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  1. every time i load a saved game my landing gear brakes. it bounced the first time. i had 3 saves do this on the moon. i even redone the landing. and saved it and again it brakes after loading the game. looks just like the first video they posted when the landing gear broke as they where walking away and started hitting the colony building in the kp2 trailer. kind of feel like that is how they made the video lol. and this must be a none bug. hope i am wrong and this just a fast fix
  2. amd ryzen 7 2700x 16gb ram nvidia geforce 1070 fps is around 20 to 30. in space and 12 to 20 on the moon. 40 to 50 in hanger. do not know where to post images says i need a url to post a image
  3. i wonted to post my pic of my moonlanding. shows my fps but i have to upload it to a url. no ideal where i upload it to do that. but i got 19fps 52 ms/fps and i took the pic with kerbal standing next to the flag and ship on the moon. 19fps is low but better then my first frames drop that was 12.
  4. i thank it is more the advertising that failed more then all. not so much the devs. people reading all this hype on things we going to be getting but when the game came out they only got a fue rocket parts. along with bugs like bad fps and parts locking on pods and so on. so yes paying 50$ for a game that is hardly playable to some. was a big fail on the day 1. i did say some not everyone. but again people where yelling before the game even came out. for me it is working kind of ok. i am loving this game and having a lot of fun. 28 hours in already. i wish there was a fuel mix lesson for the game tho. cause i keep burning to fast ?? .. i thank once the devs start dropping in them updates. and showing there support and promises then the reviews well change. people or scared that you all going to cash grab and run. them comments where said long before day 1. this happens a lot with beta games. so once they see your support and activity there minds well change.
  5. get that bad english/grammer on my end here. meaning i have a clean system from bad sites that cause harm. just was not trying to disrespect the server rules. but yea besides games maya and audio editing is used on this system so i get what your saying. my frame rate that i forgot to post is about 30 28 and 40 54 in the hanger. just landed on the moon and my framerate dropped to 12 fps as i was landing. i crashed came in to fast. but 12 frames per sic. i dont know if i changed something in my game or just need a restart but 12 fps hurts. thank it might of been the shadows of the dark side of the moon. as i came in from the dark side and dropped in,
  6. no lags and not everyone has the same problems. i also do not use my system to surf other sites that cause your system to have problems. i do have other problems like pods having no fuel in them. and the solor cell not active on the side bar. so there is bugs i have run across but i am not lagging. on mine the anti alias is off anisotropies is on. v.sync is off playing in boarder also did not know this hmm. my screen is 1824x1026. i also looked in gameplay. there is a debreis settings mine is at 50 and 3 . not much settings to play with here everything els is on high. i turned on alias and i got lag so if yours is on try turning it off. i noticed a lot of people with higher end setups having more problems then lower end. kind of backwords. and sometimes lowering settings can cause more problems.
  7. also forgot to say i am running a programs in the background like web sites with a bunch of tabs open looking for truck parts cause i forgot to shut them down into i minimized. if i was on another game i would been lagging and crashing a lot after a bit. so yes this is doing good for its day 1. got to give props i would still update video card. but it is just not in my budget yet. one day did you update drivers ? i know we had a driver update not long ago. well i did thank it was early this week.
  8. i am running a low in system figured i let the devs know on how my specs or and that everything is running smooth for the spec info running a amd ryzen 7 2700x e9ght-core processor nvidia geforce gtx 1070 16gb ram and just a cheap 4tb hard drive 7200 rpm. windows 10 is on a ssd by its self. i am having no problems at all. and i am set at the default settings . i not changed nothing not even the controls. i just dived right on in... its not choppy but at the same time it don't look like it would if i was on some nice setup... i have minimized the game to post this and i been in since 9:20 after i downloaded it. so if some one is wondering can you run this on a low setup like mine yes no lag no chop just low in video specs/ default
  9. got up at 6am waited to 9am downloaded at 9.04 am took a look around fell in love with the new layout. had to look to see what all was in to build a rocket. built a rocket. loved how everything is setup, i landed my rocket and had to looked at the learning center and was like o my god they really made the best learning center of all time. thank you all for a great ksp2 i am loving this.
  10. i never been so happy and stocked for a game to come out. i put the money up on day one of the rumor lol. i am more shocked on the detail that has been placed in this game. and can not wait for colonies and interstellar to be in. but really to see this game come out after years of game play is more exciting then all. just to thank what can happen after you put in interstellar. i see the half box in the pic after interstellar. on the goals chart almost like it means it does not end there. i am excited most about everything in all. not just one thing. watching the timer tic toc tic toc come on time is moving to slow. feel like sleeping the day away just to awaken tomorrow at 9am just to get this. . to bad i got to work in an hour lol. the fact you all love working with the mod community is great. and the fact you even hired someone that was a modder for ksp1 and was working with the community to keep ksp1 alive is a big plus. what i hope to see one day. walking inside or base and colonies buildings that we build on other planets. moving around inside or space station. and maybe use the controls on the tables and shuttles. more less i am rambling on cause i am hyper and cant wait for this to come out. thanks for or new ksp 2 cant wait to jump on this train and what ksp grow. sorry for grammar i am working on it.
  11. be nice to walk around or move around inside or shuttles . i mean we could have a cup of koffee why we look out the window and walk around the ship as we or floating about earth with kerbal smalls. really tho. would be a nice change to walk around and do stuff on the shuttle.
  12. sorry it was something whatsEJstandfor posted on the first page lol. when i made the comment i did not realize that there was 9 pages here lmfao
  13. why does the earth with lettering look like a pic from a tv show universal studios. ?
  14. i like how they hidden stuff in this video to see whos really looking. like that rocked on the right hand side. the doors open. looks like the space greenhouse. must be sending it to a space station.
  15. i have not seen this pic lol. well i guess they did add it. the pic i posted came off a nasa post about growing food on mars. the post was made in Aug 7, 2015. i thought it kind of looked like a kerbal pic but was not. hoping or lost in space kermals do not starve to death or run out of air.
  16. so i know kerbals well now be eating food and taking food with them in space. so i am wondering well there be ways to plant food and crops. and also have a way to start growing on or ships in space. if not can this be a thing. like having a greenhouse on or ships be kind of cool. even if we can somehow take a harvesters with us so we can take them to another planet.... this has been a big study for the mars landing since 2015 look up sample Leafy Greens Grown on Space Station
  17. the chart there talking about is on there steam page they posted this morning. it has all the time zones on the releases across the world
  18. they just posted a time zone map when it comes out on steam . for feb 24
  19. Private Division headquarters is in nyc so i am going to guess its going to be eastern time. unless there going off intercept games and that is in seattle so it be pst
  20. i well be buying the sic it is ready. i even took 2 days off for this day.
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