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  1. I was on a recovery mission to save Jeb and Bob on the mun because I forgot to put emergency fuel (they were saved ). You may use as wallpaper for yer desktop. If you wanna share it somewhere public (the internet or real life), be sure to message me .
  2. Well. I am not really limited by the size of my ships. I have Level 2 VAB and Level 3 Launchpad because I tried to do an Apollo-style recovery craft (all stages for going to mun is launched separately and docked in orbit around kerbin). I figured I would use the Kickback boosters, but it would be too big for my launchpad so I upgraded it :p. Also, I have some issues with aspargus right now. Can't seem to really stabilize my Ship while it's escaping atmosphere on the first stage. Aha, I should try it again with a better design That would probably work... I'll try it as well (with quicksave of course :p) Thank you I've tried that as well, but as IncongruousGoat has said, I can't really do that yet.
  3. I've unlocked everything on the techtree that is a available for the first level of the RnD Building (except the airplane and probe fuel/engine parts). And I don't have a problem with budget. I have Bob and Jeb landed on the mun with a large amount of science, but they have no fuel to get back home. I have tried creating an All-in-one recovery vehicle made for landing on the mun and going back, but it was too heavy to go into orbit (Always had to use the transfer stage to orbit kerbin, raised fuel issues) I tried separating it, using the only dock I have, the Clamp-o-tron dock junior. The order would be (1)The Cabin, (2)The Landing Stage, then (3)The transfer stage. The rendezvous and the docking was easy. It was just too wobbly, so it was really hard to control. Im in a crisis
  4. Ah that makes sense. I tried docking in sandbox with a little bit of help from the debug menu. Turns out I just need to hit it harder...
  5. I used the Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port (which is the second to the smallest port. I have the bumper deployed on the ship I'm controlling. I will try that, thanks
  6. Does anyone have problems with docking? I can't seem to dock my ships together...
  7. I took this shot on my Career Mode Game when I was doing a mun fly-by for a contract. The image is a bit large so I put it in a spoiler. (don't know why kerbin looks weird) *might look distorted on mobile*
  8. Yes, I didn't use CKAN as to make sure that everything works (although it is untrue :p). I am on Windows 10 Astronomers Vis Pack Airplane Plus AoA-Tech Firespitter Kerbal Foundries KAX MK2 Stockalike Expansion Vanguard Tech HullcamVDS Aviation Cockpits RasterPropMonitor Procedural Wings IndicatorLights Tweakscale ActionGroupsExtended Toolbar Bolt-On-Screenshot-System (B.O.S.S.) Who-Am-I That's all the mods, largest to smallest file size... Heyo, I found the problem... Although I installed 8 gigabytes of ram, somehow my PC only detected 3.6 gigabytes of usable ram, so basically everytime I tried to launch KSPx64, it crashes due to memory loss... As a temporary solution (or maybe permanent), I swapped both my ram cards so now the system detects 8 gigabytes of usable ram No wonder photoshop really lags... Thank you for your help
  9. Ah, it seems so. I opened KSP without the AirplanePlus and it crashed with another mod on the loading bar, Aerotech... The mods I'm running currently are... ActionGroupsExtended, AoA Technologies, Astronomers Visual Pack (it got repacked on space-dock), Aviation Cockpits, Bolt-On-Screenshot-System (BOSS), Firespitter (included in AoA-Technologies and a few other mods), Hullcam VDS Continued, IndicatorLights, KAX, Kerbal Foundries, Mk2 Stockalike-Expansion, Procedural Winds, Quiztech AeroPack Continued, RasterPropMonitor, Toolbar, TweakScale, VanguardTechnologies, VesselView, Who-Am-I (yup its a mod) Yes I have downloaded a separate module manager as different mods had different versions of it so I just downloaded the latest since it seemed logical.. (does that complicate things?) Yes I still do have squad on my gamedata Thank you for your reply
  10. Hello Everyone, I seem to have a bit of an issue with the mod... Everytime I try to launch KSP_X64.exe file, it crashes when loading on.... "AirplanePlus/Parts/Aero/flaps/straightslat/straightslat" https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6j7oUXSxa__LTJpVDJpWGU0N00 There-in contains crash.dmp, error.log, and output_log.txt where-in the crashing seems to occur... At the moment I have disabled the mod in hopes that I can play KSP without the burden of crashing to the ground Have a good day!
  11. I used the Bolt-On-Screenshot-System (BOSS) mod to supersample the whole thing so its much more easier to trace all of it... Also sorry for late reply, forgot about KSP for a while
  12. Wow, I didn't expect those compliments, thank you I expected the thread to die off but hell yeah!
  13. I made a thing! Made using photoshop I even have a timelapse but it's still rendering (Its 5-6 hours of work compressed into a 12 minute video...) If anyone want's to have something similar like this, hit me up I'll probably have time to make it
  14. Huh, Interesting. Thanks NeoFatalis!
  15. How does one do that exactly? I'm curious....
  16. Which is better for immersion?
  17. Ho-ho-ho that's a lot of mods. I will look into those mods today or in the near future. Thanks! Thanks as well!
  18. Hello Everybody! I got myself a some-what high-end PC RIG that will be able to take a lot of stress. And what better way to stress-test it other than using KSP Mods to do so. As such, what are the visual and sound mods that would enhance gameplay? Merry Post-Xmas as well, and a very happy new year
  19. Okay thanks I'll try it today Here's a drink for kerbal kind Edit: Is kopernicus still up? It seems like i can only access and download kopernicus expansion...
  20. I've been trying to make ksprc work, but it simply wont... the planets have the same texture as the vanilla would have, it doesn't have any shaders of some sort. Tried: *Reinstalling *Uninstalling *Deleting mods HELP ME PLEASE!
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