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  1. right I have figured out what the hell is going on Apparently when downloading kerbal atomics I moved the gamedata folder into the gamedata folder basically, it now has a gamedata/gamedata/kerbalatomics stacked folder now
  2. quite large additional findings: Apparently it seems that the part is technically "bought" actually, basically I search for the part's fuel, and it shows as placable for some of them searching by their contents regular tank tab serach might be an issue with B9 or firespitter, going to reinstall both to check follow up: does not seem to work
  3. I have definitely paid for it, slapped the unlock button and that. EDIT: it seems to be self duplicating in the R&D center?
  4. new bug: I am unlocking the cryotanks in carrer mode, but it is not actually allowing me to grab and place them. have restarted and reinstalled the mod, but to no effect.
  5. I am redirected by simpleConstruction here for an issue or a mechanic that I'm not clear on: how do you fuel up newly constructed ships though the mod? as shown in these pictures. releasing the ship at this point would just leave it as an empty tank that is useless. KSP log
  6. might be a bit late, but green sandstone looks like this I suppose the issue is that as you can see, it is very small, and similar in colour to the surrounding biomes. I happened to find one on the way back from EVAing around doing science
  7. I see, my bad. @linuxgurugamer here is the log file link this time then: https://www.dropbox.com/s/txtmll99bvzm89e/KSP.log?dl=0
  8. ah yes nearly forget about the log file here it is, baiscally loaded the offending ssto, removed the NERV, and then replaced them while the areodynamic indicator is on: [snip]
  9. yup, putting the nuclear engines back immediately makes the game excrements itself if the indicator is on
  10. 420 parts, so it is a large boi and here is the file: heavy transporter edit: actually I think I found the core issue, I just removed the NERV nuclear engines for testing, and for whatever reason the framerate shot back up immediatly
  11. right I have found an issue: on high part count ships turning on the stocklike CoL indicator from this mod causes the game to slow to a crawl, I think the indicator attempting to simulate areo forces on the entire vehicle the entire time, every frame update. For reference the game does in fact slow down a bit when I start flying with the said SSTO that causes this, so it is not the mod iself technically but my SSTO being that massive. So a suggestion is that have a manual update button where I can press to update the CoL indicator manually instead of having it constantly updating all the time.
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