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  1. Decidedly not. We haven't worked on it in over a year at this point. The mod was generally not well-made or organized(I believe 0.1.4 was the first version that actually worked) and didn't have much content yet anyway. The license is fairly unrestrictive, though, so someone could theoretically revive it(not that I recommend doing that).
  2. The project you're trying to compile was originally for an older version of KSP and was made on .NET Framework 3.5. For newer versions, you'll want to go to the project settings and the build menu(I think, can't remember for sure) and change it to run on any version 4.x. Once you've done that, it should compile.
  3. The classic Kerbles Kerman, the Kerbal equivalent of a human named Manny.
  4. Thanks! I have now released 1.0.5... I appear to have done as I have all too often in the past, and released something without properly testing it. Hopefully all the bugs are fixed now.
  5. No, it was not. Looks like I should be more careful with these things. I've now published a much smaller update that fixes that and brings the .version file up-to-date.
  6. After over a year of dormance, I decided to publish another update. It includes the fix for TAC Life Support suggested by @boribori, and the mod now officially supports 1.8.1.
  7. Banned for saying 3 dot when you have 4.
  8. I recently had an idea for a KSP story, and decided to try it out. I'm not sure how far it'll go, but I've got sufficient material for at least a few chapters. Without further ado, here's a little prologue, to establish the backstory.
  9. With a neat little segue in that explains why exactly everything is different now
  10. I was going to say something about that, this title seems to match the latter instead.
  11. This Boss guy is giving me some 2nd-Dimension Doofenschmirtz vibes... I predict he's missing an eye.(Based on his desire for complete control and his robot army)
  12. For whatever reason, I really like... toast. It's an opinion leave me alone
  13. This mod has been abandoned for a year and some months, please do not expect us to pick up where we left off(Heck, I'm not even sure if Cabbink is active anymore). It's a dead mod, and if you really want to revive it(I'd suggest not, I'm the main contributor and have since acknowledged that all of the things I made for this pack suck) you can. Just read the MIT license first.
  14. This would be cool if I routinely used maneuvers... All the same, I'm sure plenty of people will be happy with it!
  15. Checks By some crazy coincidence, I joined here two years ago to the day as of writing this post... not gonna lie... I was not expecting that. Anyway, congratulations to you!
  16. Er... well...4 dots aren't so bad... I guess... Anyway, congratulations!
  17. 20(+1) As an inherent hater of negative numbers, I had no choice but to choose positive.
  18. The problem with that is the same one which has arisen from Making History: a DLC, in order to generate a substantial income, needs to do something original and well-made that mods can't do or haven't done. Clouds... have been done. You can't expect to make money off of something that's already free, now, can you?
  19. I think it's fair to say that I would beat a goat by ripping it apart and breathing fire... Mega Charizard X is kind of great for these threads
  20. Wow. Just wow. I wasn't expecting that... That was excellent.
  21. No. The stock planet art is just terrible, and without their planet making guy(NovaSilisko), who left quite some time ago, it's bound to be even worse. Leave the new planets to the modders who actually know how. DISCLAIMER: I suck at making planets
  22. Sometime in early-to-mid 2017, I was suddenly struck by the idea, "Hey, regular people make mods, maybe I should too!" I Googled it and found some awesome tutorials by @The White Guardian, and I was off! I started making planet packs, and then jumped into plugin modding in late 2017. My first plugin was a rather sloppy mess, but it sort of worked, which gave me incredible satisfaction. I've now been doing it for a while, and still mod planets, although C# code is my main specialty.
  23. I believe he is referring to the high-poly kerbal model you guys use for cinematics/official art.
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