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  1. Yes. All BDA things have a visual detection (set by the guard range slider in the Weapon Manager GUI), and standard turrets use visual targeting by default (but can be slaved to radar/targeting cams). Additionally, for radar slaving, the ECM jammer wouldn't be the tool to use, as gun turrets merely need radar tracking, not radar locks, for targeting if reliant on radar targeting (slaved/visual distance set to very low). From the sound of it you were trying to use INS missiles manually? If that's the case there was a bug found with manual INS missiles not passing on targeting coords when fired, which would cause them to head off in the wrong direction (fixed in dev, so they should start working next update). They should work fine under AI control as long as it has a radar/IRST for tracking the target.
  2. Does your craft have a pair of Kerbals assigned? A kerbal's Jetpack and Parachute add 35 funds/kerbal.
  3. You have a depreciated BDArmory.Core.dll in your install. This is almost certainly causing you problems. Check that you have the latest version of AviatorsArsenal, this was what was throwing an error during loading, but I can't tell if you have an older version, or if it's the aformentioned BDArmory.Core.dll causing the issue. NKDR is not compatible with BDA+.
  4. Nukes are... not effective in space. They work, but are mainly going to be a bright flash and some heating to close enough parts within line of sight. Nukes really need that atmospheric medium to do reasonable damage. You're going to need something a bit bigger than a Genie if you want to do more than scratch the paint of something in vacuum. Not that I know of, but without logs I can't know what's going on. I haven't noticed any noticeable decrease in performance (there's been a number of optimizations made since BDAc 1.3.4/5, so performance on the whole should be better, not worse). Is this a heavily modded game? Please either post logs, and/or re-test in a clean install of KSP (or, at bare minimum, flush your MM cache). No one else has noticed or posted about performance decreases between and in the BDA dev discord, nor in any of the various BDA competition discords I keep an eye on for bug reports, and none of the changes in the latest versions were anything that would result in a sudden massive spike in performance overhead or introduce mod incompatibilities, so I'm inclined to doubt it being a BDA issue. (or if it is, it's going to be be something incredibly niche, like the time we found a suite of bugs that only affected users with Apple M1 macs). Please confirm you haven't set the Time Override in the BDA settings to something < 1. This log tells me nothing. Please post the KSP.log, not the player-prev.log. This was fixed a few versions ago. I cannot replicate what you're seeing in the latest version of BDA.
  5. BDA v is released, grab from SpaceDock or GitHub. Changelog:
  6. Correct. By default, parts start out as Aluminum, which uses stock, default part .cfg values. Other materials will change mass/cost/temp limits. GPS coords are stored in [/GameData/BDArmory/PluginData/gpsTargets.cfg]. IR missiles should work without needing detector equipment installed on the craft, but apparently the 'Manually fired IR can't lock bug' is back; Placing an IRST on a craft is a workaround for the time being while the bug gets sorted out. Again. IRST pod is classified as a radar, not a targeting pod; it uses the [Range +] / [Range -] keybind, not [Zoom In]/[Zoom Out]. Not sure where ground-zero is in that pic, but if the test craft were not in line of sight (behind a building, etc) they'd be shielded from the blastwave, and your Fluence is far too low to affect something that distance away. Nukemodules supersede BDExplosivePart modules, you don't need that tntmass. Yield - This controls blast impulse, blast radius, and part HP damage. The default 1.5kT of the genie is good for ~300m or so for lethal damage to mk1 parts (radiation isn't modeled). Blast radius is affected by atmospheric pressure. Part HP damage is mitigated by armor on the part (if sufficient to resist the blast impulse), and if part hasn't already exceeded its G-tolerance. Fluence - this controls thermal bloom. Generally speaking, you want this to be identical to the yield setting, unless you're doing silly things like martian heatrays or something. Also affected by atmospheric pressure. Armor with low diffusivity will help mitigate thermal effects. ThermalRadius - Somewhat of a legacy setting; it sets a max range of all blast effects (impulse/thermal/EMP). isEMP - Does the detonation release an EMP or not. Unlike real life, EMP magnitude will fall off with distance, for gameplay reasons.
  7. I can confirm that flags overheat and self-destruct. Fairly certain I know what's going on there, so it shouldn't be much of an issue to fix. I cannot confirm all other parts exploding at 700k. In testing, the only time this occurred was when test parts were made out of wood (Hull Material Type 1 in the part's right-click window). Please confirm your SSTO is not made out of wood. In testing I can confirm that there is an issue with trying to manually fire heatseekers by eye; this issue is not present if an IRST is present and active on the launching craft, which will at least get things working until this is resolved.
