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  1. I've took out nearly 100 mods from my game and stupidly made 1 mistake as a ship contains a now missing part... BahaSRadialEngine... I hoped it would mention the mod but it doesn't, and after reinstalling 'BahamutoD Animation Modules' to find it didn't work left me at a total loss. If anyone knows i'd appreciate it! I'm using the latest KSP and set mods to be compatible with anything after V1.8.
  2. how many other mods are you using? I had an experience with this mod because i had over 150 other mods as well and it was conflicting with certain ones but no idea which. I took most of them away and now it works fine. Maybe you have too many other mods and some are causing issues?
  3. Ok I'll have another look through my list, I did read up on v1.8 previously so ticked compatibility with 1.8 or later, all my mods should be ok but clearly a few issues remain. still not sure how to fix tweakscale though, i used to love that mod for intense customisation. Thanks for your time.
  4. Thanks, I'll also show a screenshot of the report if it helps. Message from KSP: @Lisias is this something you're familiar with?
  5. Hello. After 4 years of no KSP I decided to reset my laptop and get it up and running again from scratch. 180 installed mods later the game loads but comes up with a big warning about a fatal Tweakscale error that needs fixing, and recommends I ask you guys if you know what I should do? Error here: https://imgur.com/gallery/TqTbFtd Full KSP.log here: https://we.tl/t-bwNFX8FR12 or the top page screenshot below Would really appreciate your input here. Many thanks!
  6. Hello. After 4 years of no KSP I decided to reset my laptop and get it up and running again from scratch. latest version and 180 mods later the game loads but comes up with a big warning about a fatal Tweakscale error that needs fixing, and recommends I ask you guys if you know what I should do? (the game doesn't crash) Error message here: https://imgur.com/gallery/TqTbFtd KSP.log here: https://we.tl/t-bwNFX8FR12 Also a screenshot of first page of ksp.log with errors: https://imgur.com/gallery/pjv1LCg Would really appreciate your input here. Many thanks!
  7. @Tonka Crash wow I had no idea KIS could do that. that's very useful, thanks! and @RealKerbal3x thanks for the mod tip, i'll be sure to install it soon! Thanks guys. My solution was choosing a mission to add parts to an existing LKO space station, so with that i just added a claw to it and made a quick ejection module to de orbit him once i'd clawed the containter he was in, then continued with my misssion.
  8. i finally made rendezvous and when i got within 200m i switched to the ship i was rescuing the kerbal from, but could not go EVA since there was no hatch, and no docking port??? what is the meaning of this? I've been trolled lol. I use various part mods, it seems to be in a capsule from a mod with no way out, why would they do this? i don't know how to get him home without building an SSTO and collecting it in the cargo bay then returning, of course thats costly and will take another day to do, anyone got any quick fixes??? Thanks! Nick
  9. Thank you all for your time... You suspected correctly in that Kerbal Atomics was the culprit. it was overriding all other mods so i had to remove it, and hey-ho i'm back on liquid fuel. now my ships can use their respective fuels again! Thank you all.
  10. Hello. I was using quad nuke engines for large craft long range travel. previously all using liquid fuel as only fuel source, and suddenly before landing i activate new stage and my engine flames out? tanks full of liquid fuel i was puzzled, then i suddenly realised the engine required LH2 as a fuel source? what even is this? I recently added new things to my tech tree to extend science collection but cannot see why that would mean all my nuke engines would need a different fuel source? Can anyone suggest what to do? my ship is stuck dead in orbit with a tank of useless fuel. Thank you kindly. Nick
  11. Thanks! that's part of my problem solved, much appreciated. Do you know what these 2 fuel sources are? https://imgur.com/a/vPwXuhw Are these another mod? i suspect they will still render my nuke engine inoperable since they are empty, haven't seen these before?
  12. PICTURES HERE: https://imgur.com/a/8vkUA1D Hello. I'm not sure if i've installed some oddmod or whether KSP updated nuke engine info but look at the attached photo of the nuke engine? there's so much useless info i don't need to see, i can also switch fuel types and can fill them with things such as actinides, enriched uranium, plutonium-238 etc ... never heard of this before? Does anyone know what's going on? can i simplify the info? there's also another issue since i cannot use them in space, they don't fire, i've done all the checks and liquid fuel tanks are in the same stage but they won't turn on. any guesses? Thanks, Nick
  13. Thank you all for the replies. it turns out that i had a conflict of mods disabling the abilities... i had interstellar fuel switch and of course module manager but it was conflicting with something in the 000_AT_Utils folder, so i removed it and now i can once more cycle through fuels. this thread can be closed. Thanks for all contributions and fly safe! Nick
  14. Hello. I used to have my fuel setup to choose whatever fuel i wanted... i would see liq fuel + ox and click and it could change to liquid fuel. Now that i got Configurable Containers, i'm not a fan because you cannot fill the entire tank with 1 fuel source (liq fuel) ... you can remove the other fuel but the setup i used to have for a liqfuel+ox tank could swap to just liq fuel and the content would double, meaning all the tank was full of just liq fuel. with configurable containers, you 'cannot fill your tank with more than 1 fuel source' or something like that. can anyone point out the mod i might have been using? it was reall handy... you clicked the fuel and you could just scroll through different types without having to open another window and have to mess about with contents that way. Thanks a lot! Nick
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