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  1. Hey, im also having a problem Near Future Cosntruction. When opening the game, I get an error that LH2OCryo tank type don't exist. I have tried messing with the files, and I think I traced the problem to the tanktypes file on the patches folder, but i was unnable to fix it, so here's my log: KSP.log So, update on this, it was some of the Kerbalism SIMPLEX extensions, no idea why or whitch one of them was.
  2. I have tried reinstalling both via ckan and downloading it directly, and also cryotanks and cryoengines, but didn't work in any case So, update on this, it was some of the Kerbalism SIMPLEX extensions, no idea why or whitch one of them was.
  3. Hey, im also having problems with B9partswitch and Near Future Cosntruction. I have tried everything in this thread but i was unnable to fix it, so here's my log: KSP.log
  4. So, after seeing a lot of hand-made controllers out there, I finally had the courage (and the financial situation) to want to start making my own, and I want to document the process, even if it ends in failure (I haven't discarded this outcome yet). During this last week, I have done some research on the matter, and I have found a lot of good sources and tutorials for how I can accomplish this goal. I also looked up the parts I want to use, and, despite being a little hard to find some things like the joystick and screens (as someone living in Brazil, with little to no knowledge of where to buy this kind of electronics online or not), there is still one part that I haven't been able to find a good one to buy or any tutorial on how to make one: the throttle thingy (stick, acelerator, controller, I really don't know even what to call that thing lol), though I suspect making one will involve potentiometers and such. So I want to ask anyone who might know something on this matter if you know any good tutorials or where to find this kind of thing. I am looking to make or acquire one that looks like the ones in the game (the only ones I found are more like the airplane ones). Apretiate any help or ideas in any aspect. (I'll make a cardboard model of what I'm thinking later this week and post it here, but for now, I'm really concerned about the throttle thing.)
  5. I've tried reinstalling, but unfortunately it didn't work, though i noticed that only some clouds have this problem, there is som clouds working as intended.
  6. Hello, i ahve a heavly modded instal and im having problems with Kerbin Clouds. The visual mods i have installed are: Eve Astronomer's Visual Pack Scatterer 0.723 DistantObject PlanetShine I dont have the stock configs for EVE installed (it conflics with AVP). https://imgur.com/a/Q64Rbv2
  7. Hello, just a quick question: Is there a way to increse the brightness of the metalic parts? I tried the ambient light boost on settings but it has little to no effect on metalic parts
  8. Hi, im having an weird bug that idk if its related to EVE or Scatterer. https://imgur.com/a/cKX2ZyO I tryed using a prior version of EVE but i got the same problem.
  9. Hello. So, im having a little issue with the Strut Connector and the Fuel Duct, i can place them on the craft, but when i try to connect the other end it just bugs out and not connect or take the section to which i was trying to atatch it out of the vehicle. I looked at the common issues and searched a bit on the intertet but i havent found anything about it.
  10. Ok, now im having another bug. the Planets with atmosphere looks fuzzy from a far. I tryed unninstalling scatterer and it solved it so i think it is the cause.
  11. Eu por exemplo não faço ideia do que é GIT, mas posso olhar depois. Minha maior limitação agora está sendo meu PC, vou tetar arrumar mas a grana tá curta. Se vcs quiserem podem começar sem mim kkkkkkkkkkk
  12. Mesmo que rode em PCs que rodam o 1, vou precisar de uma atualização massiva nas minhas peças. kkkkkkkkkk Mas o trailer quase me fez chorar, não fico empolgado assim desde o Star Wars 8.
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