  8. I've managed to trace the radar non-function to a recent change in the ECM code, so that can get fixed next update. This bug is not present in BDA Looking through both the BDA+ and BDAc 1.3.5 codebases, neither of them support clicking on the radar screen to lock a target. The NRE spam is coming from something unrelated to the radar issue (an AI error that shouldn't be happening, and I can't replicate on my end), which is why I asked for the specific .craft files you were using. Autosaved craft are saved as /KerbalSpaceProgram/saves/[Savegame]/Ships/SPH/Auto-Saved Ship.craft
  9. As doc said, there's a wiki, which while incomplete, does have pages for most of the user-facing systems (Weapon manager, AI, etc) 1. From Left to right: [><] decreases the width of the GUI window; [<>] increases it. the Up/down arrow adjusts height. [t] toggles vessel traces, if it's enabled in the setting menu (this feature is experimental). [UI] toggles if the window should disappear along with the rest of the HUD when F2 is pressed. [M] dumps the score of the current round if competition mode is active. [A] toggles automatic switching of the active vessel for use with Camera Tools; right clicking cycles switching mode. [X] closes the window. right-clicking the [T] button adjacent to a vessel button opens up a Team Select window, middle-mouse sets the craft to neutral. Right-clicking the [x] button adjacent to a vessel button will self-destruct that vessel. 2. The [#] button does the same as the [#] button in part right-click menus - it toggles between sliders and numeric text fields. 3. You can open up the individual part.cfgs and take a look at the values in their ModuleWeapon node, but if you mean is there a comparison spreadsheet of weapon stats and similar, no, not unless you make your own. 4. The 'Trigger is Disarmed'/'ARMED' button on the Weapon Manager only safes/arms missile ordinance; it doesn't affect guns. 5. Take a look at the HEKV included with BDA. 6. No. There is not a hotkey for the Trigger is Disabled/ARMED button. 7. [Send GPS] has the camera send GPS coordinates if you're wanting to manually steer cruise missiles or something. [Reset} resets camera orientation to default. [CoM Track] has the camera tract the craft's center of mass, useful for targeting vehicles. [Radar] if I recall correctly slaves the camera to a craft's radar. [Turrets] slaves gun/rocket/laser turrets to where the camera is pointing. [To GPS] adds the current coordinates to the GPS Target Manager in the Weapon Manager. [NV on] toggles night vision mode. 8. Ordinarily, selecting a radar missile has a large green circle pop up as a targeting reticle, and will automatically lock on to an enemy target when within radar range. Depending on how small/stealthy the Phantom in that picture is, it's possible that you are outside the range that radar can detect it. Since the reticle isn't appearing, but I'm seeing nothing in the logs that would indicate an error for the radar targeting, are you using default BDA settings?. That said, @josuenosis more familiar with the radar code than I, he might be able to shed some more light on the issue. In regards to the NREs that you are getting, please post your craft files for the Spectre and the Phantom.
  10. Jailbreaking Breaking Ground servos to respond to mouse look is unlikely to happen. Enabling guns (and especially turrets) to be mounted on turrets is also not an insubstantial ask, as it would require major revisions to the turret and AI weapon management code., as well as rebuilding/re-exporting a number of BDA parts we no longer have the source assets for. This isn't to say its impossible, but it's not going to be happening in the near future.
  11. The stock ABL is designed to (or at least modeled after the IRL airborne laser designed to) shoot down ICBMs. Which means against standard missiles it's massively overkill, yes. For the laser being able to immediately able to lock and destroy the target, that's due to the high turret traverse speed of the ABL allowing it to immediately come on target. At least it no longer aimbots like it used to in BADc. The laser exists mainly to demonstrate laser weapons, rather than something balanced for use in a competition or similar (indeed, in every one I've been in, it's been banned) if you want to tweak it to become a pure point defense weapon, either modify (via MM or .cfg tweaking) the pitchSpeedDPS /yawSpeedDPS, or the laserdamage fields, e.g: @PART[bahaABL] { %MODULE[ModuleTurretModuleWeapon] { %pitchSpeedDPS = 90 //degrees per second, if 220 is too fast, else delete/comment out this line %yawSpeedDPS = 90 //ditto } %MODULE[ModuleWeapon] { %maxEffectiveDistance = 2500 //if 5000 is too long %requestResourceAmount = 500 //if not powerhungry enough %laserDamage = 400 // if it burns through things too fast %heatPerShot = 80 //if it doesn't overheat fast enough } }
  12. !! Installation Notes !! Users upgrading from BDAc will want to delete their prior BDA install from /GameData, not just copy-pasting the new version over the old install. Users who have the BDA Team Icons mod installed will want to uninstall it; Team Icons has been integrated into BDA+
