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  1. Planet Arkas. Its pretty and got me into mod planets. Also super fun to drive around on.
  2. Tinkered with orbits and took a pretty picture of a partial eclipse.
  3. It works with the latest version of KSP. If your worried about it not being on CKAN, installing it without CKAN is literally just putting the "Astrogator" folder into the "Gamedata" folder in your KSP directory (if you have KSP on Steam the directory should be something like Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program). When its done it should look like Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\Gamedata\Astrogator.
  4. Astrogator might be able to help you. It will give you the time of a transfer window and can even plot the maneuvers for you.
  5. 1776 x 1000 Because I wanted as close to full screen as possible, but to still give me a convenient means of browsing the forum during long burns. Or escaping if the game crashes.
  6. After kinda sorting out a mod issue that prevented the landship mission from continuing, I finally managed to land it. Sorry for the long wait. The horizon aligned polar orbit made landing less than ideal since it was pretty dark. Never been so thankful for the ground effects. Learned a fair few lessons from all this though. Any future missions should go smoother.
  7. I have mods that add docking ports (some of which are set to use angle snapping), but none of the tested ports(stock, and Station Parts Expansion's which uses the stock Size1) should be using angle snapping.
  8. I'm using the latest version of Flexible Docking (Version 5.0) but I can only get it to dock with other flexible docking ports. Even in some launchpad testing where I was dropping docking ports onto the flexible docking port (extended and not) other flexible docking port were the only ones actually docking.
  9. So unfortunately I wasn't able to land it today. But I was able to get the crew ship and landship in a rendezvous. I will finish this mission soon. The plan is to dock them, transfer crew and refuel the crew ship, and bring the landship down to Duna. Depending on how long it is until the Duna->Kerbin window I might end up freezing most of the crew ship's crew. Also dang is it sloooow with both ships loaded.
  10. Quick update from interplanetary space: (Kerbin has a few degrees of inclination thanks to Random-ish Eclipses, which is why its "above" the sun.)
  11. My closest call was a twofer. I was doing a sort of Apollo mission and landed with 0.05 ox left in the descent stage. I takeoff and failed to make the rendevous with the command module because the ascent stage also didn't have excess fuel and the orbits weren't perfectly lined up. But whatever the ascent stage had RCS for docking, I'll just scoot off to the command module and dock, except the ascent stage had everything but RCS thrusters because I'm a goof. So, fine, the command module will go over there and dock to the ascent stage, I know I gave it RCS in case of such a scenario, which I did. But I took the monoprop out of the pod and didn't put any tanks on it for... some reason. So I was reduced to dock with only the command pods engine. I've never tried a meticulously planned mission since, instead overbuilding everything to give me wiggle room for winging it. Its worked out so far.
  12. Alternatively one could say "its a space game not a car game". But here we are with rover parts. And before you say that its because humans have landed rovers on other bodies I'll say this, do you really think Curiosity would've been a rover if Mars had as much ocean as Laythe?
  13. Another update on the landship mission. Sorry for the wait. Tomorrow I plan to be finally landing it. This whole mission has been quite the learning experience, and I've already got a number of revisions in line for future landships.
  14. They could probably get away with just a water jet or propeller and some ballast tanks in a few sizes, since that's all that's really required in the naval department since most everything floats.
  15. Actually had entirely forgotten about poison. That is a really good point.
  16. @Jett_Quasar Those all look amazing. ------ I must say, I really enjoy the little things like this. Launching and landing big things is fun, and challenging (mostly because they like facing the ground at the worst time ), but this is the kind of thing I'd enjoy getting up to more often down the line. Repairing antennae, bolting on missing solar panels, living the tiny details of a very big space program.
  17. Generally when something is like kerbals, its either a plant or its camouflaging with plants. I feel that's unlikely since, keeping in mind that they can still survive years without food/water (or at least, in such minor quantities that it makes no noticeable effect on a rocket's mass and DeltaV), its likely they would've evolved in their very pale desert. Evolving in the desert is also supported by the temple, which is the only definitively ancient kerbal construction. Kerbals aren't known for their speed, so its unlikely that they could outrun any predator, or catch any reasonably fast prey. Combined with their herbivore teeth its likely they are herbivores, and herbivores eat a lot for not a lot of activity. Despite all this they still have forward facing eyes. Now while it might be that such is for spotting distant threats (which considering the immense zoom you can get in first person could very well be the case), there's not many places they could hide, except underground but nothing about them seems good for digging. Realistically speaking I can only imagine Kerbals living as long as they have by breeding faster than they die. Of course none of the above matters if the look of kerbals is indicative of all life on Kerbin, and they are all stubby and awkward with various cartoonish features. Which is another thing. We are assuming "realistic" to be that Kerbin has an extremely Earth-like ecosystem, which save for trees, cacti, and bird-sounding creatures, may not be the case. Not that its by any means a bad assumption given present data (it is reasonable), but its entirely possible Kerbin's fauna vastly differs from what we have here on Earth. I mean, honestly speaking its almost impossible to look at kerbals through a fully realistic lense based on their ability in-game. They can run indefinitely and live long enough to outlive the universe. Besides that they can survive a 100 meter drop without a scratch (which I've done a couple of times do unwanted passengers), and can support multiple tons on their own head. Heck, on the right difficulty setting Jeb rematerializes at KSC after being thrown into the Sun, or even hugging hugging multiple Tsar Bomba. Even with realism mods making Kerbin Earth-sized and adding life support, a well fed Kerbal will never die, run forever, balance a Saturn V on their head, and survive pretty hefty falls.
  18. I've actually been thinking of starting a thread in Mission Reports after I finish with the landship since I seem to have a couple of fans. Anyway, I decided to take a few days break from the landship project (and KSP as a whole) when I realized I've have to be staging RCS tanks if I wanted to dock the skycrane to the landship. Sometimes it helps to step away from a problem for a bit in order to solve it. On a related note, when I first downloaded SpaceY Expanded I never thought I'd need the 10m fuel tanks. I was wrong. I decided the best solution to not being able to dock the skycrane to the landship within reason, was to just send them up together, and this led to moar boosters. And the decision to download Hangar Extender later (honestly I should've downloaded it ages ago). On another note, during launch the tracks threw a hissy fit and broke. Outside of the atmosphere. However the landship is pretty close to the now second largest artificial satellite over Kerbin, so the station should be able to send a Kerbal in an MMU to go and fix them.
  19. My take on this is that the are something like venus fly traps. They totally could survive without food (like snacks or N.O.M.S.), but its overall better for them if they actually get something to eat. Probably a little cactus-y as well, storing water and nutrients in the big ol' head of theirs.
  20. Is the a way to globally disable the extra functions? I only want the thrust balancing, and don't want to deal with disabling everything every time I build a new craft.
  21. So I added some cargo cranes and docking ports to the landship, added a few more steering wheels, and lowered the whole frame so I wouldn't need a mobile ramp to drive cargo straight into the bay. Oh and I added a shipload of rockets.
  22. Launching something that has no business getting off the ground.Especially when watching bits that weren't made for supersonic speed flap in the wind. Also taking such things through re-entry of an alien atmosphere.
  23. I more or less did that with probes at a point. Probe contracts were filled in bulk.
  24. There's SlingShotter, which helps visualize the locations of planets at a selected point in time.
  25. right-click the image and select "copy image address" and post the direct link here. The forum will automatically convert it to an image.
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