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  1. [snip] Can you ignore or block at this place? ---- There is a difference between support and development of new features. If the new studio or publisher decides to go into BAU development and not work on new features or bugs, then yes, the game would be dead and gone. However, my point was this article is the only source that has mentioned a confirmed source and the publisher, and that it offers new details into their plan.
  2. https://www.gamedeveloper.com/business/take-two-confirms-kerbal-space-program-2-is-safe-despite-seattle-layoffs some hopeful news. . .
  3. False I am feeding the unofficial docs into an open source and free to use LLM that uses the contents of the documents as a form of RAG. The code generated from this model is 100% mine and I can license it how I see fit. Regardless, my intentions are to make this free as a modding tools for the community.
  4. Long Long time lurker, 4 time poster. Heh. I came to this thread seeking clear documentation to augment a language model aimed at facilitating KSP2 code generation for modding (side note: the quickest way to code a mod is to have an LLM help you do it). Instead, what I found is a climate that dampens the spirit of collaboration and innovation. The overt cynicism from a vocal minority of users has really derailed the overall intent of this thread. Why invest time and energy to bring others innovation, problem solving, and exploration down? Especially when producing as many potentially viable software candidates as possible is what is inarguably best for the game. As a seasoned KSP1 enthusiast with over 1000 hours and a senior engineer in machine learning, I urge us to foster not just intra-game collaboration but also cross-game interactions between KSP1 and 2. This approach is crucial for the growth and health of our beloved game. I challenge everyone here to encourage all avenues of growth. Dismissing ideas and projects prematurely stifles the very creativity we rely on to build something remarkable. Let's iterate, explore, and support each other in this journey.
  5. Today, I wrote a memo to the dev team. In it, I outlined two roadmaps for how to build intelligent tools on the same technologies underlying GPT architecture. (for context I am a patented engineer who works at a large financial technology corporation in AI leadership). With proper model and data implementations, accompanied with an effective engagement campaign, it will be possible to build tools such as 'prompt to planet' or 'prompt to mission' software. Imagine the power and creativity of today's 'prompt to art' generative models. Users and developers, alike, could use a generative tool to build the worlds in KSP2 that we explore. Community engagement will be vital to explore these possibilities, the modding community is a wonderful resource for development, innovation and 'proof of concepts' . . . However, the publisher, developer, and official community organizers have the most power to organize the resources needed to collect data required to build these tools. We should implore them to help. In the end, it does not matter how, but I sure do want to experience and use them. For instance: If we send out a tweet to give away a free 'KSP2' title to 5 random people who tell us what type of planet they 'dream of visiting' in EA. With enough reach, the responses will be 'gold'. They are prompts for training, and data to tabularize for the in-game parameters. As a community we could use this information to build the first parts of a dataset used to build new worlds and planets to explore. Just like to see amazing art build from AI we could explore amazing worlds built from our models. I am curious to understand and gauge the interest in being a part of a community project to build these worlds. We will need people with coding skills, machine learning passion, and science influencers to advertise and build momentum for an open-source project and data collection campaign. Discus . . .
  6. I am excited for the new possibilities of content integration and automated worlds that are just as detailed as some of the AI generated art we see today.
  7. What an eloquent and precise sentiment. This. 1000% this. To those who somehow feel angry or frustrated, I hope you gain perspective and gratitude for a team that clearly cares (a lot) and is achieving what we, literally, dreamed of. “Where expectations lie, gratitude cannot be.” Thank You!
  8. I would like to propose the development teams and decision makers are able to take this one step further. I hope KSP2 has a developer mode of sorts that would enable a local API with authenticated access to vehicle controls, vessel state, etc. KRPc mod allows you to build full fledged UI programs (inside and outside of the rendered in game UI) in several popular programming languages. For instance, I am able to build and implement python module running on a local RaspberryPi which controls in-game very long duration burns. Some of which are required for electric powered thrust. I activate my auto pilot which keeps the vessel on course, rotates for optimal solar dispersion and manages energy consumption. Others, like the streamer GiantWaffle created landing scripts that launched, orbited and landed rockets, all with just KSP, KRPc and python. With one of the obvious usages of Kerbal Space Program being in STEM education. I can't imagine lower hanging fruit than to accompany a well thought out API with educational and corporate partners. I am available for a resource as to how I would construct this API what would be the possible interface, reception and control points. Otherwise, I look forward to coding my first rocket's docking procedures. ;-) As others, I can't wait to explore the world of science and entertainment you are creating.
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