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  1. Jokes aside, this is a great compilation of information. I look forward to seeing how the lore of this game is further expanded.
  2. Inspired by the recent success of the Strongbow suborbital rocket plane, the Atmos Aerospace Agency's new Aldrin Program has sent its first satellite to orbit the Mun, pictured below. Not really sure why the clouds aren't showing up, it's kind of a bummer. Will continue to update on the Agency's progress.
  3. Pushing further into kerballed flight with the agency's first suborbital spaceplane (heavily inspired by the X-15, yes). Here are some photos from the development of it. Due to how it launches, and how it exhausts its fuel before reaching space, it does require a slow water landing. Seems the water landing tolerance is not as forgiving as in KSP1.
  4. Continued my development of kerballed flight today with the construction of a light aircraft for the purpose of visual observation of the surrounding area. Also launched the agency's first orbital satellite - a light, but fairly uncontrollable craft - today. Will continue developing vehicles to go further and faster than ever.
  5. Nearly down to 11 hours from pulling into the station. It has been a long, bumpy ride. But I can't wait to hop in tomorrow morning and get the next leg of the trip started!
  6. Count me in! I am so looking forward to release this Friday, so I'm getting the game one way or another!
  7. Funny enough, I think Matt Lowne(?) accidentally did, as his kerbal got stuck to the craft while attempting an EVA. (It might not have been Matt, but I can't remember.) Edit: My feed was apparently very far behind, woops
  8. Ironically, they proved that they could in fact polish... well, you know. Hopefully that translates to polishing up KSP2 as well!
  9. Hurrah! Two hundred pages! Glad to have been here as a minor participant.
  10. Didn't even know he went to the ESA event - had to go back to the group photo on the KSP twitter. Hopefully this is a new perspective on things (and maybe some tasty gameplay)!
  11. As someone who has no knowledge of modding, and going off of pure assumption, this sounds like an extremely interesting idea to me. Reminds me of similar downscale packs that were available before KSP had 64 bit support. Hadn't thought about something like that. Guess we shall see what's possible with modding in the next few weeks!
  12. Best of luck! Down to six, but no pressure
  13. Not to entirely refute your points, because I agree that the system requirements seem a bit excessive, but I meet and surpass the recommended specs, but only get 100+ FPS either if it's completely unmodded or in the VAB and or SPH. For most of my experience, my framerate goes down to between 20-50 FPS. We'll be able to compare next week, I suppose.
  14. Okay, for real. As someone who does fit the recommended specs, as well as someone who has eagerly awaited this game and its promises for three years, I agree with a lot of what I am hearing from people in that this probably does not bode well for the optimization on release. Unfortunately, optimization was essentially the number one thing that I was hoping that KSP2 would improve upon. Alas, this might not be the case. I feel for my fellow players that will not be hitting recommended, let alone minimum, and hope that optimization will be vastly improved after launch. However, I will say that I'm still excited to play the game next Friday (can't even believe I get to say that after all this time), and look forward to being a part of early access from day one.
  15. As someone who bought my 3080 almost three years ago, it's finally going to come in handy B)
  16. I'm going to build my fleet in a sort of "technological" order. I want to start with some subsonic jets and sounding rockets and work my way up to manned missions to the planets. I'm most excited to build some craft based on the X-Plane program :))
  17. Here's another screenshot. My main focus is that (seemingly) new engine on the bottom, as well as the scrollbar still having a pretty good amount of space. So, we're probably in for a few more new engines.
  18. I'm basically just trying to troll through the video looking for interesting bits. Here's the new rover cockpit in the VAB menu.
  19. I was referring to the new LG and XL radial decouplers :)) edit: just realized that the LG one is likely not new, but the XL definitely is
  20. Posted this in the discord, but I think that it's worth adding in here. We have new 3.75 (LG) and 5 (XL) meter docking ports and radial decouplers. woot
  21. After more than three years of waiting, I am happy to say I'll be buying KSP 2 on day one. I have been burned before by games (looking at you, Ghost Recon Breakpoint) but I have so much confidence in the devs and their passion that I can't help but be immensely excited for the 24th.
  22. I'm definitely thinking the classic white and black for most rockets (I'm basic, I know), while the payloads will be mostly metallic because shiny :))))) However, I will definitely experiment with all black rocket planes, my inspiration being the X-15. I played around with that paint style in KSP1 using TU, and fell in love with it. That, and maybe mess around with green and gray for my high-speed interceptors.
  23. Thought you just had a lot more fingers than I do until I realized toes are also a thing.
  24. As far as I know, the roadmap updates will not be paid DLC. They were planned content for release, but were instead delayed for player feedback and to have more complete future content.
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