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  1. No I am speed - Lightning McQueen If you lie in bed at night without a single worry, should that worry you?
  2. Banned for asking questions as well
  3. Banned for refuelling KC-46A with diesel.
  4. Banned for not fueling the Tomcat
  5. Waiter: Nothing in the world I can do about that! (Leaves) Customer: Waiter! Get back here and look at this soup!
  6. What group of movies or tv series does NOT have prequels anymore? They need them to explain the poor cast of actors and epic plot fails of the originals.
  7. Banned for not using the internet for purely academic aspirations.
  8. Banned for pointing out anonymous support.
  9. There was a stunt kerbal named Matt Who liked to show off his new hat But one fateful day The wind blew it away Now Matt acts like a complete brat
  10. I counted one my mod forging friend. It could be your mind requires rest.
  11. Waiter: Oh my that will never do, we will get a moderator to ban that for you. Customer: Waiter! There is a spool of 14 gauge copper wire in my soup!
  12. Banned for not seeing the reviews normal forum users made.
  13. Neither. Aliens are the real culprits because the truth is out there. Why can't I decide if I actually liked the movie A Quiet Place Part II?
  14. Granted. You get to set in the front row watching an old drunk Irishman singing Limericks for 4 hours straight. I wish to know that which I currently do not know but will know in the future and should have known in the past.
  15. I don't think so @adsii1970 that was Z Nation. I believe The Walking Dead was where the zombies had more life than the plot. (Two for one special)
  16. Of course! And then they join a cult and become very strange and aloof. I wonder if they took thoseold records off the shelf?
  17. UnBanned so you can be Banned for self-banning
  18. Granted. You are the button on Morks suspenders. I wish things were better for everyone
  19. It's always a risk but with big risks come even bigger rewards. Should we come sliding into a room in socks holding a trophy now?
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