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  1. Hello kerbonauts. It's been a while since I've posted any craft lately, so, I decided to just go ahead and break the silence INTRODUCING: The Dart (a.k.a the big paper plane) Specs: Mass: 18t | Cost: 23k funds | Height: 3.9 m (Including landing gear and tail fin) | Length: 15m | Wingspan: 14.5m Range: Around 2000km Takeoff speed: 100 m/s Max speed @ 10km cruising altitude: 200 - 400 m/s (varies with fuel level) Max speed during a power bomb (more info on that later): 550 - 870 m/s (again, varies with fuel level) Flight instructions: Accelerate up to 100 m/s and then pitch up until takeoff Retract langing gear and get to a 10° inclination Climb until you're 10km ASL Fly horizontally How to power bomb (optional): After you get to cruising altitude, pitch down Point SAS to prograde after you've picked up some speed Allow the flight computer to do the bomb (unless you get too below 3km above ground level, in case that happens, pitch up inmediatly) After the power bomb, turn SAS to stability assist and ascend back up to 10km like described before Landing instructions: Switch panther to dry mode and go to minimum throttle (press X and then Shift once) Enable airbrakes (B) Pitch slightly down until your altitude is of about 150 meters Cut throttle (X) Keep pitching up, firing the engine at minimum throttle to make adjustments if necessary If all goes to plan, you should be landed by this point Very important notes: Don't remove the oxidizer in the nosecone. It's there for stability purposes, to serve as a counterweight for the heavy engine on the back Don't shutdown the radiators. They serve to cool the engine and allow long operations of it (They should last for about an hour, although I've only tested this thing for 40 mins) Should you be away from the KSC, use Kerbnet to look for a flat spot to land on DON'T ATTEMPT WATER LANDINGS OR LANDINGS ON ROUGH SURFACES This is a good plane for career survey contracts (as long as it doesn't require a kerbonaut) or to get to the [SPOILER WARNING] It also provides some insane lift thanks to the FAT-455 wings (which I'm not sure are meant to be placed like this but oh well It also has remarkable Kerbnet capabilities thanks to the Mk2 frone core, which can be used to look for biomes or [SPOILERS AHEAD] KerbalX link (moar images there): KerbalX - Dart I
  2. Hello kerbonauts. Recently, after discovering how just beautiful Waterfall was, I decided to spice things up even more and get EVE Redux and Scatterer. After installing the mods, I launched KSP, all excited, but, as soon as I saw the title screen, I was... dissapointed Scatterer is obviously there (looking very beautiful) but there are no clouds. I assumed it was only a weird bug with the title screen, so I entered my career save to play and appreciate the vfx Nothing. And the EVE menu just says this It says pretty much the same for everything else, too. Honestly, idk what to do, as I already un-reinstalled, not to mention EVE has no dependencies (as far as I know). Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Nevrmind, I can't even upload a short low-res gif to the wiki cuz filesize
  4. Hello kerbonauts. Recently, I decided to take a look into the in-game Rosetta mission, as practice for some carreer comet contracts. I managed to get little Philae safetly atatched to 67P, and then just left time warp on cuz I wanted to see the comet tails (I completed the mission pretty much at comet apoapsis, and therefore couldn't see the tails yet) As the comet drew closer than Duna orbit, the tails appeared, but, oh boy. Comets are a lot more detailed than I once thought Apart from the two tail particle types, there apparently exist two more, these being jets (which periodically burst from the comet) and snowflakes (constantly emmiting from the comet itself) I couldn't find this documented this anywhere else, so I suppose I finally have something interesting to add to the wiki Props to the KSP team!
  5. Well, TECHNICALLY.... You still need to add jetpack plumes, as well as waterfall effects for kerbal helmet lights. I just... FEEL like we need 'em
  6. I know the following screenshots are KSP1, but didn't want to miss out hehe... FIRST!? WHAT!? Here are a few photos of a kerbolar eclipse from a contract sattelite that required mun orbit. No mods other than engine waterfall. Eclipse about to start. Must be one of my, if not my fav screenshot Half-kerbol covered, with the surface visible. Sattelite already in shade. Ditto, but no UI At this point, kerbol is pretty much no longer visible other than its atmosphere And it's gone!
