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  1. MKS should work fine without USI-LS. You removed GameData/UmbraSpaceIndustries/LifeSupport (and only that folder)?
  2. Good to know CKAN lists it as 1.4 so to get a CKAN install on 1.5 you need to tell CKAN to list 1.4 mods as compatible.
  3. From a little testing, MKS appears to work. However I've not yet tested it with extraplanetary colonies, so don't take my word for it. Unsure about TAC-LS support, because I use USI-LS myself.
  4. @RoverDude I would recommend adding "Post your KSP version, MKS version and USI Tools version when reporting bugs" to the top of the OP, just above the really cool picture (Banner?), or in the FAQ because then people would easily find it and then we wouldn't have to repeat it. Except when someone can't be bothered to read the OP...
  5. Yes, but the USI-LS changes will not happen, you will have to set those manually if you want them. EDIT: Also know that RoverDude will not help you on 1.3 installs:
  6. Do you have multiple ModuleManager dlls in your GameData? If so, delete all but the newest. Also updating USICore won't fix issues (that's just reactors, kontainers and other USI bits and bobs), update USITools if an update is available.
  7. OK. I am not experiencing this issue myself on 1.4.1. Can you post the log (in a .zip file to make it faster to download to look through) as that's a useful file that KSP spits out for debugging purposes. It's KSP.txt, in the KSP folder (one folder up from gamedata)
  8. As RD said - MKS version, USITools version and KSP version please.
  9. I don't think you can transfer Uranium - pretty sure the game is coded so the only way to move Machinery or Uranium is by maintenance, which only works in local logistics range. Try the ranger cooling thingy. It's pretty much a superpower radiator that only works on planets. I'm wondering why the Convert-O-Trons seem to have the ability to turn Ore into Fertiliser. It seems to cut out a LOT of the resource chain that I can just land a stock ISRU and have Fertiliser. EDIT: Aah, it seems to be a part of USI-LS itself - it seems to add it to the stock Convert-O-Tron 125. I'll just comment it out... //@PART[MiniISRU] //{ // MODULE // { // name = ModuleResourceConverter_USI // ConverterName = Fertilizer // StartActionName = Start ISRU [Ore -> Fertilizer] // StopActionName = Stop ISRU [Ore -> Fertilizer] // // INPUT_RESOURCE // { // ResourceName = Ore // Ratio = 2.5 // } // INPUT_RESOURCE // { // ResourceName = ElectricCharge // Ratio = 30 // } // OUTPUT_RESOURCE // { // ResourceName = Fertilizer // Ratio = 0.0025 // DumpExcess = False // } // } //} Replace the code to add the Ore -> Fertiliser with that in order to turn it off, it is found at the bottom of GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\LifeSupport\LSModule.cfg Or, alternatively, do this to have it automatically disable itself if MKS is present (I think): @PART[MiniISRU]:NEEDS[!MKS]
  10. Issue: It seems to report crashing down and exploding as "landing" Am merely reporting 1.4 compat issue, am not asking for help.
  11. Would like to add one to the reports of FMRS working. Seems fully functional, but when I tell it to give a stage to SR it doesn't. So ATM it's a choice: SR or FMRS but not both.
  12. Was having a massive issue with invisible planets, did 10 mins of testing, narrowed issue to this and Galileo's Sun Flares... Then read the changelog and found this is a known and fixed Scatterer issue. All that testing, and all I needed to do was read a changelog... Silly me.
  13. Please put huge textwalls into spoilers (make one by clicking the eye) or code blocks (make one by clicking the <>) so as to not make a page unnecessarily long. Spoilers also work great for uploading lotsa pictures: Otherwise the thread becomes horrible for others to read. Anyway, I have a question: Is the physics range extender mod good for getting resources that I have to mine from really far away without having to switch to my mining outposts?
  14. Thanks! (Installation instructions for anyone who's confused: Copy it and paste into a cfg file somewhere in GameData, preferably a new one)
  15. Umm, am definitely logging an issue on Github for this. Pal Wheels deploy too fast. Forklift has issues stowing. Pal likes going boom.
  16. Alright. Will post the Github issue. I mean the little round thing that shows up on the second node on the ends of the multitruss, with a node on either end so we can make 1.25m components fit flushly with the Ranger hub. Will add pic to show what I mean later. Have got pic : Can we have those things available on their own, so they can be used to flushly attach 1.25m things (the things on the end of that minitruss)? While I'm at it, may as well ask for a flush ranger to 2.5m adapter (a bit like the ranger to 1.25m adapter that's on the very end nodes but bigger, and a separate part). EDIT: Just found the Making History FL-A215 1.875m to 2.5m adapter works nicely.
  17. Which MKS? Make sure it's one of the 0.53.x versions and also ensure you're running USI Tools because people further upthread were having issues with USI Tools
  18. What MKS version and KSP version are you running? MKS version - KSP version MKS 0.55.x - KSP 1.4.1 MKS 0.54.x - KSP 1.4.0 MKS 0.53.x - KSP 1.3.1 et cetera Drag them both to GameData and tell your computer to "Replace the files in the destination". Should work.
  19. Well, I'd suggest what @Gilph just said - USI Tools 10.1. Would suggest trying that but have not tested it myself as I was trying out Wild Blue Industries between the release of 1.3 MKS and 1.4 MKS.
  20. Now imagine it as a real mod with Kopernicus Flat planets, no SOIs, tidally locked so surface is always facing away from the Center (replaces Sun, and provides UA that flat earthers propose, only body with SOI), Sun orbits outside of entire system. That'd be painful.
  21. You're welcome. You can always turn to the forums for help. I have honestly just been pulling things out of the top of my head - I'm sure there are more in-depth debugging techniques I'm not aware of, these are just the basic ones that any modder will be very grateful for. I am fine with helping a fellow forum user though stuff, and you'll find a lot of other forum users like me hanging about. As for how to say 'thank you' - literally saying 'thank you' or dropping likes (as you have) is fine. Try an MKS upgrade? I dunno. The changelog for says "Swappable Converter Fixes" and it's before (1.4) so ensure you're v0.54.1.0 - might just work. Same for @ksp_colin - check you're on v0.54.1.0 too. Oh just realised that's 1.4.0, my bad.
  22. Either make a new save without NF, or wait until Nertea has finished updating them then. Nertea says this for the 1.4 status: So I think you'll get NF updates SoonTM.
  23. What interests me there is these 2 lines that keep recurring: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object USITools.ModuleSwappableConverter.FixedUpdate () It seems there is an issue with the 1.3.1 version (your AVC report told me that) or a mod incompatibility that means the engine is trying to locate 'ModuleSwappableConverter', what RoverDude uses for the reconfiguration of modules, and not finding it. Very strange... Tell CKAN to uninstall USI Tools then tell it to reinstall USI Tools, see if that fixes it. If not - update KSP. 1.4 MKS is very much working fine.
  24. Mod list: You see the little thing in the top-left on the loading and title screens? See the check box? Check it and your mod list will appear. There is also a convenient copy button that copies it in a format perfect for dumping in a spoiler. AT Utils and GC being out of date shouldn't break anything, but go in CKAN and check that you can't ask for an update for AT Utils and Ground Construction Core. I dunno. To attatch a zip, stick it on a file uploading service like Dropbox and post a link to it.
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