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  1. Yeah, I haven't tried the mod with PRE but I think using it could result in all of your surface bases getting warped into jool orbit for example. But I'd imagine fixing this would require major changes. Hyped for jumpgates btw, what will the mechanics for them be? Will you have to just be near them or will you have to physically go through it?
  2. Great mod, probably the only saucer mod for ksp and the looks are great. I like the variation of the classic flying saucer. Only problem is it tumbles in reentry sometimes.
  3. Good news: I figured out how to resize the cables! Problem is, I can't land any planes on carriers because the park feature in Heisenberg (or buffalo?) doesn't work after you go back to the space center. The airship just falls down, in this case, into the sea. Also @panarchist's Lindy Kerman is the wrong airship: its actually the default Heisenberg.
  4. after managing to get the essex in the air, it sadly crashed into a mountain in the desert. I havent tried landing a plane on it yet, should be fun.
  5. how do i make the cables on the essex shrink? they are really big and its kind of annoying
  6. Well, KSP loads now, but now the wildblue parts won't load even though I downloaded everything, hangar extender broke, the Essex deletes itself and the ACA only loads the Enterprise. What the hell.
  7. I've had an idea of an airship to make with this mod: I figure I can use infernal robotics for the moving parts and the colors with, MCPJ, I suppose? There's also other carriers but I'll do those later. Now, the problem here is that after installing all the mods for @panarchist amazing designs above, ksp won't work. Does hesienberg conflict with those mods? I figure the mods might mess with each other, ksp works when I delete them all.
  8. Woah, thanks! I'll make sure to check them out later, once I install all the mods.
  9. Thanks, it'd be awesome to try and use the new flight deck pieces with them!
  10. @panarchist Do you have any download links for those carriers you made? The Essex looks awesome, and I can't make any airship at all.
  11. Try putting the gondola in the middle of the airship instead of the front, along with other heavy items such as a hangar, and try to spread the amount of lift equally on the front and back of your airship. Remember that airships are going to need symmetry or they will tip over.
  12. I didn't know whether to put this here, tweakscale, or aircraft carrier accessories, bur how do i make the arresting wires small enough to fit on an airship? I think i need to make a .cfg file, but how do I make it, what do i put in it, and where do i put it?
  13. Hi. I downloaded this mod with CKAN after changing my version of ksp to 1.3.0, and the preloaded ships dont have container docking ports (the claw things.) Do i need to do something different to get them? Never mind, the claw is used for tugs, rip
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