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  1. O.K., I changed my mind (perhaps) and now using ordinary habitat on head of lander.... well, Mars ship becomes a little bit longer, which is generally a problem for the extremely crucial Aero Braking maneuver. But Tests with Lander are nearly beautiful:
  2. Maybe the Kerbals will finally get noses in the next attempt, that would be an improvement.
  3. @pap1723 First: Thank you for that great mod I am really loving ! I have a question: I think in your mod you did activate the IKU-03 Kerbal Safety Bubble but not the IKU-02 Kerbal Safety Bubble from "Ven's New Parts" mod. Perhaps your (awesome) work is not finished or you think the "SmallSoftHab" it is not realisitc enough ? I am currently working on a manned Mars mission (for some hundreds hours now, developing and testing over and over again, it's simply great ). Current mission plan is staying on Mars for 3-4 weeks. I think it is problematic to live in that very small Gemini capsule (which I used for the Lander... and for the mission ship, but first things first) during that time. So I am thinking about an adequate living space for the time being on Mars. Payload masses are or course very critical, but perhaps the 500kg of the IKU-02 Kerbal Safety BubbleIKU-02 could work, we'll see. (When finishing my work some day, I will publish it on Kerbal-X). Sorry for my bad English. Have a great time ! Tom
  4. I've been playing KSP1 - RP-1 for months now, come back to the forum to see what's going on, wonder why the moderators suddenly let everything pass (really, they did all that work for free for years, and paid for the forum server and all that? Hats off gentlemen!) and everyone says that KSP2 is dead... I think I missed something... :-D or maybe not... has something happened ?
  5. And now, after the latest developments at KSP2, this becomes even more valuable !
  6. RP-1 is the real platinum level for all virtual astronauts. It also looks better than KSP2 ever will. And above all, we can see our own solar system in excellent quality... I should switch to marketing
  7. I just checkd this: Yes, it is available, it is named "non RP-0 Solid Rocket Motor [procedural]" . But I never used them. They are NON rp-0 ;-) Have fun ! I have no idea if they are available when starting a new game... sorry.
  8. My Apollo 13 Saturn V rocket works, I think I have only the RP-1 mod with every required additional mod activated with CKAN. Perhaps you can download this rocket at Kerbal X, since it is a little bit time consuming and tricky to put everything together in the right way. Even the launch tower is there.
  9. Hello everyone. First of all I wanted to thank you for this fantastic mod ! I've been through a lot with KSP and Juno and ended up with RP-1 about a year ago, and what can I say, I don't do anything else! Everything else just doesn't interest me anymore; I want to know what reality is like, not science fiction. My career has now taken me to the outer planets. But my focus has been on the manned Mars landing for a few weeks now (not part of the career, but still). I painstakingly assembled a 2000t ship in orbit with many launches and then sent 3 astronauts on the 2-year journey... unfortunately they burned up on Mars when they entered the atmosphere. The problem was with the airobraking maneuver: the long ship spun out of the heat shield protection and literally burst. After a week or so, I have now constructed a new ship that is much shorter and has its center of gravity much closer to the heat shield at the front, with a very strong RCS at the rear and heat-resistant rear fins. All this now prevents the tail from spinning out and yesterday I managed the first airobraking maneuver 25km above Mars: capture successful !!! The feeling of success after months of hard work is indescribable! I love this mod ! Translated with DeepL.com (free version)
  10. Every step in RP-1 is associated with sweat, blood and curses. However, the final success is all the more valuable and fulfilling Good work !
  11. In 1968 I was able to direct land on Moon with a Gemini capsule placed on a big rover with an ascend stage... rocket on Earth had 2600t only for that. I was quite impressed, that this is possible. A Moon mission for 2 astronauts in 1968. I think something like that Wv Braun was thinking about initially. RP-1 of course. A fully new KSP1 game experience.
  12. I have exactly the same carreer on KSP1 as you (coming from console). The Steam Controller is BS compared to the console edition (which is also not perfect). I finally only used the keyboard. KSP1 is definetly a jewel. Until that save game bug arrives late in the game, destroying everything. I never understood, why they didn't solve this super bug, but probably some money reasons.
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