  13. A hotfix update has been uploaded ( that fixes the Rontgen Engine FX
  14. A hotfix update has been uploaded (V that fixes the Sievert Engine FX
  15. Odd, they're showing up properly on my end. Latest update has been re-uploaded, see if that fixes it.
  16. Still alive here. Sorry about the delay, and many thanks to Araym for providing support while I was absent. Update 1.6.1 is now up at SpaceDock and GitHub, which fixes/reworks parts with missing textures, as well as some new stuff. Changelog: -KSP 1.12.x update -Part Rework: CLEAVER -New Part: Structural X fuselage -New Part: Structural T Fuselage -New part: Structural L Fuselage -Fixes missing texture on Cyclone Engine -Fixes missing texture on Hurricane Engine -Fixes missing texture on Service Bay -Fixes missing texture on Minotaur SRBs -Fixes missing Testure on Atlas SRB -Fixes missing texture on Linear Aerospike -Fixes missing texture on Service bay -Model Rework: Aligned Docking Port -Model Rework: Inline Docking Port -Model Rework: Stack Docking Port
  17. Alright, been a while, and for that I apologize. Many thanks to Araym and others for helping support the mod in my absence. Update 1.9.1 is (finally) now up, which fixes the various texture issues that KSP 1.1.2 introduced - grab from SpaceDock or GitHub. Changelog: -Part Rework: fixes Aligned Docking port missing texture -Part Rework: fixes shrouded docking port missing texture -Fixes missing texture on Whirligig engine -Fixes missing texture on Vector engine -Fixes missing texture on MATTOCk engine -Fixes missing texture on Mongrel engine -Fixes missing texture on Service bay -Fixes mesh issue on Engine Shroud -Fixes spotlights on SC-TD cockpit
  18. Which engines? Mk2/3 use stock texture maps, so if those have been removed/replaced somewhere, the engines will show up as white
  19. Update following the BDA release, grab from Spacedock. Changelog: Updates AA to new BDA bullet/rocket standards -Fixes missing fire sound for the Ho-5 -Fixes MG131z mass -Adds in Incendiary ammo support -Adds Breda-SAFAT AP ammo -Ho-103 now has AP and HE ammo option -MG151/20 now has choice of AP, Incendiary, and HE rounds -Mk 108 now has choice of HE and Incendiary rounds -Most AP, and some HE rounds now have incendiary attribute Bit late, but Jagglebearry, at this point, BDAc-rp is the defacto BDA, and I don't have plans to reverse-port AA to older versions of BDA. That said, if you do need a BDA 1.3.4 compatible version of AA, you can grab it from the original AA thread. -JB182, without more information, I can't help you. Do you have BDA installed? AA requires it to function.
  20. Did you install CommunityResourcePack? It's bundled with M3X and is a dependency.
  21. I'm going to need your KSP.log; it sounds like you either have an incorrect installation or there's a mod conflict somewhere.
  22. Apologies for the wait, M3X 1.6 is now up and available from the usual locations: SpaceDock | GitHub Changelog: - KSP 1.11.x update - New Part: Mk3 Cargo Container - Adds Cargo/Inventory part functionality - Fixes Mk3 Inline Docking Port dragcube - Adds optional MM patch to add stock heat/reactor decay mechanics to Sievert NTJ - Adds optional MM patch to add dual-cycle capability to Sievert NTJ - Adds System Heat compatibility MM patch - Localization fix for Short Truncated Saddletank The new optional patches can be found in M3X-1.6/Extras/Mk3Expansion/patches
  23. Sorry about the delay, and apologies for the inconvenience. M2X V 1.9 is now up, grab it from SpaceDock | GitHub ChangeLog: KSP 1.11.x update -New Part: Mk2 cargo container -Mk2 adapter endcap now has internal model defined -fixes chine texture url issue -Adds Cargo/Inventory part functionality -Adds System Heat compatibility MM patch -Adds optional MM patch to add dual-cycle option to Rontgen Nuclear Jet The dual cycle rontgen patch can be found in M2X-1.9/Extras/Mk2Expansion/patches, and is strictly worse than the dedicated nuclear rocket by design.
  24. Hmm. if it's hanging on the next gun, the usual cause of that is it's trying to parse a bulletType it can't find. if you go to /GameData/AviatorArsenal/BulletDefs/AABulletDefs.cfg, and open the file, do you have a '20x94mmAPTShell' entry, should be 11th down from top? When updating to AA 1.5, was this a 'delete old version and replace', or' copy new version over' installation?
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