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  1. the "european union" doesn't have "lawyers" (they are the judges..................................). anyway; not arguing, you obviously know better about the details then the people you have been nicely trying to explain to.... "GIMME BACK MEH METADATA". what can not be argued; is that frogs are way kewler then the people who make billions perversely harvesting data, by way of exploiting people AND within law, as i believe we are from the beginning very much already in agreement with.
  2. IF your CoM is considerably above aero (and in the center "horizonatally looking") - then could be 1.8 ? - i have put MASSIVE fairings and TWR of up to ~3 etc (but sometimes you have to launch straight up obviously until atmosphere gets more sparse....) so i don't understand why that would be a problem. (dunno why it would "flip out" (as opposed to "curve to be downward pointing") also, but would be dependant on word definition.) if you have had no problems up until 1.8 then this would be suggestive also IMO - as maybe a 1.8 bug in some parts interaction because your rocket is complicated... (may be resolved with different parts or if you built it again ?). (unless your TWR was way too low in the first place ?)
  3. also don't forget for bug ironing - game crash > log > view data > "fix".
  4. the detail being that this information is generic, and as you should know... can not be omitted due to computers being computers (i.e. without an identification number, then the unidentified people behind the number wouldn't even be able to access the bits of the internet that they wanted............). an ip address can identify a location, a location AND a ip address, IF PERMITTED BY REGULATORY AUTHORITIES (being "a non corperate entity who have better things to do with their time then looking at boring metadata") can identify a household; not a person; this is not a privay violation................................................................................................. and it's written in international law; so i don't really know what else to say.
  5. /\ this. but adding to that > the remaining 10% would be superior in every respect to the europeans... also for reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentinelese
  6. yes it is... and it's not an argument, it's the law: this is not in metadata.... - once harvested it is in a metapile in a server somewhere the quantity of information beyond which ones natural brain can not comprehend and can not BEYOND DOUBT (law) be attributed back to person. - get 5 random persons metadata piles (as opposed to the BILLIONS that is being collected) and the 5 people who it is derived from, and you won't be linking them back correctly, even if you are highly educated. (get 5 tinfoil hat persons metadata and you successrate may well 0% how fruity the metadata is going to be...) (you can know this is true if you share internet with someone and see you get advertised by way of their history).
  7. it's ALOT better according to my research but they had +20 years or something to develop it...
  8. oops sorry... makes you wonder what these people do with their computers huh ? it is not a "privacy violation" because it is not about the person see "metatdata" "data about data" > if was personal it wouldn't be "meta". ("personal information" is freely available by facebook anyway......................................................).
  9. with built in parachutes and mid air detachment from seat availability and also kerbal life jacket...
  10. it gives them their fix so they will buy #2 #3 etc. when is KSP3 coming out anyway ? do you guys know (i heard there was going to be motorboats, aliens, clouds and black holes in it ???).
  11. can you get rid of this please (moaning) https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/189094-repetitive-unity-crashes-18-mun-surface/ thanks
  12. 1.8 was stuck on my "will download later" list so i had to activate it somewhow that i can't remember, but hopefully the above will sort it for you.
  13. windows 10 is great put your tinfoil hat away. look - it's boring metadata; yes they collect everything and then some, and people get "profiled" - but how many fishes are there in the net ? you need to understand how completely insignificant it actually is. WHAT I WILL TELL YOU THOUGH: think about how interesting the juicy metadata behind the IP and DNS block secret more appealling metadata is; that's going to be some real juicy metadata though!.
  14. you stop buying noodles if they taste bad, and report pickpockets to the police. (clue: you don't own the noodleshop, like you don't own the software (that you have paid for the privelege to use (IN IT'S ENTIRETY) OR yes; you don't use it (on the basis you have no grounds for argument) and do something more productive with your time...
  15. The Age of Enlightenment (also known as the Age of Reason [sarcasm] or simply the Enlightenment [sarcasm])[1][2] was an intellectual and philosophical movement that dominated the world of ideas in Europe during the 18th century, the *"Century of Philosophy" (*as according to mathematicians... anyway (...sarcasm)) how come the greeks knew about microbiology prior to microscopes ? (or computers... (on "institutionalised narcissism") because you know when plato did it already, then immitating it again thereafter x100, through time doesn't infact mean "you did it too" (- it just means you are a egotist). ...and here we are today. so you need to get it back to when they didn't charge people interest for loans etc... / "do what plato did" BUT instead "wipe out the "age of egotism" (people are going to be butthurt) AND whilst not destroying capitalism (whilst meanwhile teaching kerbals to "stop being capitalists"). or else when wendigo is freed from the pyramid then hell on kerbin etc etc
  16. didn't think about that; thankyou! (nor that the sun is just a big polygon in the sky...).
  17. "ding ding round 2." 1 / 1a) yes you did, you just didn't read the small print. 2) then turn your internet off; kerbals is a single player game... (you want "compensation" for subjectively choosing to play on computer games whilst leaving your internet on ???) 3/ 3a) here you go - https://unity3d.com/legal/privacy-policy 4) potentially... being very neurotic (might also get hit by a bus.) 5) they don't need to do this, so why would you expect them to do this, when you are already in agreement with them ? i wish you well trying to take an algorithm to the supreme court (not that if that was even possible, it would have a case to answer...)
  18. so they think that microsoft is less "smart" then a "developer, publisher and marketer of interactive entertainment" ?. damn pesky .txt eating up my 50mb/s internet "GRRRRR" - i would have totally got that headshot...
  19. i dunno, but it liquided me off because it sounds very much like "marketing spiel" and people who buildspace ships shouldn't be spieling. i bet you are right and they referenced the 150mT as absolute max, as you say; by way of "not infact being able to reclaim pieces due to not having the required propellant", ...and then all the nonsense is to "save face" (because it's embarrassing being 33% out and getting called out by morons like myself.). the "comparing with other rockets" is complete nonsense though; they should have come out and said "our guys shouldn't have been telling you that" it can actually transit payloads of [X]mT.
  20. well no because they have pictures of kerbals looking down sticks etc - do we get to pick up sticks and look down them with kerbals ???. "i like the bit about flying spaceships, but i could not pick up a stick so GIMMEZ MY MONEY BACK" (further to this point you don't even get to see the pictures prior to buying the game, so it would be nice for the pretty pictures to not be degraded)
  21. thankyou; one (without knowledge...) would assume - that with a fps (with solid ground), "graphics" can be pre-rendered from prest ?, whereas in space there is no ground and thus light rendering has to be more "on the fly" due to dimensions omitted by the "solid ground" ("preset gun with sun above" vs. rotating spaceship, sun location "undefined" etc ?) - i.e. some [terminology] about multidimensional lighting equations in kerbals would be more complicated then a grass and sky scene or no ? or is that todo with CPU processing ? thanks.
  22. you obviously don't read the small print... what do you mean by "aiming at someones head" exactly ?
  23. instead; how about the rocket that people are talking about ? oh right; 100mT is much less then 150mT... that's very "true" maybe it would be helpful to try focus more on the reusable configs and then not get the numbers 33% out ?
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