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  1. Today I felt like building some rockets. Turns out my main save was right at a Duna launch window, so I did a rover mission Launch Landings Aliens are real
  2. Today, I spotted an H class object passing through the inner soiar system. This was far beyond what I thought possible, so a mission had to be sent. With no definate idea how hard the interecept would be, I built a lightweight 1 Kerbal ship with some 20k dv or so, and sent it up. Pretty soon after leaving the Kerbal system, it was realized that the craft had nowhere near enough for a round trip. But as this was an opportunity to explore an entirely unknown body, Lelin continued anyways As the ship neared the comet at its solar periapsis, a massive plume visible from the map screen appeared. After expending the nuclear stage, Lelin grabbed some extra eva tanks and continued on her ion chair. After an extremely long burn, she reached the comet with 2k dv remaining. This thing was absolutely massive (300m diameter based on marker reading), even showing up outside of physics range. And here Lelin will continue on with Lelin's Comet, floating along on its 18 year orbit out past jool and back.
  3. Today I sent the Asteroid Miner of to wrangle an E class. This one was a good 2000 toner, and many samples were packed away in the return pods. I named it Irlo Rock, in honor of Irlo Kerman, who died from a kraken strike on Laythe. The ship drifted back into the Kerbin System, and wrangled Irlo Rock into a nice equatorial sub munar orbit. An upgrade kit was thrown together and launched up to the new moon The Miner got a new Sentinal and science pod Some new space colonists sunk a foundation into Irlo Rock and attached their new house, The Miner Crew struck out on their third mission to visit a C class. This rock got completely drained of ore, and Mildan crashed into the radiators. Gonna need to head back for parts
  4. Today, I did an asteroid capture mission, which went pretty great Discoveries: (1) There is not much science to be done on an asteroid. (2) You can stick things onto an asteroid with EVA construction. I also built an asparagus flavor pancake, which surprisingly had no kraken issues
  5. The Raven Mk6, a seaplane SSTO capable of carrying 6 Kerbals into orbit with enough DV to do some docking I designed this plane with Laythe operations in mind, with the mission of ferrying Kerbals between surface colonies and orbital stations. Hopefully it works on Laythe, because I've spent about a week IRL getting it there
  6. Today I discovered that Vall is the best place for Rovering: Enough gravity to keep things steady, smooth terrain, cool vents Unfortunately this was the this rover's final rovering, because i had to leave it behind to make orbit. Best rover I've made: used it on 3 worlds
  7. Today I rovered all over Bop. Sent the expidition to Vall
  8. Some stuff I've done over the last few days: Faffing around with fueltanks Designing a laythe SSTO Landed on Pol & Bop for my first time\
  9. Sent a Submarine to Laythe Mucked about with parts
  10. The first Munar takes place, and planning begins on the second Munar rescue. On the Mun On Kerbin Back on the Mun
  11. Three rockets go up and two return. On the Mun On Kerbin On the Mun
  12. A few days ago I reinstalled KSP and started a new science save This is its story So, this is a mostly stock playthrough (more on that later), with both DLCs. Last time I seriously played KSP I managed a Duna round trip, so I want to at least match that with this one. So far in this save I've done basic starter flights, launched Jeb into interplanetary space, landed a Munbase, done a Minmus landing, and scanned Kerbin's moons. So now current stuff. And that's where things stand now.
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