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  1. 30 songs, and none of them by Kevin Macleod! With each celestial body having it's own dedicated track, 3 SPH/VAB tracks, 8 space tracks, and a fresh new title theme, Reach For The Stars aims to provide a cohesive musical experience to Kerbal Space Program. If you'd like, you can also listen on Youtube, Soundcloud, as well as Spotify and other streaming platforms! Dependencies: SoundtrackEditorForked (and thus, all of its dependencies) Install Instructions: 1. Download and install SoundtrackEditorForked 2. Download the ZIP file below 3. Place playlists.cfg into the Playlists folder. Replace your pre-exising playlists.cfg file. 4. Drag the folder named Reach For The Stars into the Music folder. Do not empty the contents of the folder into the base Music folder. 5. Load up KSP and enjoy! Shoutouts to Askerad, composer of Transfer Windows, for agreeing to compose a track for this! DOWNLOAD: Reach For The Stars I will attempt to release this on Curseforge and Spacedock in the coming days, but I've been having issues uploading the zip file to each site. My apologies
  2. Tbh though I'm definitely buying it on day one and playing it, I'm planning on REALLY getting into playing it once Interstellar travel drops. It's my main draw more than anything else as someone who mostly just plays Sandbox (though maybe that'll change)
  3. Laythe, easily Only moon in the game with an atmosphere and water, plus its oxygen so you can fly normal planes like you can on Kerbin. Tbh hoping to see more cool stuff like this in KSP2
  4. I tend to use two different methods: mythology and parody Parody is really easy, just take an existing rocket name and imagine a "bootleg" version if you will. I built a series of general purpose rockets and named them each "Jupiter I, Jupiter II" etc. after the real life Saturn rockets. I also had a small series of rockets dedicated to launching satellites/ relays, which i named "SPACEZ" after SpaceX. As for mythology, just find greek/ roman/ whatever deities that match something about your mission. Though given that we in the real world do this a fair bit too, you might have to work harder for an original name lol
  5. Might be worth it to turn off general SAS and instead have a reaction wheel set to SAS only, especially in low-g environments. Also probably a good idea to limit your wheel speed, it's not hard (especially with small little rover-cars like yours) to go crazy fast and not realize it seeing as the game doesn't do a great job at conveying ground speed visually.
  6. God I can't wait for that video, lack of a proper soundtrack was always a gripe for me with KSP1. I'm hoping that the Kerbol system's planets each have their own theme and maybe outside of it it defaults to like "planet type" themes? Like one piece of music for a rocky planet, one for a gas giant, etc.
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