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  1. I'm doing an scenario where I have to jump from planet to planet without orbiting. So, I'm looking for a mod that helps me set up the trajectory during a flyby. Thanks
  2. The part is attached to a service module, living quarters, etc. It seems that I forgot to add the decouplers when I was adding the part. I will try with option 1, because the part that I marked on the screenshot was the only one I forgot to add the decoupler. I was "decoupling" all the parts when I notice that I miss one :S. May be I can destroy only that. And if that doesn't work, I'm going to cheat it
  3. Ok, so I built this nice station and landed it on Bop. The problem is that I forgot to add a decoupler to the lander/transport rocket. Is it possible to modify the configuration to delete it? I don't want to run the whole mission again.
  4. yup that was the problem, I needed 2 engineers :S That is the reason I will never build a real space station (between many others), I don't read the instructions
  5. Yeah, the option is there. But when I click it says that I need a engineer inside the module to inflate it.
  6. No, actually its not inflated. I want to transfer an engineer to inflate it.
  7. Sorry for a probable repeated question. I have created a new space station with an Inflatable Habitats. But I can't move/transfer the kerbals to the habitat How can I move/transfer a kerbal to it? thanks
  8. Ok, so a Macbook Pro is not a gaming laptop, I'm the first to admit that. But its a Core i7 with 16GB of RAM and a Radeon Pro 555X 4 GB. Its more than enough for the game requirements. Saying all that, the loading windows take a lot of time (4 or 5min). Also after playing for 2 hours, the game starts to lag and the ships start to move frame by frame. This happen specially with the big ships. Is there any configuration file to change? Give more resources to the game, etc. Normally, I only have the game open when I play, so there are resources available. Thanks
  9. I'm doing one of the missions of the new pack. Basically there is a rover on Minmus that needs to be fixed and then moved to a waypoint. So first I put the solar panels and the batteries, move it, but it doesn't complete the mission. Later I added the command seat (I thought that a kerbal need to move it), move it, but again doesn't complete the mission. I run over the waypoint several time and use the science junior experiment, but it doesn't complete the mission. Any suggestion, something that I'm doing wrong?
  10. I have a question. I don't play using mods, just the stock game. If I install/copy the mod it could mess with my current builds? Like parts of a space station missing or miss matching, something like that? Thanks,
  11. Ok, so basically this time I should consider the rendezvous with Moho like a mission to intercept something in Kerbin's orbit. I need to consider Kerbol as Kerbin and the debris I need to intercept is Moho. I guess the interception time will be longer. That is what I get for doing multiple missions at the same time :S
  12. I'm trying to intercept Moho for a mission. Basically to create a new outpost. So far so good. I used the transfer calculator to get the time for the transfer and left Kerbin 10 days prior to the best window. I thought that I would need to use more dV than usual. When I tried to do the burn to get on the same inclination as Moho, I found that it was going to be on the other side of the orbit (see the image) Is there any way to fix the transfer? Thanks
  13. Just wanted to let you know that I was able to come back from Eve . I end up using less than half the dV from my previous test. Thank you all for your help.
  14. @Snark and @jimmymcgoochie thanks for the quick reply. So I tried to force an encounter and got the trajectory. Although, I got a ton of dV, it wasn't enough. I guess, I'm not in the best position for the encounter. Most of the trajectories, I found, lasted more than an year. But if I wait one more year for the transfer window the trip should last 190 days ~. So, I will try it on the future. Meanwhile, I'm sending probes to Eeloo and Moho
  15. Ok, this is the first time playing in Career mode, basically first time playing the game and I need some recommendation. I have started venturing outside the Kerbin influence. I don't have any mod, but I'm using the calculators to reach other planets: https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/#/Kerbin/100/Eve/100/false/ballistic/false/1/1 https://ksp.olex.biz/ So, I have reach Eve without problems. I have more than 5600m/s of delta v. I tried to overestimate the fuel. One of my problems, is that rotating inverse? or rotating to Eves retrogade I have a few questions: - Should I change the direction of the rotation of the ship? - I understand the Ejection angle and the Phase angle (although I'm eyeballing most of the time), how can I measure the ejection inclination? - Without any other mod, is it possible to get this angles? - How should I return to Kerbin? BTW, Its the year 30 and day 147. The calculator recommends the best window will come on the year 31 day 51, but I'm trying to force the return. Thanks
  16. I'm not sure if this part of the forum is appropriate for this question. I was playing a mission to ferry some tourist around Minmus and while in orbit I decided to do an EVA. I let got the ship and my kerbal fly away :S. Is it possible to do a crew transfer between ships, if I put them near enough? Or I need to do an EVA to get a pilot to jump from one ship to the other? Or I should cancel the mission get the reputation reduction and train new crew? Thanks
  17. Hey guys, I just started playing ksp and I have a ton of questions. But I would like to ask about the technology tree, I don't want to mess up more than it is now. I don't know which technology should I select. I'm incline with the fuel system.
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