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  1. Personally I got this idea from watching Interstellar and beautiful made by shots on the hull of the ranger or lander or endurance. But I couldn't agree more with you, the expanse has beautiful shots. I'm pretty sure that we will get a camera over whole but I'd really like this part as a specific part, to place on your ship
  2. Sure did, I'm not currently playing because of potato PC who cannot handle the game with more than 30 FPS, but when I'll get my new monster, anyway, see you in KSP 2
  3. Norman ? And do really people say they "want their ceiling painted rouge" ? °-°
  4. Do you plan on playing again, why did you leave, do you know about KSP2 ? (Sorry for the rapid fire of questions :))
  5. Oops, didn't mean to... I'll take down the other one Why do you mean by "We do know about this, a day before release" ?
  6. I would love to see a "camera" part in KSP2. It would be a placeable anywhere part that could exist in 2 variants : -normal camera without any covers (maybe it can move) -the aerodynamic camera, protected by a streamlined shell around it, with half of it glass or another transparent material (in the direction where the camera is looking). This one cannot move at all, or maybe to some small degrees. gameplay in VAB/SPH : you would be able to place a camera anywhere, you would set it's inclination, rotation and field of view (I don't think adding to much camera stuff like aperture, color grading, focal length is a good idea, its KSP not KCP). You could rename the camera to know wich one is wich in flight (camera 1 --> booster cam; camera 2 --> lander cam; etc...) gameplay in flight : you would be able to use the camera as a camera mode ("V" to switch between them in KSP1), you could edit it's rotation and inclination on the fly for the first variant (not a necessary feature in flight). I think it would be interesting for some additional challenge to put an option in the options menu to prohibit usage of the other camera modes, other than the ones you put on your space craft ( so no "orbital; locked or free modes). I think this feature would open to a more cinematic side of KSP to a broader audience, that is also why I would like this feature as a Stock feature not mode, I am, however, absolutely ok with it being in an update later after the release but I guess the choice is yours
  7. So, I'm not sure if it was already addressed here, or on the Discord server, I couldn't find it so I'm going to assume it was not. I found similarities between the 3rd feature video's hidden message and the 4th's. In fact, I think the 3rd one is the incomplete version of the 4th, here is why. As you can see in the very beautifully and clearly edited images here : http://imgur.com/a/8LHLiFm the green (turquoise, whatever) represents the common parts between the two images, and we also see that the top section of the head in both images is 7 blocks wide, and under only 2. I don't think it's a coincidence. But the more interesting part is on the new image, the Kraken's arms are not finished, they stop abruptly at the end of the image, meaning that we could get a 3rd image in the 5th video either ending the message or continuing it (whether the release date is in more than 5 months or 10, because the feature videos appear to be posted every 5-6 months). Maybe the Kraken is holding a Space Ship, maybe it's part of the lore, maybe it's not. I think it's cool that the devs are giving us these small challenges/puzzles like that, even if some people think it's a marketing/hype thing. I mean it's Kerbal space program, and they made clear that they are continuing on the same spirit of the original game, it's pretty visible in the feature videos, I think they are having fun, I hope so. Anyway, thanks for reading, let me know what you think about this theory, if anyone reads this.
  8. Is the shadow of the planet on the rings not aligned with the sun of this system in the last seconds of the video? Is it just for looks (the sun I mean)
  9. Will we be able to set an action group (or the KSP2 equivalent of that) to turn the lights in a specific direction, this coupled with changing the colors on the go could be so good. I'm imagining a space plane with a docking lights mode, a landing lights mode and "where the is Jeb again, find him" mode...
  10. So the moon in the rings is just like our Earth's Moon, in some theories about the formation of our Moon, a small moon forms in the rings of Earth (it formation depends on the theory) and then, over time, collects the remaining material to form the Moon as we know it today. In one theory in particular, our early Earth is hit by a proto-planet (Theya I think it's called ?) could the molten lava spots be the still living scars of such an impact ?
  11. are the runways bigger ? because I think the KSP1 runway is a liiiiiiiiiiiitlle bit too short. Maybe in the other space centers the runways will be bigger :) no pressure tho. :) :) :) :)
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