?
  8. Thanks you guys. I didn't expect that many responses. Feel free to add more, because some of these are really good. I will be using some of these.
  9. I need some spacish music that would be good to play over my challange submissions. Some kind of classical "beats" that kinda sound like they could be in space. I have never been really good at choosing music for things but i like this one here (as a sapce song, not personal favorite) : Ascendancy -Dexter Britain (https://soundcloud.com/dexterbritain/ascendancy) If you have any suggestions, let me know, eh?
  10. Even needed more things to fill your time with? Well, here are some pointless internet loops that i found for you. Some are classic, some are older. Maybe post some of your own. I am looking for some more ammunition for my spam wars and want to see what loops you've found. Keep it clean. Some anime parody (classic) i laughed for a good min and the song is catchy (www.leekspin.com) omfgdogs.com(Im pretty sure this is what it was like in this scene of Family Guy, Family Guy Light Speed) (Mods got med at last link) Corgiorgy.com
  11. Is there a way (or mod) to find ore on a planet without having to send a scanner over to your destination? This is what takes up alot of my time and it can get boring
  12. When loading the game, it always gets stuck on the cockpit config
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