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  1. https://github.com/hmelioo/Lazarus/releases/tag/1.2.1 1.2.1 out now!
  2. v1.2.1 will be coming soon to fix major bugs, will also add LIMITED parallax support as full support will release with 1.3
  3. https://github.com/hmelioo/Lazarus/releases/tag/1.2 V1.2 - TRANSCEND OUT NOW!
  4. I’d wait until the update, it’s just around the corner now!
  5. Yes, my work flow on this mod tends to be pretty inconsistent so just hang on a little longer lol That sounds like a bug with parallax, I plan on removing support for it entirely in this next update due to so many issues I have with it
  6. still working just haven’t shown much, working on the soundtrack currently now that i actually know music theory completely
  7. THEIA/PSEUDOTHEIA - The result of a space time glitch causing the mass from the impact to remanifest itself into a Lagrange point 2 object around Earth/Scythe. The moon of Scythe has been lost, alongside most of the mass of it’s core. (Extremely experimental map method! I decided to hand draw most of the features and use my old method for detailing, I’d say it turned out really good! I might continue this in the future)
  8. Update 1.2’s final name and WIP changelog Lazarus 1.2 - Pseudotheia Current changelog: Poltergeist updates (5th terrestrial word, Galilean moons, extreme facelifts to existing worlds) General visual updates Ulor updates 14-Lumini (Aegir+Dimidium+other worlds) POSSIBLY the Ur system, though this may not make it to 1.2 All updates from the former Chromaticity Moons of Theremin Other updates TBA System replacer, I thought about doing it as an interstellar pack but that would basically render all of my home system efforts useless
  9. It looks like they got deleted or something, not from a rule break but from just age i guess
  10. Lazarus 1.2: Transcendence is now in main development
  11. I don’t have another black text version of this image yet, but it says Lazarus: Parallax Edition. The number of worlds right now is a little overwhelming to add parallax scatters to, so to combat this there will be two versions: Lazarus (Main version) Lazarus: Parallax Edition Parallax edition will feature only the home system and the smaller planetary systems with parallax while the main version will have every system just without parallax
  12. Might want to put this in development instead until its actually ready for release
  13. Should be, during testing it seemed possible but very difficult in the next beta I’m going to lower the gravity slightly to make sure it’s not frustratingly hard
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