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  1. I am excited about all the mods that we will get!
  2. Since there is so much activity in the thread, would it be rude if i bumped this?
  3. Hey All, May I drop a half-assed bug report in here and hope you don't mind it if I fail to provide clear steps to reproduce? I am playing a campaign that includes US2 and CLS and I built my space station using crew passable US2 cores only to find later that the US2 sections of my station were unpassable. After much investigation I found out that the issue was that in the savegame file the bottom stack of the US2 core did not really attach to the next part in the part hierarchy despite the child part showing the US2 core as its parent. I was also able to reproduce the issue in the VAB by using CLS highlighting. Unfortunately I have not figured out the exact steps that causes the core to become unpassable (*) in the VAB but if you slap it between two crew modules and then play with the size of the core you should be able to run into it. (*): Based on what I found out about my station, I think the core is not really losing its passability, it is losing its stack connection to its child part.
  4. Hi, yea, it's the VAB's engineer's report. Since I am playing in career and have not yet upgraded my VAB to the max level, there are dimensional restrictions on what I can build. I was simply building a basic shuttle ship with the Mk2 capsule and wanted to use the docking port and parachutes combo from this mod and I noticed that the engineer's report turned red. The smaller (tiny) docking port and its parachutes don't have the same problem and as I mentioned, using a rescaled version of the chutes intended for the smaller port has allowed me to fix the issue temporarily. Please let me know if you'd like screenshots.
  5. Hi! I think I have run into an issue. The modular chutes for the medium sized docking port is making the game think that my craft is 30m wide. I say medium, but i actually mean the "small_modular_chute". As far as I can tell there is no relevant difference in the config files for the small_modular_chute and the tiny_modular_chute, which leads me to believe that there is an issue in the model file, which i am not familiar with. edit: In case anyone is running into the same issue and impatient for a fix, what I did was to simply copy the tiny modular chute with a rescale factor of 2 and a copy of all the differences with the small one and it works well enough for now
  6. Hi! I have a couple of questions about science data transmission in Kerbalism. Thanks a lot in advance for any answers \o/ 1) While relaying data is the transmission speed capped by the rate of the slowest link in the relay network? 2) Does a relay vessel use electricity while another vessel is relaying data through it? 3) How do transmission speeds combine? Is it simple addition or is it similar to how ranges combine? 4) What is the intended balance between relay and direct antennas from the point of view of a vessel trying to transmit its own size? How are two antennas with the same range intended to differ if one of them is a direct antenna while the other also has relay capabilities? Thanks again!
  7. hi! i am using One Window (in 1.12) and it seems to be eating all of my messages i always install One Window in all my play throughs and i don't remember it doing such a thing but i don't remember if there was a setting that i used to set differently or if the mod is bugging out in 1.12 :thinking-face: the fact that the mod settings are all icons without tooltips is causing me to get confused so i am not sure if the problem is in the software or between the screen and the chair
  8. Assuming that this mod still runs on 1.12, can any existing user tell me if its calculations are only based on the DSN antennas or if it is able to take a relay network into account?
  9. Hi! I am setting up a new install for a new career and reading up on the last pages of the thread, I have been confused about a few config parameters. For a stock install with Parallax, OPM and MPE, what would be the recommended settings for UsePureStockScatters and UseKopernicusAsteroidSystem? Note that with the latest version and no changes to any configurations, I did see a lot of floating trees when I took a stock plane for a ride around the space center to test my installation. I will continue to testing and tweaking tomorrow.
  10. I'll just leave this here and run, hopefully it's useful for someone! //Add thrust to weight ratio to engine descriptions @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines]]:FINAL { ttw = #$MODULE[ModuleEngines]/maxThrust$ @ttw /= #$mass$ @ttw ^= :(\.\d\d)\d+:$1: @description = #$description$ [TTW: $ttw$] } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX]]:FINAL { ttw = #$MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX]/maxThrust$ @ttw /= #$mass$ @ttw ^= :(\.\d\d)\d+:$1: @description = #$description$ [TTW: $ttw$] }
  11. Here is what I ended up with, thanks to your help @Lisias topTorquePoint = #$MODULE[ModuleWheelMotor*]/torqueCurve/key,99$ @topTorquePoint ^= : .*::
  12. thanks a lot!!! i will be experimenting some more this evening, i'll post the results here.
