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  1. feed back : so first off. i must say thank you team for this update. i am really having a lot of fun. and it is addictive really. been playing none stop for days. i know this is just the start but it is a really big change from day one. i got to admit you all did good on this update. bug report : 1* lights or not working. if i turn them on they flash for a sic like i just blown the bulbs. i been told to save and reload and it well fix this problem. but it does not always work. 2* had a problem with my kerbal in the tin can. i took him out in space and when i jump back in he is no longer in control of my ship. i go into space mode. and i do not see the blue lines. only thing i can do it fly blindly with no markers or waypoints. i reloaded save point and it same thing. if you go where you switch the seats there is no kerbal there. more less saying it is a empty ship.. 3* biggest bug is i am addictive to the game and can not pull away. 4am i been on since 7am. i need sunlight suggestion: is there a better way to make the < building blocks >. none of them line up. this is like trying to trigger someone with OCD no i don't have OCD kind of. tryed to build a truck for my rover and yea they over lap. or do not line up at all. so when i go and try to drive it, they fall apart. also i need a koffee maker.
  2. this has to be the best i seen in skp2 lol. i so wish i had this setup to play with. very nice made props
  3. i see that there is new stuff coming out and i am very happy but i like to ask something if you can answer this for us. with Science coming out. is there going to be new stuff like boosters and things we can add to or rockets. something that we can have fun with science. and well science open up mining. having a mining drill to dig and get stuff for science that well open up a window for new metals and better parts.
  4. more on asking the devs here on this one. but welcome to comment all you like. i been off the ksp2 train for some time now. more cause of work and my lady's health. so i am asking the devs. or you still around and is there word on something anything. i was a big fan of ksp1 and jumped on the ksp2 train on day 1. I seen activity with you devs and updates even though they where spaced apart. but i have not seen nothing in a bit and every post I see now is nothing but hate. or miss lead info outside this forum that is. so i am wondering what is going on. is there still hope for ksp2 and well I be building on planets soon or something. i am not bashing or starting rumors. I am just wondering what is going on. I can not keep tabs of everything like most atm. until this job is done
  5. looks meh we all been there dont sweet it. trust me i have fallen my self in my time line a fue times. but as i am a intel fan i also support amd. and with your income i would look at amd products. and before we go down this road. please understand that amd is really good product and even used by high end gamers. so lets not have a amd intel war bash in here. price wise to get a system up and running that you can afford and still be up at the top lvl. amd is where you wont to go. intel is great and all. but you need a steady job or mommy and daddy credit card.
  6. i doing mission i am also late. but doing it for the fun. my only question is why a bass. you not added that part in yet ? we just building basic ships cause nothing new has been added in yet ? or am i missing a update or something.
  7. lol good movie lmfao .... doctor i checked everyone. mister Stricker is the only one.
  8. this is a new bug to me. when i build a ship and save it. it is not there. when i revert back the build station after a bad take off. my ship is underground. i can not bring it up. i go to bring back my ship in save and its not there. just auto save is there. and half the time it wont load. you can here the clicking sound but nothing there. p.s thanks for the other update it does work much better and smoother. you fixed a lot of problems.
  9. got home updated game logged in could not play. funny i was the one who could play with hardly no bugs. now my frames so bad i lagged and can not play. crash and burn for me. going to restart and run scan on computer first to make sure. but yea gone from having a blast 89hours to cant play at all.
  10. shocking even if they put the patch up i do not thank no one well be happy. a lot of triggered people in here. and same people that bash and complain as the ones that bashed and complained before it came out. funny i see the same old faces in here as i do in steam and discord. trolling like it is the end of the world. you did not even wont ksp2 to make it. i mad also. but i am not bashing. hoping and praying they dont bail waiting on that update like everyone els. but bashing atm is telling them to run. seems like thats what you all trying to do.
