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  1. Can you upload the craft files? they look great
  2. I have a question. I know that the exact price is yet to be anounced but I was wondering if anyone knew the price range, like will it be lower than 5 USD, or maybe between 5 and 10, or will it be in the range of 20-40. In my opinion it should be based on the number of parts, say what if each part was 25 cents so then you could come up with a general price area.
  3. hey i just got your soyuz mod off of spacedock, where can i find some up to date craft files

    1. Beale


      Read the first page of the thread, there is a link.

  4. IMPOSSIBLE MODE: do it in a shuttle time to get to work, im gonna the interstellar ost to keep me going
  5. hey silent do you plan on adding the saturn 1v to the mod for the station, i saw you have a decoupler but no tanks or engines or anything
  6. and also i was wondering if you had the Thor launch vehicle for the agena. that is what launched it and btw this is an awesome mod. i love it
  7. hey i was wondering if you had some craft files of the crafts already built, i dont think im assembling them correctly
  8. same but for me, it's only on the blue 5m fuel tanks, I can't figure out what the problem is, I know I installed the mod correctly
  9. what about wind so like its more realistic. like say if youve got a strong breeze blowing agaisnt you its easier to gain altitude and all
  10. Hey Kerbals, I'm looking for ideas/challenges for crafts that you guys want me to recreate then post on KerbalX. my KerbalX username is Cman1242. feel free to criticize the recreations I've already made. I'm looking for any ways to improve the ways I build.
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