  13. Hello! Can anyone spot my mistake here? I had expected to store the first element of the last key, but I ended up storing all of the first key. Sample result from my cache: for
  14. Hi! I am using procedural fairing for the first time and I loved using the procedural fairings instead of building manual fairings with the stock fairings. Now, I want to build a rocket with a small diameter engine for its upper stage, which feels like a good idea with the cryogenic engine mod's less dense fuels. Previously I would use the stock engine plates introduced by the Making History expansion. With my shiny new PF mod, now I want to use an interstage adapter for the same purpose. I have made a few experiments in the VAB but honestly I came over to the forums before actually launching anything. I found that I might be able to use an interstage adapter as an engine plate in one of two ways: (both descriptions are from the perspective of building a rocket from the top towards the bottom) - Place an inverted interstage adapter before the engine, stick the engine to the interstage's node, and build the rest of the rocket from the interstage's decoupling node. You need to enable fuel crossfeed on the interstege for this to work. - Stick the engine to the bottom of your tank as usual, then place an interstage underneath it by connecting the interstage's decoupling node to the engine's bottom node. You need to lower the height parameter and increase the extra height parameter of the interstage to make this work. You need to fiddle with the extra height parameter to make the fairings connect nicely with the tank above. The first alternative feels wrong because I have to invert the interstage, enable crossfeed and most importantly you have to carry the interstage node around after decoupling it. The second alternative feels a bit more natural, but I don't look forward to fiddling with the extra height paramater to get a nice seal on the fairing. What does everyone else do? Is this a common use case of an interstage adapter? Does anyone have any advice or tips to share? Or am I completely off the mark and need to be using the procedural engine plate for this purpose? Or both even? I don't think that the procedural engine plate has a connection node like the stock one does. Thanks in advance for any responses!!
  15. Hello! Is there a way to configure a _particular vessel_ to flag all science for transmission, without setting this as the default for all vessels?
  16. Here is a little suggestion to anyone who wants to use @Araym's fix while waiting for an official Spectra update: - Copy all of the configuration text in their post here into a new file - Change the initial line to look like this: @Scatterer_sunflare:FINAL - Save that file as Spectra Sunflare Fix.cfg - Place it in Patches folder in your GameData folder
  17. I am using it and it is working fine. Go on ahead and install it!
  18. wow! another ksp update!!! yay! yay! yay! \o/
  19. I created a patch to remove eva chutes from the list of default kerbal inventories. @PART[kerbalEVA*]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart] { @DEFAULTPARTS { !name = deleteall name = evaJetpack } } }
  20. I love ship effects, but I rarely fly my ships from IVA, so I made the following patch to add ship effects to the ship external channel. @SHIPEFFECTS_SOUNDLAYERS:FINAL { @SOUNDLAYER[*],* { @channel = ShipBoth } }
  21. No worries! I am installing manually. And I am running the same or similar like @Xt007 above me and everything is running smooth.
  22. I am sorry but you both said that TextureReplacer is required and it is not I also could not find any cfg files in the Spectra folder that seems to require it.
  23. Hello, I have decided to use Spectra again in my new campaign after a long absence from KSP. I am hoping to find a nice balance between recent stock revamps, Spectra, and a little bit of SVE for city lights and OPM configs. In terms of Spectra, I was planning to remove skybox and terrain textures but when I downloaded from Spacedock and installed to my GameData, I could not find any skybox or terrain configs in the spectra folder. I also remember being redirected to download a texture pack called KSPRC, which no longer seems to be the case. And finally, I have noticed that Kopernicus, which ( i think ) would have been required for replacement of terrain textures is no longer listed as a dependency, altho Texture Replacer still is. Any clarification would be most welcome, thanks in advance both for your response and your amazing work!
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