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  1. Thanks for this blog, it's great that meaningful blogs have made a return and that communication as a whole has dramatically improved as of late.
  2. This mod looks sweet, going to have to add this to game. I miss being able to do *precise* manoeuvres.
  3. Never tried in KSP2, it however was never an issue in KSP1.
  4. Sweet! Wishing you all the best with that, and look forward to seeing the updates.
  5. For me, genuinely speaking I wouldn't have the faintest idea where to start. I have those two videos Lux shared a while back to watch when I'm back home, so I might have a mess about at some point.
  6. That's cool, I assume like Vapour Vent for KSP1?
  7. It works spot on, some nice tanks in here. Great to see a fledgling modding scene for KSP2, has huge potential.
  8. Is there some sort of issue with this? When I downloaded it there's some sort of error attempting to open it. Some sort of error also occurs for me using CKAN.
  9. It worked fine pre-patch, but I uninstalled mods just incase there was issues with 0.1.3. Fingers crossed, there's some rather handy parts (namely the quite high thrust but compact engines) and of course grid fins. Big things for those who like boosters that can land!
  10. Like the look of this, will be giving it a shot.
  11. You can absolutely 'assemble' ships in orbit, this is pretty much my *go to* when it comes to going somewhere outside of Kerbin's immediate SOI. The main issue with KSP2 is unfortunately the one that plagues the game and genuinely ruins the experience for a lot of people. Wobbliness! Docking ports are TERRIBLE in terms of providing a rigid connection between two objects, that may or may not have been fixed in the latest patch (and hotfixes) but I honestly haven't had time to test it. That said though, it can be mitigated through design choices, such as keeping thrust to weight on the low end (in vacuum) and minimising the turn/rotation rate of the vessel during manouvering. The last thing I built in KSP2 was similar to the vessel seen in the menu screen but it suffered a lot of flexing.
  12. Not all heroes wear capes indeed! I'll have to check these out when I'm finished work, much appreciated.
  13. I sincerely hope it isn't that far off if I'm honest, but never know. I agree in principle, but nothing in nature is 'peaceful', death, struggle, is universal as far as the natural world is concerned. I'm not thinking of turning Kerbal Space Program into a single player, story driven affair but just bulking the 'lore' so to speak out with a bit of narrative. Things like space races, where you're competing with rival nations to reach some perceived strategic high ground, kinda like the Mercury - Apollo era. I'd love to see some substance added to the game rather than just do this, go here, all just for the sake of it.
  14. Modding is this dark art, I'm guessing there's nothing like basic tutorials of 'how to add a part to KSP' for example anywhere? I'm competent enough with the likes of Blender but wouldn't have the faintest idea where to start.
  15. That is absolute truth, the one thing Kerbal Space Program lacks in any real regard is a narrative. I'd much rather see politics involved than just assume Kerbals are this perfect utopian society.
  16. I would support the idea of automation with regards to docking being a baked in feature *however* not right off the bat. It should be unlocked through a progression system, full on manual being the first step. Then progressing to a limited autopilot system before progressing to full on hands-off docking. But I absolutely think learning to dock is one of the fundamental skills that needs to be encouraged rather than 'modded around'. It's how we did it in the real world, the guys on Gemini and what no didn't have the same automation as Crew Dragon for example. The game needs progression in that respect to reward players for learning.
  17. Yeah I'd be controlling said first stages. Kinda like how I used to do it on Xbox with recoverable first stages before being spoiled with stuff like FMRS. The engine plates have, to date been something to avoid. Have those been meaningfully improved? I haven't had a chance to test the game yet as I'm not at home right now (work).
  18. That's a significant amount of fixes, shall download as soon as I'm home from work. Airbrakes are a welcome addition for me and I assume the fixed drag system means that my de-orbiting first stages will actually slow down now?
  19. It's amazing how much that pointless wobble could be fixed by just getting shot of the 'stack of tanks' and replacing them with procedural. But judging by some of the replies people will fight tooth and nail to just have a Kerbal Space Program 1 clone, complete with all the irritating 'Kerbal Physics' nonsense. I don't want an 'easy' game, hell I want something like Kerbalism to be stock, what I want is a game where I'm not penalised because of the half arsed physics/joint system for zero reason in flight. I mean really, who wants their rocket to just snap in half for no apparent reason? I doubt I'll see a particularly big show of hands here. Who wants their space station to just wobble itself to pieces for zero reason? Or for 'docking adaptors' to function as nothing more than a bit of Blue Tac.
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