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  1. Well, I really thought we'd be seeing something today, my hype was raging I guess it'll be a week long thing rather than a two week thing.
  2. I wonder about the wording of this. Does this mean no live streams, or no video at all? If it's no video at all, the 'content' bit can only refer to screenshots? I would have expected there to be videos. I'm thinking of what happened with the other game I play a fair bit of, Football Manager. Content creators were given early access, and were allowed to make videos, and were given specific instructions on what they could show, and when they could show it. I guess there's something similar to that in place here.
  3. Of course official pictures can be spoilers. It's not where the pictures come from that's the issue, it's what's in the pictures. I, personally, don't think these pictures are spoilers, but I can't speak for everyone. Popping them in spoiler frames isn't hard, and it'll give people a choice of whether or not to see it. It seems like a 'no lose' suggestion?
  4. I guess they'd have given people different bits of the game to focus on as well? Might have a couple of people exploring Kerbin, some people going to Mun, some to Minmus... just to mke the videos a bit different?
  5. Let's not bicker. Do we think we'll start getting preview videos from Monday? One a day from each person at the event? Or will they have 3 / 4 a day from a week Monday? ....
  6. I completely agree with the intent behind this, but to direct it at this picture is a little extreme. It's the main menu, can you really call it a spoiler?!? There's a bit of VAB stuff, but we've seen the VAB in previews already. And you'd have to have the magical TV style zoom in and enhance to see anything anyway.
  7. Oh wow, now my hype is going crazy!! Any chance of an early early access??!?!
  8. How do they get the rating? Do they have to submit a finished / playable version of the game to someone to have a look at? Is this the rating for the EA version, and they'll have to resubmit when each 'extra' bit gets released? I have no idea how it works!
  9. Is the stuff playing behind ShadowZone stuff we've seen before? Or are we getting an extra sneaky sneak peak? Some of it is either really old and I've forgotten about it, or it's new.
  10. I may be talking rubbish, but I think it's been a few different shades in the previews. I wouldn't feel confident saying for sure what colour it's going be when KSP2 is released, it may be closer to the original than we think it's going to be.
  11. Ok, my hype levels are absolutely going up! I have said in the past that I wouldn't watch any videos or anything before playing and exploring in the game myself, but I don't think I'll be able to stick to that! I just hope they don't show anything too spoilery, and tbh I don't think they will. I'm sure they'll have been told pretty much exactly what they can and can't show.
  12. I'd prefer to see an explosion that actually looks like an in game explosion, rather then something that looks like a crap photoshop, which is what that looks like? It's like the scene is there and they've dropped a graphic over the top. It doesn't look like the explosion happened on the launch pad. It look like two completely separate scenes badly chopped together. There's no interaction at all.
  13. Exactly this (except the bit about it being quality work - it's really not). The explosion is being treated as completely seperate from the surrounding space? The light from the explosion isn't being cast on the KSC at all. There's no evidence of impact from the shock wave on anything. It looks a graphic superimposed onto the scene.
  14. I mean, saying "No, I don't want VR support in the game" is bit stronger than I'd like to put it. I'm not interested in it, and would never use it, but I'm not against it being there for others to use? That option makes it seem like I'm campaigning for it not to be in the game, but I'm not, you know?
  15. The one on the right is better. Forgive my silliness, butis that something you've done? The one on the left looks like they've used the terrain tool for the clouds Darn it. They're just white mountains cut off before they reach the ground. And the water looks crap as well. But, again, I guess we don't know when these were done, or what's been changed since. I still hold out hope that they're making it look rubbish so we're wowed when we actually play and visit the places. My belief in that is dwindling though. Just one shot, just one, where it looks good. Or at least, where it doesn't look rubbish. Just show us a high res KSC, and a bit of surrounding terrain and sky. That wouldn't be spoilery would it?? This looks promosing? Way better than that left hand pic. You could argue this shows clouds, and mist / fog (which I know is really just a cloud as well, but still). Now I don't know what to think
  16. No it isn't, by definition. It's Early Access. Proper release will be when the game gets to v1.0 or whatever they call the first non-EA version.
  17. I'm torn on this. Will they really want to attract new players to an EA version of the game? Or is the EA version for us, and they'll hype up the marketing and publicity when the game is coming up for 'proper' release?
  18. I almost put this in a previous post, but I felt it would lessen the point I was making. We could be seeing 'dialled down' graphics because they want preserve the 'wow factor' for when we actually play the game. It'd be so much more impactful if the first time we see the full, high-res landscapes etc is when we actually land on a planet / moon. It's probably wishful thinking, but I REALLY hope it does turn out like that.
  19. This seems to have a much less harsh day / night line? It blends a lot more than we've seen previously.
  20. This is the video I was thinking about, and if my web-fu has been good enough, I should have linked the video below at the point where Jordan Pack is saying "the planets are going to be cool, everyone's going to like the planets, they'll be the driving factor for exploration in this game". So yeah, I don't think it was a stretch for people to think that the planets would look better than they have in the recent videos.
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