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  1. [quote name='Van Disaster']Look a little harder: [URL]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQi9_K7FBrM[/URL] Fairly sure someone 1.0-ized it, if not then a new one is being built anyway.[/QUOTE] What mod is that, and is there a way to do it without a huge ugly box on the side of the craft?
  2. I don't even bother with rovers in KSP. The Apollo rover was folded up and tucked into a tiny compartment in the LEM. Is there any way to do this in KSP, or with any mod? Nope. Instead you have to "poverty rig" it and make some ridiculous looking craft. I don't even bother landing on planets anymore as there's nothing to do and walking around in low G sucks. I just design and launch rockets and it's getting... old.
  3. Thanks! I edited the cfg file accordingly. I really appreciate your help!
  4. Sorry for the double post it won't let me edit. Another thing I thought of was an "escape cover" for the pods for a LES to attach to.
  5. Please please please update for 1.0.5 these are my default command pods these days! Also some ideas I had while playing with this thing that made me think "wouldn't it be cool if it had: * A parachute cover for the top of the pod that includes space for a Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port + parachutes specific to this pod (the stock radial chutes look bad on it). When staged, the cover would detatch (and carry the docking port with it) exposing the parachutes. * A thin decoupler that sits between the pod and the heatshield. When staged, it decouples the heatshield and balloons inflate!
  6. I'm still playing 1.0.4 as my favorite mods have yet to be updated.
  7. Will this still work in 1.0.4? I've been playing 1.0.4 still while waiting for my mods (there's a ton) to be updated for 1.0.5
  8. So, do you NEED RSS for this mod? I want a Kerbal scale real solar system but not all the realism, just stock.
  9. I'm asking how to get things on the planet to do stuff with. I can land a lander and return it to orbit but as far as building (and landing) rovers or bases, let alone close enough to interact, is beyond me.
  10. Hey everyone, Now that my design for my interplanetary transfer vehicle is wrapped up, I'm wondering how to get enough stuff onto the planet in the same general area that I can "do" things down there? Like a big rover, maybe some way to set up a base, maybe some unmanned rovers, etcetc. I like the challenge of getting to planets and landing but I find that 99% of the time I get out, plant flag, and immediately leave after taking a few screenshots.
  11. Thanks for all the help everyone! I'm sticking with liquid fuel + nuclear engines. Ideally I want my ship to be able to refuel off asteroids (do you even encounter those outside of the Kerbin area?) or at least send a lander onto a moon and refuel.
  12. Thanks everyone. Was playing around with your advice and it was all wonderful. I'm on my way to basic competency in KSP!
  13. Wait, I can focus on the planet and it will show me where my trajectory will run, even before I'm anywhere near it????
  14. Several times tried it with Duna, couldn't get any approach closer than 20m km. I do NOT have enough fuel to get into an orbit now. How do you get an encounter that takes you through the atmosphere??????
  15. A SpaceY interstage plate. If I add more radiators to the fuel tanks, will those bleed heat off the nuke engines?
  16. I have a lander design that can land on pretty much any of the low gravity planets (Moho, Duna, etc), + the command, habitation, and power sections of my ship. However I'm having trouble with propulsion. Here are two designs I had, one with argon engines (near future propulsion) and a fission reactor, and another using nuclear engines. I have problems with both designs * The fission reactor never gets to full power, so I can't burn my argon engines at full thrust. The burns take forever, and I think this makes my maneuver nodes inaccurate. * The nuclear engines, even with radiators, overheat too soon for a burn. Looking for hints for alternative solutions or a fix for what I' doing wrong.
  17. Is there a mod that replaces or emulates tracking station functionality?
  18. I'm having tracking station bugs as well. The only change I can think of in the past days was that I applied mod updates through CKAN. The last mod I installed was hyperedit over 3 weeks ago.
  19. I've been having issues with my tracking station as well, pretty much the same as yours. It first appeared when trying to switch to a vessel that was on a sub-orbital trajectory. I ended up deleting that save game and starting a new one. The last time I encountered the bug was after doing an orbital survey on the Mun. After the survey I went to the tracking station and it said there was "no orbital survey data". When I try to switch back to the probe, all sorts of wonky problems happened.
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