  7. @linuxgurugamer it worked! Clearly, the O-10 and Dawn are working! RCS also works now And after turning infinite fuel on... All engines are working perfectly. Beautiful I like how the orange plumes match SRBs tysm for the help, and I suppose you can mark this as resolved and call a mod to lock it
  8. By hand. I guess I'll try to install manually one last time If it fails, I'll use CKAN. I just don't like it cuz this will likely be the only mod I'll ever use Thanks for the support tho
  9. I did the test, this happened The skipper has its glorious plume, but the reliant and swivel don't I then tried deleting the MM cache files, relaunched, loaded the craft again, and nervously hit the Z key Nothing changed My guess is I must've screwed something up while installing. However, I don't want to reinstall. If it helps, this is the output on the waterfall editor: Only the skipper effects show, which really adds up to the issue. On a craft with only non-plume engines (i.e a spark, which doesn't work for me currently) it outputs this: It simply can't see that it' meant to add a waterfall plume to the engine. Any non-reinstall solution based on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Ok, I already uploaded the craft at KerbalX - waterfall test As for actual testing, expect it a bit later, since I'll be a bit busy today Meanwhile, here are a few clearer screenshots of the problem: Terrier works, panther doesn't Whiplash doesn't work, but aerospike does
  11. Hello, kerbonauts. If you read the wiki, you've likely seen this icon () representing all fuels except xenon, as well as ore This icon is either outdated (as it was uploaded in 2014) or unnoficial, and I can't seem to find the source other than a user under the username of NWM, who also created the icons for intake air and xenon gas ( and , respectivetly), which have the same problems as the jerrycan icon. My point is, when you use advanced mode to filter by resource in the VAB, you get some nice, in-game official icons for each resource, which are apparently located at GameData\Squad\PartList\SimpleIcons along with the R&D tech tree icons. I'm searching for help to replace these old icons by the advanced mode ones. I also already took the liberty of uploading them into the following locations: File:Ablator icon.png - Kerbal Space Program Wiki File:Ec icon.png - Kerbal Space Program Wiki File:Intakeair icon.png - Kerbal Space Program Wiki File:Monoprop icon.png - Kerbal Space Program Wiki File:lf icon.png - Kerbal Space Program Wiki File:Oxidizer icon.png - Kerbal Space Program Wiki (already uploaded in 2015, but for whatever reason unused) File:Solidfuel icon.png - Kerbal Space Program Wiki (also already uploaded) File:Xenon icon.png - Kerbal Space Program Wiki
  12. at last, support Sure The log (idk why I'm uploading on github) JebVal/Waterfall-troubleshoot-JebVal: title says all (github.com) Gamedata:
  13. undrowning post Pls help. I can'0t stand having both plume packs at the same time
  14. Hello. I have recently started digging down the hole of modding, specifficaly, waterfall; as I fell in love with it after watching a few videos. I then realized that I liked the stock waterfall effects mod the most, and then installed B9 cuz dependencies. Most engines are not working The working engines are the following: Mamooth and vector Rhino Dart Skipper and mainsail R.A.P.I.E.R (both modes) Terrier and poodle Twinboar All other engines still have stock plumes Screenshots:
  15. Totally vectors. High TWR, radial mounting and a very good ISP at all altitudes
  16. He's the main guy with the job of keeping the community friendly, moving threads, merging posts, etc May I ask hoy you did it? I thought the limit for the best wheel was 80m/s motor and 100 m/s impact
  17. I have this boi: KerbalX - The racekar It's not very good at taking sharp turns (That's why it has winglets) but as for speed, it goes up to around 70 m/s (or 250km/h), which is almost the upper limit of stock wheels I'ts powered by fuel cells tho, so make sure u start 'em
  18. Sounds like KSP1 docking port drives lol I assume the code for "magnets" on the boots got inherited from the ports
  19. @AtomicTech thanks to my very scientific test, I have finally figured out which engines work. The list is below: Vector/Mamooth DART Rhino Mainsail Skipper Twin-boar RAPIER (both modes) Poodle Terrier All other engines, as well as all RCS thrusters have their boring particle plumes As for the light waterfall, I honestly have no idea
  20. Dependencies only. (Update: Aerospike arrarently works as well, I'll try to make a test by firing all engines at once)
  21. Here's a pic of the planned base design btw:
  22. Chapter II: Elipson K-bait Hello kerbonauts. Stuff has gone quite wrong with my plans for Elipson. First of all, It requires to be crewed with 3 scientists, which I don't want to doom (or potentially kill). Next, is the base is way too heavy, even for the Behemoth to lift, and while I could use 2.5m rockets, I don't feel like wasting so many funds. So yeah. Elipson will have to be suspended until the next Eve launch window . Anyways, with the transfer burns for Evenera II and the miner 80 days away, I decided to just time warp and do it. Yet again I forgot to screenshot Evenera II (at least for the escape burn, but you can imagine it ig). However, as I switched tothe miner, the kraken decided to play with it And a bit of burning later, we (almost) finally have our escape. (Evenera II is that probe with the red link to Minmus) However, my eve approach wasn't ideal for a Gilly mission, so I did a correction burn (not pictured sadly). I also planned my approach to Gilly
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