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  1. It wasn't today, but I bought a 1978 Datsun 200SX for my 18th birthday It's not mine, but I don't really feel like faffing around with moving pictures around, so here's an identical one
  2. 'why the hell are you showing us this? You should be working on your math! I've been driving for 30 years, don't tell me how to do these things! If you want to have your car fixed, you should have gotten an appointment made!' -my mother Got into a shouting match with my parents. For some reason, I'm being ungrateful. HOW?? I'm paying for this, it's taken MONTHS. It's been NEARLY 10 MONTHS since this has been an issue, I'm paying for the damned thing-all of it!-and they're yelling at me FOR BEING UNGRATEFUL. HOW does this make any sense? This took nearly a YEAR to address, this was serious issue, it could have resulted in serious damage to the car or me, yet I'm being ungrateful for HOW LONG IT TOOK TO FIX. It would have taken my parents months to have taken care of this if it wasn't for me bringing this up again and again, they had no plans to get this fixed! I'm just done with them. They took my phone (that I bought and paid for) deactivated my number (a phone plan that I am paying for) they took my debit card and denied me access to my bank account (not a single dollar in that account is from them. I have earned every damn dollar myself. I've bussed thousands of tables and spent hundreds of hours lifeguarding. They made me pay my medical bills when I slipped and hit my head (I was walking to church like the asked me to!) bam. $3,330 wasted on a 'teaching moment'. $500 for new tires that needed to be replaced months ago (I crashed in the winter...turns out using bald summer tires in the middle of winter isn't that great for driving!) another $1,700 down the drain on something that was completely avoidable. They take my phone (once again, I bought it!) for the slightest things (how am I supposed to schedule an appointment for my car when they don't allow me to spend any more+take my phone?) I'm so done with them. I'm sick of this crap. I'm 17, not 7.
  3. Finally got the car into the shop after an insane amount of wrangling. The wheel bearing was out, along with the CV axle (passenger side). It should be done tomorrow, I'm going to ask the mechanics if they can estimate how close (if they're able to tell) they were to completely failing. Happy to finally have it fixed. The bill sucks, but it is what it is (gotta love that as soon as we run into maintenance it's 'Aaron's car' not 'our car' Thank you for the input. Honestly, if it weren't for just how bad you stressed this is, it would have been MONTHS before we would have taken it it. You (almost certainly!!) saved my car, if not my life
  4. Update: Got tires looked at today after I had one go flat. All 4 need to be replaced. 2 were past the safe limit, 2 had chord showing due to alignment...despite me telling my parents for months that we need to get the alignment checked. Currently have a donut replacing the flat. Going to take it in on Monday, will have new tires, alignment, oil change, brake replacement and that noise fixed (hopefully).
  5. It's been making that noise nearly a year now (been getting worse) the debit card and account are both in my name, but I am 17 so they do have full control over all my assets I have a mechanic friend, he's taking a look at the car for me, thank goodness!
  6. Yep. Front passenger side. Only makes the noise when I put a decent amount of pressure on the pedal. Hard to describe. A little bit of gas, no noise...a little bit more then a little and there's noise. It's a grinding sound. not yet. Parents take forever to get anything done. 1,000 miles past due an oil change. Also has been a week since my mother took (and lost) my debit card, has yet to call the bank to cancel it...
  7. Will look into it! Thank you very much, this may be just what I'm looking for
  8. Hey all-

    I may as well explain where I've been. Last summer, my girlfriend was in a car crash. For 2 weeks, she was on death's door, it was easily the worst two weeks of my life. She pulled through (incredibly happy, it was amazing the day she came home from the hospital!)  but that whole experience had completely shattered me mentally. Not long afterwards..she cheated. Left me. For two weeks, someone who meant the world to sat inbetween life and death, crossing over multiple times. Her heart stopped, her lungs stopped...but she kept kicking. By a sheer miracle, she made it! It was hell. It was pure hell to watch it. The experience is very hard to describe. And to see it all be almost pointless? That caring so much, being there was for almost nothing? It broke me. It broke my mind. Mentally, I was free falling. I became cynical.  Why care so much for someone, why go through so much pain all for that? I started drinking a lot. I became disillusioned with everything I ever was taught.  The monotone of school, the drudgery of winter, pain in relationships, friendships...It really wore me down. I'm getting better, I might be on here more often.  I went through a crucible of sorts. I shave my head, I took up boxing. It's helped some. But for now...that's where I've been. 

  9. Well, I've got an issue. 2012 Ford Fusion SE, 110,000 miles. When I make a left hand turn and apply gas during the turn, there is a grinding noise from my passenger side wheel. When I apply the gas gently/coast there is no noise. Possible driveshaft issue? I live in the midwest, so a salt/rust buildup is likely, but if it is that I don't understand why it only makes the grinding noise when I apply gas.
  10. haha...just saw this thread. Yep. We've had 200% our usual amount of snowfall this year. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow. Joy.
  11. Happy birthday bud!!! America! Old enough to die for an oil company, but still can't drink.
  12. Lewie

    DC trip

    Yep! SO. DANG. AMAZING. The meatgrinder sent shivers down our spines. Mad respect to those guys, rifle drill is tough!
  13. Lewie

    DC trip

    Hi all! I just got back from a trip to Washington DC. I don't post much anymore on the forums, but Idk just felt like sharing this. Got a glimpse at a couple Rivian RT1 trucks being transported around the outskirts of DC Our first day there we were lucky enough to tour 8th&I, the oldest Marine Corp barracks in the U.S. (this was a trip for my MCJROTC unit)
  14. Hey, more dev time is needed. Crunching+development hell is rough on devs, happy devs are people that want a normal work load, too and good-working devs. Take all the time you need, what you have shown so far is *amazing* we are happy to wait
  15. Привет. Меня зовут Аарон, я американец из русской семьи. Моя семья живет в Америке уже много лет. Прошу прощения за использование Google переводчика, в наше время в Америке мы потеряли связь со своими корнями. Я ищу, чтобы иммигрировать в Россию, чтобы вернуться домой. Есть ли у кого-нибудь советы по изучению русского языка/знания о процессе иммиграции в Россию?
  16. Buddy, I think we have that meme all around the world
  17. The devs rock! They don’t have to show us anything, and everything they do show is is awesome! Probably will be able to edit the files. It’s stupidly easy to edit lap’s music, there’s a fair chance that ksp2 will be the same/similar. The music used in ksp is royalty free, so you can get it no problem
  18. Lewie


    Does a set of all sets contain itself? Everything I say is a lie This statement is false New mission-Refuse this mission!
  19. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy This has got to be the most stressful part since launch
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