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  1. Solved, just had to wipe the KSP folder clean and reinstall it, just reinstalling ksp from steam won't work .
  2. Problem: I have not tested the issue in unmodded ksp, but after installing (and later uninstalling) RP-1, I have no DV shown for engines. Logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zp1SoZ7RPpqtxlCVD7dxf53HVJN7BMv2/view?usp=sharing Image: Mods installed: KSPIE, USI/MKS, Galaxies Unbound (all of the addons)
  3. It's more of a physics question probably but why does the rocket after launch starts moving (or lagging behind) kerbin? Shouldn't it retain it's motion after launch? Why does it go in the opposite direction of the planets rotation?
  4. Last one was "Build singular sentence without using the first letter of the English lexicon." This time we are doing the great letter K! So, rules: The sentence must Include the great letter "K". Try not to repost someone else post. that's it! Cool badge! Take it if you want, its free!
  5. Named after this mouse in a cartoon with the same name Geronimo, little me misspelled Geronimo for Jeronimo. My name is literaly an orthographic error.
  6. The periodic table song, because I definitely don't have a science test on all element by the end of the year, right? Mozart's Turkish march
  7. and complaining about the differences from KSP1 to KSP2... i guess
  8. probably to casual for KSP1 players but to hard for new players, which means Rest In Peperoni KSP2. unless if they will make it casual, not ultra hard, casual, because most people have hands and mind growing not from the shoulders...
  9. Alright there, the advertisments will make every kids below the age of 10 (unless a nerd) go like "waaaooo... dis gwaphicz ale amaling... aned thew isw expwosion..." and then after buying the'll be "dwis gaem isw howwithle, itw's twoo hrad, i cwant ewen lawunch a wocket to jwuul. twats not fwornight, i cwant beelwd a skyswapper in wree sewonds, i wneed two uze my bwain. I'w wather pley footknigwt sezon twen" ... maybe i just need to parody 9 year olds but not play on OM (orbital mechanics) but again, a nerd like me will indeed enjoy it (until first SSTO challenge).
  10. how many salty 9 year old kids will come to ksp2 and give a one star review because it "twoo hrad"? ... a lot...
  11. my mega weapon is ready... 78(+) (releases hammer and sickel)
  12. once there will be a pre-order, what would i get for pre ordering it?
  13. Banned for responding more than 3 times in a row.
  14. going to use it as a meme, thank you... example:
  15. Great, now we just need a cake in KSP... like a part...
  16. Banned for having a Rocketeer rank, but not a custom one.
  17. Banned for complaining about someones likes.
  18. Banned for disrespecting old memes. P.S suffer with the comic sans font.
  19. Banned for not misspelling a single word.
  20. I found out how to clean browsing history on Yandex(tm) from content... like... download online for free without sms and registration 10 hours of "Revenge"
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