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  1. So after a very long hiatus, with exams and getting a wee bit burned out of ksp (so lots of crusader kings and city skylines to fill the void) I'm back and have a new challenge for myself! I have my normal 10* scale game, with MKS and path finder, OPM, NF etc mods installed and the aim is to reach everywhere! After the early exploration, my program already has a reliable means to reach LKO in the form of the Moho MkII Only issue is the explosive tower decouplers causing a lot of particle lag on lift off More to come soon... For now I am going to start this as a log once KVV is working in my game!
  2. I initially tired EVE basic configs, and wow did it look pretty Didn't affect my performance at all so did a brief saunter to the mun and back in the kerbalX With everything looking soo nice I thought hey let's max it and get those massive files from SVE and SVT and my god it's pretty!!! Might have just spent hours ogling the scenery!!
  3. I'm back! With a a new computer to break in! Time to melt the graphics card with clouds, to reduce my frame rate to a crawl with a thousand parts of awesome and to explode for no good reason. but first I need a to set up a comnet and test parts in various locations and bring 40tonnes of ore from minmus to the mun, because science!
  4. Haven't posted in a while, revision for clinical exams is a pain! Meanwhile over the purple dunes In different news In my career save (logs pending) Training for long endurance spacestation work has started in the north pole
  5. When ever someone asks for launch escape systems I just post this and walk away
  6. This ship is the enigma, and it is certainly is a bit weird. It's essentially designed to harvest a lot of karborundum from the sun and bring it back to kerbin, but require a lot of ore! Those torch drives are thirsty! In it's initial configuration it has 170,000m/s dv, which is just enough to circulize at Low solar orbit and return to kerbin with a lot of karborundum (it's really heavy!!!) I've sent it off for one run, but will probably just park it above minmus where my ore miners should be able to fill it... Ore mining being the next topic... Why not build a VTOL heavy duty freighter Finally the Daedalus, Fusion pellets were a pain to understand (note to self read the wiki before launch...) Took twelve freighter launches full of deuterium etc. to fill those tanks! Ridiculous dv, off to Jool to start a laythe colony I think I need to build some landers...
  7. So I've been mucking about in sandbox, first thing I did was make a large orbital EPL station, but seem to not have photos of it, when I next spend 20 minutes on boot up I'll grab some, anyway, I've been making giant ships and bases. First off to minmus greater flats The Gateway base Next up the Tundra base on Duna, getting it there was a pain, but then dropped into the atmosphere with a tonne of parachutes, re-entry on duna is not gonna make stuff explode it turns out Finally getting kerbals to places and back again was thought about and the GEV-001 Horizon was built in the great foundries around kerbin (took ten of my biggest launchers to get enough metal into orbit) Like I said previously when I eventually get back to a careermode I think I'll merge these in t discover to have some cool ships early on, but because they work with expensive/unobtainable fuels they can be limited in use by that! The bases should be fun, the aim is to have duna self sustaining and make a Duna spaceprogram (without modding KSC there!)
  8. It seems to be this @dboi88's excellent coyote mod
  9. It's working for me, did you put it inside the kjr folder, and inside the plugin section?
  10. Probably showing I've only had 4 hours sleep but I read the last line as "when the time is right, I will burn to eve" to the tune of the tide is high and now I can't stop!! "the purple world you will never leave" "it's got this atmosphere, that will choke up all your nozels, aaahhhh oooooh oooh" So umm yeah, welcome to the forums and ignore the crazy ones
  11. Whilst I wait for a few of the more key mods to update I've been paying about in sandbox. Capital ships are been assembled so the only thing I have is an adorable little lander. So of course I took it over to minmus. I'm playing in a normal scale at the moment. Without KJR I have the Space Noodle issue, so it's pointless trying to use bigger rockets! An early prototype capital ship, CTx 001, It's got an okay dv (6,000m/s) and can cryogenically store kerbs. Quite manouverble! I have a save somewhere with a lot of my mucking about things in. I can't remember what's in it to be honest. Gonna merge this into them and start a new 10k career when a few mods update. It's always fun having something to discover and I like the idea of early on in the career finding a powerful ship and having to decide whether to spend a lot of money re fuelling it or doing my own thing or both! Wait until you guys see the CTx072 (Serial number is accurate, though some of them may have crashed into the sun/Jool) More mucking about, this time with kraken science (I've never really tried it before, guess I will use it next time, but I will have to turn down science rewards a lot!! I feel like it adds an extra 2000science just to the space centre!) Finally back in 1.2.2, 10k scale Sarnus drop approaches it's target. It's gonna enter the atmosphere soon And I reckon the comnet is going to achieve sentience with the next batch of rangers So summary: Not a lot really done, lots of mucking about and organizing for other things! Watch this space for torch drives!
  12. Hello there, and welcome. This is/was a known thing. You need to go into the kethane file, there you will find three documents one labeled mac, one linux and the final one something like windows/pc (I can't remember which. Delete all bar the relevant one for your system and that should fix it.
  13. They only send midgets (or PC term "vertically challenged") to space, saves on mass. Buzz Aldrin was only 3'11''; they just told the press that he was really far away!
  14. It's why I use the yur-ran-us pronouciation now!!
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