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  1. Just wanted to pop in and comment that, while I haven't been playing KSP much in a while and I've been gone from these forums for the better part of 2+ years or so (children have a way of eating up free time), whenever I DO come back to KSP (as I have again lately, inspired by the latest Mars probe mission), I still consider this mod to be absolutely fundamental to my enjoyment of KSP, and I am exceedingly pleased to find it still under active development. Thank you, @akron, and keep up the good great amazing work!
  2. Looks like I need to update tonight myself, can't wait to tinker with the new parts! Edit: Derp... I was already up to date, it seems. Heh.
  3. Well, I fixed some of the problems by editing the .cfg's for the parts that should be able to transmit and editing "canTransmit" to "= true", however, I'm still having a problem: all parts read "inputPower: offline", regardless of what reactor/generator combination I've tried, whether they're attached directly or not, or even if I have a MJ capacitor in the mix. I know you say things are in a state of flux... is there a recent prior version somewhere I might downgrade to to get my stuff working and save my Duna mission? Or can you enlighten me how the "Input Power" thing works so that I might be able to make the fixes locally myself? I've been reading over the code as I have it for 1.9.11 in FNGenerator.cs, but I'm afraid I just don't understand what it's doing or how its interacting with the transmitter parts.
  4. And I can see how that might come about. But then, you probably have no idea how much time I've spent listening to programmers poodle about having to use SVN, git, Mercurial CVS, or similar. Then again, there's the beef *I* have with having to install and update mods manually, and AFAIK there aren't any other good mod managers out there right now, particularly not that support versioning and in-app downloading.
  5. In case no one was aware but might care, EVE isn't being listed in CKAN currently because the version available to the repository says it's only compatible with 1.1.2. I found this out tracking down some other issues, and noticed EVE wasn't in my list. When I posted in the CKAN thread, the response got was:
  6. Not sure how it got on CKAN if you didn't submit it... that's interesting. AFAIK, it used to have something to do with a file containing a supported version number, but I have no idea if that's still true or not.
  7. Hey @akron: is there anything in particular you know of that prevents P+ from being 1.1.3 compatible? If not, could you update your CKAN repo listing to 1.1.3? It seems it's currently showing as 1.1.2 max version, which is why it's not showing up.
  8. Actually, the more I look into it, it seems the larger concern (unless you have a great deal of impedance, or are trying to transmit huge wattages on a small antenna, or have a large dipole array or the like buried or semi-buried in the ground, which is a resistor) is less the heating of an antenna, but rather the antenna's emissions causing heating in dielectrics nearby them. So it's not actually that they get hot themselves, but rather can induce heating in their nearby environment - depending on frequency, metals and liquids would be the prime targets. Dishes would be largely excluded (except for that note in the prior article about solar probes, and the dish reflecting heat at other parts of the spacecraft), but rather, omni-antennas radiating huge wattages and similar could heat up materials nearby. However, at this level, while I suppose it wouldn't be all *that* hard to simulate, I suppose it would be probably too minor in the long run to be a consideration for the RT maintainers to want to bother with... that said, maybe I'll see about brewing it up for myself, and if I can figure that much out on my own, well, we'll see.
  9. Update: it was late last night when I posted this and my 3 year old was driving me bonkers refusing to go to bed, so I accidentally posted the wrong gallery link. I've updated the link in my OP, but for reference, here it is again: http://imgur.com/a/vQQEf
  10. MW Transmitters seem to be really broken... Only the spherical rectenna shows in the VAB as able to transmit - nothing else does, and my previously functioning MW network is no longer working: nothing is sending power anywhere. Image gallery here: http://imgur.com/a/iP6Tf http://imgur.com/a/vQQEf
  11. TBH, I don't think most people would care *that* much about a few broken textures (as long as they actually have a texture) on craft already in orbit, as long as it prevents their craft/save from being broken/destroyed, and would just start phasing out the in-flight craft that are broken as time permitted. If nothing else, it ensures the vehicle is still wherever you last left it, so you could then go open the craft in the VAB, replace the old parts with the new, and then use hyperedit to basically switch your craft out.
  12. In my experience, most mod authors tend to either leave the old items in with a name change adding something like (LEGACY) or (DO NOT USE), often for a version or three, or they fork off a branch of the mod itself and call it a legacy parts pack.
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