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  1. Kerbonauts! Your #KSP2WeeklyChallenge is.... Complete the Jool 5! * Primary goal: Launch a single-Kerbaled mission (only 1 spacecraft may depart Kerbin's SOI, but it can be built in Kerbin orbit) that passes through the SOI of all 5 of Jool's moons at least once before returning to Kerbin * Secondary goal: Same as primary, but land a probe on each of Jool's moons (the probes don't have to return) * Jeb-level goal: Same as secondary, but plant flags on Bop and Pol * Val-level goal: Plant flags on all 5 moons of Jool in one mission before returning safely to Kerbin
  2. AMA - Art Director Kristina Ness LIVE on KSPTV - 6/29 10am-11am PT We're hosting another KSP2 AMA! This time we're inviting our Art Director Kristina Ness to answer all of your questions about the game's animations, visuals, and artistic design. Ness oversees the art team and ensures the work they do stays true to Kerbal. Submit your questions below! Don't miss out!
  3. Hello Kerbonauts! This week, we challenge you to... Score a goal! Primary: Use a kerbaled vehicle to roll an uncontrolled spherical hydrogen tank under the KSC bridge. Secondary: Deliver a spherical hydrogen tank to the surface of the mun, and knock it through a Mun Arch. Jeb: Deliver a spherical hydrogen tank to the surface of Moho, and roll it into the Mohole. Val: After scoring the goal on Moho, return your kerbal safely to Kerbin.
  4. It is already listed on our website under the Game tab, and as always you can reach out to private division support with and KerbalEDU questions!
  5. Hello Kerbonauts! This week, we challenge you to... Build a Base! Primary: Land 1) a habitat that can hold at least 20 kerbals on the surface of the Mun or Minmus. It should have solar panels and at least one antenna Secondary: Land 2) a pressurized Rover that can hold at least 6 Kerbals, and 3) a communication and observation tower which is as tall as possible! Jeb: Use the same transport vehicle design (booster, transfer stages, sky crane, etc.) to deliver each of the previous base elements. Val: Build this base on a body outside Kerbin's sphere of influence. Tim C: Build this base within 1km of a unique point of interest e.g. the mohole, Dres canyon, Vall crevasse, etc.
  6. Hello Kerbonauts! This week, we challenge you to... Dock with Gilly! Primary: Land on Dock with Gilly. Stretch: Dock with Gilly, plant a flag, and return safely to Kerbin. Jeb: With just a jetpack, de-orbit, dock with Gilly, plant a flag, and return to your orbiting spaceship, then return to Kerbin. Val: As above, but capture into the Eve system by aerobraking.
  7. A lot of players have been able to do our challenges, so we look forward to your feedback if you experience any issues or success!
  8. Hello Kerbonauts! This week, we challenge you to... build a Space Station! Primary: Build a station by docking at least two Wayfarer habitat modules together in orbit around Kerbin. Secondary: Add a deployable solar panel truss and a fuel depot tank to your station. Jeb: Dock a transfer tug to your station and send it to orbit another planet. Val: Send a lander to your station that is reusable on the body the station is now orbiting.
  9. Kerbonauts! This week's #KSP2WeeklyChallenge is... Land on Moho! Primary goal: do a Moho flyby and take some screenshots from orbit! Stretch goal: land on Moho and return to Kerbin! Jeb-level goal: land a Kerbal in the Mohole... and then return them to Kerbin! Val-level goal: all of the above, but get your Moho intercept by using a gravity assist from Eve!
  10. Kerbonauts! The weekly challenge is... Dres! Primary: Land on Dres Stretch: Land in one of Dres' canyons and return safely to Kerbin Jeb: Land a rover on one side of the Dres canyon and jump the canyon. (You can use rockets to hop and cushion impact, but use wheels to gain speed) Val: Place a satellite in orbit within the outer gap in Dres' rings Good Luck and Happy Launching!
  11. Again? Well... I'll pass it onto @Deddly
  12. Hello Kerbonauts! This week, we challenge you to recreate the ESA Juice mission in #KSP2 and explore the moons of Jool! Primary: Visit Jool Stretch: Visit Jool and Tylo Jeb: Visit Jool, and all of Jool's moons Val: Use one or more gravity assists to complete the level 3 goal. Good luck!
  13. Hey everyone! Just to clarify a bit, this dev insight blog post is more targeted to the average KSP2 player - users who are not used to submitting detailed bug reports. We’re aiming to provide guidance on the format and information that is most useful to the team. Through multiple channels, we are getting a tremendous amount of reports and these are helpful for us to track frequency and severity. But some issues are hard to reproduce without specific information - so we’re hoping to bring in some of the outliers with this comms, while also providing insight into our QA process. For everyone who has submitted informative bug reports, we greatly appreciate it and they’d been directly responsible for some of the fixes present in recent updates.
  14. Hello there! This week, we've been inspired to build ships from our favorite sci-fi films/games! Your challenge is to build, as accurate as you can, a ship from one of your favorite Sci-fi movie or game. Do or do not, there is no try
  15. Hey Kerbonauts! Based off a real build test the devs did within #KSP2, we are challenging the community to... Build a Dragon! Primary: Build a dragon Stretch: Build a dragon that can breath fire Jeb: Build a dragon and launch it into orbit Val: Build a dragon with all the previous goals and fly it to another body in the Kerbol system.
  16. that would be correct! We of course assist each other on each platform. Haha sorry we couldn't get to your question in the AMA. I think Dakota did have a slightly more in depth answer about colonies in the AMA answers page.
  17. @Dakota does that mean we can have a green heart too, cause kerbal?
  18. Kerbonauts! We are hosting another #KSP2 Early Access AMA! Our Design Director, Shana Markham will be joining us, so please send us your game design questions! The AMA will be held at 10AM PDT on April 20th, on Discord. What is game design you ask? Here is Shana's explanation: Game designers shape the game experience by planning and collaborating on the creation of systems and content. As design director, I lead the design team and ensure that the work we are creating fits the creative director’s vision. KSP2 Game Designers are responsible for creating the systems, mechanics, and rules of the game such as: Tuning and balancing parts. ("What mass should this be?" "Does this engine trivialize a particular mission?") Writing and scripting tutorials. ("What do we need to teach? What are we teaching about reality and what are specific actions we need to teach for the game?" Reviewing and tuning celestial body characteristics. ("Is this atmosphere correct? Is this giving the gameplay we're intending?") Designing and tuning gameplay systems. ("How do players build colonies? What do we want them to manage? What actions do we want them to have?"
  19. Hello Kerbonauts! This week we were inspired by SpaceX's Starship! Primary: Build a Starship replica and fly it to orbit Stretch: Build a Starship replica and land it on the Mun Jeb Level: Fly a Starship replica to orbit and land it propulsively at one of KSC's four landing pads Val Level: Refuel a Starship replica at a fuel depot in Low Kerbin Orbit, land it on Duna, and then return to KSC
  20. #KSP2weeklychallenge is here! This week, Land on Eve! Primary: Land a vehicle (crewed or uncrewed) on Eve Stretch: Land a vehicle on Eve that you're pretty sure could survive the landing even after re-entry heat is added to the game (warning: we'll be asking you to re-fly this craft when re-entry heat is added to the game) Jeb Level: Land a vehicle at as high an altitude as you can on Eve (your screenshot should show the altimeter set to Sea Level mode) Val Level: Land a crewed vehicle on Eve and return that crew safely to Kerbin
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