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  1. 0.20 is out now, adding Dres and improving on my Duna and Ike revamp Up on Github now and Spacedock soon Dres Duna
  2. Kerbin is getting a heathy smattering of KK launchsites
  3. did you install the mod through Ckan? There seems to be some people having issues with it. if so, try installing the pack manually, there are links to the dependencies in the README
  4. Thats rather worrying! i already have it fixed in my dev version, but it had never caused such issues for me before! thanks for pointing it out!
  5. most visual mods seem to work fine, have not tested spectra specifically so proceed with caution. yes I would love to, but i have plans of my own (:<
  6. Kerbol has been shrunk down to a more reasonable size yes
  7. The future is now, I've made biome maps for Kerbin, Mun, Minmus, Eve, Gilly and Moho so far. Also coming soon, Kerbol! With a classic looking sunflare from Sushut! (messing with Minmar Kerbin Rings compatibility as well) The next update should have all this, plus Dres and an improved Duna
  8. Had issues with getting them where i wanted so i left them as is for now, expect them to be in pretty spots soon tho <:
  9. They should roughly line up, i am planning on making custom ones in the future
  10. have tested the pack and most visual mods work fine, OPM and MPE work too. mods that edit orbits might not work depending on MM load order I love how your mod looks with mine
  11. 0.10 is here, now with Eve, Gilly and Kerbin! Changes Added Kerbin Added Eve Added Gilly Updated Mun Fixed Minmus PQS (again) Sigma Dimensions compatibility
  12. More pics of upcoming update Kerbin Mun Eve and Gilly thank you so much for totm
  13. works fine for me <: Kerbin and Eve Progress update!
  14. 0.03 is out now, comes with Duna, Ike and Moho! Changes: - added Duna - Added Ike - Added Moho - Fixed Minmus south pole PQS - Re-boosted Mb - Fixed Scaledspace Meshes
  15. 0.02 is now out. comes with new Minmus, Munar canyons and tiny craters.
  16. Decided to attempt to revamp the stock system. ill update this topic with my process Dependencies: Kopernicus Kopernicus Expansion Niako's Kopernicus Utilities Downloads: Spacedock Github License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Patreon: https://patreon.com/Techo589
  17. Status update Hoping to get a stable release out soon
  18. just going to say here real quick, if you have any nice screenshots dm them to me on discord at Techo#1706 or post them here!
  19. Ejected! V0.02 An adventure in a dying system. Credits: Tholin: better skybox compatibility Exo: Evker and concept of the Triphomalyent system Adstri: Skybox and moral support REQUIRES: Scatterer Kopernicus Kopernicus Expansion Download: Download source code and releases on Github! Pictures: License: All Rights Reserved this is my first time making a topic here too (hello!)
  20. Ejected! A desolate adventure through a dying system. Please keep in mind this mod is VERY early in development, issues will be fixed when I get to them. Download on Github, Now! Pictures will be added later ------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: Tholin: For the better skybox mod Exo: Evker and concept of the Triphomalyent system Adstri: Skybox and moral support ------------------------------------------------------------------- License: All Rights Reserved
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