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  1. This is now outdated. MAYBE i can help you to update to 1.1.2 and 1.2, and bugfixing .
  2. EnriqueB


    Ok. i'm sad :(
  3. I have a .dds extension for GIMP, i can use it for turning .png into .dds?
  4. EnriqueB


    Ok, let's do it, for the next release That would be............... 35 ly of distance.
  5. Had you tested the first version with only Gargantua and Miller's Planet?
  6. EnriqueB


    Let's put it in a orbit that will be only 350ly of travel.
  7. EnriqueB


    Why not add the Kepler-62 system with Kepler-62e as an Earth-Like world full of life?
  8. Fust looks a lot like Laythe, and very realistic. Can you make a tutorial for making ealistic (fust-like terrain) textures with GIMP?
  9. Ok, don't mix .png with .dds, add VertexColorMap, use principia for reparenting Kerbin.... I'm ready for my own 1.2 star system. @Specific Alduin try using HeightColorMap in your code.
  10. In the next release you can add Mann's Planet? What is that Semi-Major Axis? Orbit { referenceBody = Sun color = 0,0,0,0 inclination = 22 eccentricity = 0 semiMajorAxis = 700000000000000000 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 40 argumentOfPeriapsis = 190 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 1.572233872023 epoch = 30000000000000 } } } Luckily, i have Galactic Neigborhood, and its stars are faaaar awaaaay from the core.
  11. Please make textures in .dds for the computers of 4GB, please
  12. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!! , finally, i can use warpdrives for interstellar travel in ksp 1.2!!! I doesn't had updated from 1.1.2 to 1.2 by the mod-compatibility loss. QUESTION 1- I can reparent Kerbin or the Sun safely without using principia? QUESTION 2- It can load mods for ksp 1.1.2 and Kopernicus 1.0.4 like Galactic Neighborhood or New Horizons? My computer is 4GB RAM. It has problems with loading .png files. Please can fix .dds texture bug?
  13. How you make textures in .dds with KittopiaTech?, i wanted to modify Laythe, but the textures were in .png
  14. Looks great. An L-class brown dwarf with a planet with oceans. I think that is L-Class because only L-class brown dwarves are complete stars with light and coronae.
  15. @KillAshley I felt in love with New Horizons and UL. I plan to make modified versions of these planets in my mods. I doesn't have money, but, i will pay the license when i get enough money. I promish. MEANWHILE: REALLY special thanks.
  16. StarSystemsMod [WIP] A new mod that adds more star systems: Blue Dwarf Cyssor - Sehera - Kerol -Munak Yellow-white giant Abbadon - Sirius -Alpha -Kappa - Terra - Ares -Hades -Tylon - Tylus -Myr -Stallion -Kylathe -Kythron -Atlantean - Krii -Eden -Kalarmur -Asterium -Titania Yellow star Kerbol Stock KSP System Orange dwarf Kaiser - Kunar -Ocean -Atlantis -Poseidon -Creta -Kerblin -Eridanus (Before named Keridani) - Minmas -Dune Black Hole Isis - Kraken -Cetus -Medusa -Nim -Plantar -Moonar Brown Dwarf Miranda -Oceanus -Ocelus -Desort To see more info visit the original (blocked) post.
  17. Hello, i have an idea of, you know, multiple star systems, i need a topic of release for the .version file. Ok, there's the planets and stars: Blue Dwarf Cyssor - Planet Sehera - Planet Kethane - Moon Munak Yellow-white giant Abbadon - Dwarf planet Sirius - Moon Alpha - Moon Kappa - Super-Kerbin Terra - Moon Ares - Lava moon Hades - Planet Tylon - Moon Tylus - Ice Giant Myr - Green ocean planet Stallion - Moon Kylate - Moon Kythron - Gas Giant Atlantean - Moon Krii - Habitable World Eden - Moon Kalarmur - Moon Asterium - Frozen Super-Kerbin Titania Orange K1 dwarf Keiser - Planet Kunar - Ocean World Ocean -
  18. NEW SYSTEMS! I have planned other star systems to the mod.
  19. Also, i plan it to work in my 4GB ram computer. So, all the textures will be in .dds
  20. No. Isis will not have any wormhole configs. Estimating the size of the mod in memory it will be like installed GN,OPM,NH and UL. Interesting: Eden will be a moon with rings, as i liked too much Ringle and UL Kerbin. NOTE : The central black hole is Galactic Core and Isis will be orbiting the core.
  21. I abandoned the original thread because nobody answered me. STAR SYSTEMS MOD [WIP] This mod is still in development but, i think soon i will test it and release it. Explore new star systems: Special thanks to: - KillAshley ( Code and Textures) - Daeridanii ( For tell me how to make decent textures with GIMP) - Me ( I programed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - Sigma88 ( LavaLaythe)
  22. For the scatters try something like this: PQS { Mods { LandControl { LandClasses { Class { name = LandClass1 color = RGBA(100,123,100,255) scatters { Scatter { density = 1 scatterName = boulder } } } } } } } } NOTE : This is only an example, you need to define it. A(255) is solid color.
  23. I wanna make an add-on for this mod, that adds a gas giant with a habitable moon in the edge of Abbadon's SOI.
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