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  1. I heard that there are like, 2 upgrades for the LR-101 verniers, with one destined for Atlas 2 having less thrust due to a study showing that it could be controlled with less thrust. if such variants are real, will we get them as part upgrade configs? (no model changes)
  2. Incredible! question: how will the booster engines be like? (minus the atlas E/F ones that had completely seperate booster engines) will they be conjoined (shared pumps and everything and also shared GG for RS-56OBA) and then also standalone ones for kitbashing stuff or will they be just single?
  3. Wow, this is great! I love it when electrical engines get the love they deserve!
  4. I remember hearing about some small upper stage solids that could cause such combustion instabilities through an to me unknown way that the combustion stops did such a concept ever exist?
  5. there must be massive dry mass issues with your rocket, while I have experienced TWR issues with Saturn 1B launching historical payloads myself, never did it go below like 1.05 TWR
  6. that's the point, there is no reason to have ''C-8 not-NOVA'' it's just, some people ask for it, just because they like this conceptual abomination of a rocket
  7. tbh, what I would really like would be a sort of S-IC drylab where the crewed section is in the intertank section, this, coupled with Saturn 5-B (1.5 stage S-1C), leads to a pretty cool station
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