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  1. This is a fun project. Nice work!
  2. Occasionally I will use hyper edit or the stock cheat menu to land on a planet and its surface will be completely ruined. Is this a known bug?
  3. How do you guys make such beautiful crafts? All of mine look like trash...
  4. This looks awesome! Can't wait to see it!
  5. I had the same mistake, whoops! (How do you use kerbal emojis?)
  6. And then my game crashed
  7. Maybe it is a bug... The miner never fixed, only the gate.
  8. Oh, I'm just dumb lol. I fixed it, this is not a bug. I just didn't wait for it to fix permanently
  9. The asteroid functionality isn't working. Is this because of the incompatibility, or am I just dumb? (The drill says "Not locked in" right after I click permanently lock to asteroid) https://ibb.co/2c8nTd0 (Me locking on) https://ibb.co/6XCRkZ3 (The asteroid miner error message)
  10. @FreeThinker This probably is gonna sound sort of dumb, but I have had this mod for around 3 weeks and I still haven't figured out the varies fusion engine. How do you get that to work?
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