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  1. as i understand, this awesome mod not working with RSS? crap..
  2. Anyone using KER with RO (KSP 1.2.2 + RSS + RO)? How u solve problem when KER shows (and calc ofc) wrong mass? or atleast MechJeb... It also shows me wrong masses ADDED: ok im find solution for VAB - just remove all kerbals while u building
  3. I finded old tool for just RemoteTech. Adding another antennas and bodies not a problem - problem that this tool use 'standard' model, but RO use 'root' model of RT calc.
  4. Build new rocket, launch it. with KAS add additional fuel tank to it (with fuel, that used for EvaFuel). but ship also had another tank from scratch. Than, after some playing (near 2 hours) i go eva and found that...
  5. Today i have prolems with EvaFuel((( logs any ideas what happened?
  6. update: KER shows correct values while engines offline. When i engage them, TWR and deltaV dropped to zero. If i now shutdown engines, it again shows correct values. anyone have same problem?
  7. Thx, i will wait your results! Playing without this mod is really boring...
  8. https://github.com/StupidChris/RealChute/releases/latest
  9. @linuxgurugamer, can u pls help me with my problem
  10. Fixed. But this wiki placed in old repo. New repo not have wiki, so this also need to be fixed...
  11. Hah, my question not so stupid! Settings now live in: [Esc] > Settings > Difficult > DangIt
  12. can u pls explain, after this changes RealChute not works with FAR anymore? Or you drop functionality that not needed for this?
  13. stupid question - how you try to find UI?
  14. it simple @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[SpareParts]]:FINAL{ @RESOURCE[SpareParts]{ %amount = 0 } }
  15. can someone explain - KER not compatible with RSS+RO? I have incorrect values of TWR and dV in flight. It looks like it calc values for NEXT stage, not current...
  16. sorry, if my screenshot confused you, it only shows that crossfeeding in decoupler is enabled. Ofcourse i try with only tanks, nothing changed.i do it in campaign, but as you can see, fuel lines is already learned. Also no errors in log.
  17. Is RO disable manual fuel transferring? My ship have >1 procedural tanks with same fuel. Engines correctly use both of them but when i try to pump fuel manually - no buttons
  18. Hola @linuxgurugamer! Im play in new campagn wirt RSS+RO+DangIt. And have strange problem: First 5 days (1d16h) i have no failures (one time i listen ring but nothing highlighted). But today every launch i have failures in every 10 seconds! I'm think it's not normal... No errors or warnings in log. player.log
  19. yes. also it allow to have RCS with different fuel in one ship.. i'm think best solution - have different setting per kerbal (and allow configure it only for kerbals in KSC, not in flight) but how difficult to implement this?
  20. It works, thx! I also need to change 'ShipPropellantName' to same fuel type, without it kerbals take propellant "from air". I think, best solution is "just show a list of all resources". It add best compatibility for future mods too. Only one problem for now - RO allow us to change, what type of propellant we use for rcs (in VAB and SPH). So every time we build new ship we need to adjust settings for EvaFuel... also thx for help!
  21. @linuxgurugamer thx for supporting this mod! Is it possible to add ability for changing, what propellant this mod uses? For now it not compatible with RO..
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