  11. i am glad there is some people left with some hope. i been fighting and backing them up in forums. never got a refund i pulled 89 hours in gameplay. and check and follow ksp2 channels every day most the day. hoping to read something that came from the devs. or see a update in my steam. but this last 2 days. i just falling down. and really just do not feel the ksp2 power. i feel like i am losing hope. what if they or leaving us. i never had a game that does not communicate with there buyers like this. don't say discord cause i am a discord user and i gone into there discord asking for help and no one would respond to me. but that is ok cause i asked for help all damn day in there and nothing. they talk but they don't care to answer simple questions. yea that made me so mad. i just kind of quit after that one. i love ksp i am a big fan of it. but i do not know. feels like meeting your fav sanger and they stick there nose up at you as they pass by. yea what ever. look i hope they do something but into i see some kind of action i guess i should just stand down drop my weapons' and pray this is not the end. i am not going to bash on ksp2.. i holding on to this last string but i just yea i don't know really what to say atm besides wish us all luck.
  12. i guessing that video well be in a update soon ? can not wait into they fix the hydrogen bug. i got to use them one time. and they work so good in deep space. but getting them to work is the problem
  13. or you aware of how adds and highjacks malware and so on work. you been watching and sourcing ksp2 info why you waited for the day 1. there for you had a lot of adds on ksp2. now that you have the game there is no need for you. them adds or gone. so you 1# turned off don't show this add. 2# you been looking other stuff up that over rights the ksp2 adds. now your getting adds for that car part you looking for. or news on what's going on with wars . i am still getting adds in YouTube and other meta type sites and funny how you called it meta instead of fb. you must be new. or a Starbucks kid. sorry meta is a stock up name they stole. and money talks just like fb stole oculus and just about everything else out there. back on subject , you adds have been overtaken by other items you not got yet. and just cause reedit says its true don't mean its true. just like going to school learning history to find out they changed it so much that they don't even know the truth. wait to you get into collage. history magically changes . sorry that was ment for TLTay
  14. it burns for a micro sic then poof nothing says i out of fuel. i never got my hydrogen to work in space. i was starting to thank they made it to work on kerbal only
  15. i almost made it to jool i going to try again but i ran out of fuel before i made it to the jool system. i love to build here and visit the jool system planets lol i can not get the hydrogen to even work in space. every time i use them there empty but full when i leave.
  16. thank you nate for this info and thank you devs. cant wait to get this one as i get a lot of this bugs lol nice start here.
  17. i been in the ksp discord for a good bit now . but i did not see no ksp2 channel into last night. all i seen was ksp1 and a place to post art that was done in ksp2 the discord had everything hidden by defult this is discord for you. but now that i clicked on show all threads i can see that the ksp2 channels is very active and everyone is talking and devs up to date info. i do not know if you all set this up like this or if discord is just being that pain in the *** like it always is. i am not new to discord i use it daily in my own channel for other games.
  18. thank you for popping in. so happy to know your all still with us
  19. today i landed on minmus i well post pics in the morning as it is 2:20 am and it took me a good bit figuring out how i was going to get there and save fuel to get home. but ended up dropping my pods for a safe landing. minmus is not a friendly planet. your kerbals tears well bounce on the ground like a rubber ball and then hover. not joking. had to drop the pod with 1.800 fuel left and watched it bounce on the ground you well see it in the pic. i made it tho. safe but my kerbal is asking for a rescue mission, so i well send one tomorew after i post pics of this mission. god speed all
  20. there is a lot of people on steam making up rumors about them in the hole and no funding and so on with no proof. there is a lot of cry babys out there over this price tag. acting like this game was cheap 8 years ago. when in fact it was 39$ when ksp first came out. that is 10$ less then what it is now. they could of made it 20$ and they still cry about it. most of this people crying dont even own the game or can not afford it. some just follow the leader and cant make there own decisions. if this game does go cashgrab i not going to blame the devs i blame the karens that or crying over price tags. give the devs a chance and let them work on the game. i be hinding my crew to. i wont them to focus on the bugs not worrie about the haters, and let us all hope that is whats going on. cause as of right now. we all crossing fingers waiting for that first update. or some word from or devs to give us all hope. devs dont leave us. and dont pay them no mind. this well turn around crossing fingers
  21. how do i post my pic says i need a url image ?
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